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10 Home Decor Tips You Should Steal From Hotels for a 5-Star Home

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What is hotel-luxe?

Hotel-luxe is a new term for creating the glamorous and luxurious feeling of a hotel in your own home. We’re talking fresh-smelling bouquets of flowers, amazing architecture, and memorable artworks that represent some of the most beautiful details of a hotel.

They are pretty much all the things that leave you in awe when you enter a hotel room. So why not create it in your own home? There’s really no reason why your bedroom, bathroom, and living room can’t look the same if you think about it. We gathered some of the best ideas we could find, and trust me, these are genuinely the kind of home decor tips that you want to add to your list.

Make your own lobby.

As we all know, hotels are best known for their incredible lobbies. It is by far one of the best features. If you want to recreate the amazement you’d get by entering a hotel, there are multiple options. You can hang a chandelier, a sideboard with a vintage mirror above it, or a statement piece of art and place a beautifully textured rug.

These are only a couple of ideas that would make your entrance pop. Then, finish the look with a marvelous arrangement of flowers, and every time you come home, you will get the feeling of “arriving” in a hotel. But we have other incredible home decor tips, so make sure you click on the next page!

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