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5 Colors That Go With Brown Furniture, According to Designers

Can we make brown furniture cool again?

Do you want to decorate, or maybe redecorate, your home and take into consideration working with a designer? Is it hard to find someone who understands your wishes and needs? Or is it too expensive to work with a professional? The reason you’re here doesn’t matter anymore. You can do it all alone. We TRUST you! This article aims to share with you some precious tips and tricks. These are also some of the most used by professionals!

Picking the right paint color can be really difficult because the last thing you want to do is destroy the aesthetically pleasing environment you wish for. So, it is essential to consider the model of furniture you have before taking any other steps.

If you have pieces of brown furniture and you think brown is old-fashioned you’re completely WRONG! We’ll teach you how to elevate it and make it look fabulous!

brown furniture, deisgn
Image by Followtheflow from Shutterstock

Is Paint Color That Important in Home Design?

Brown furniture can be extraordinarily stylish if placed on the right side of the room, and a secret most people don’t know is the importance of paint colors, which contribute significantly to elevating brown pieces.

Finding the perfect shade can be challenging if you haven’t worked with color palettes before. Don’t panic! You can find below 5 colors that go with brown furniture, according to professional designers. You’ll also find some tips about how you can organize your living room and make it look stylish.

1) White

White walls make the room feel larger and can beautifully complement the warmth of brown furniture by creating a balanced and welcoming environment. If you choose to paint the walls white, we recommend you keep it simple. Try to focus on brown shades and play with different kinds of decorative items. White goes perfectly with a simple and clean look.

2) Green

Green is a color found in nature and has magical powers. Pair green with brown and evoke a sense of harmony. It brings a natural feel to the room like no other color could. If you want to go for a more stylish, natural ambiance, you can add more plants. The green from the walls and the beautiful natural plants will combine with each other, creating a calming environment.

3) Black

Black walls can create an unexpected contrast with brown furniture, adding a touch of sophistication and modernity to the room. The bold choice can highlight other details and textures in the room. You should definitely go for black if you’d like a sophisticated look. The black color has the power to make everything look elegant and chic. If you paint the walls black, you should add some decorative items in lighter shades to make sure that the final result is balanced and the room doesn’t get extremely dark.

4) Beige

design, brown furniture
Image by Followtheflow from Shutterstock

Beige is a neutral color that blends perfectly with brown furniture, creating a relaxing and aesthetic atmosphere. It enhances the natural warmth of brown tones.

For adding more personality to the space, beige also goes well with natural green plants or some modern objects, such as lamps, stylish book shelves, or an interesting-shaped table.

5) Gray

Gray is a versatile neutral that works great with a lot of colors, including brown. It can provide a balanced and sophisticated look, giving a contemporary feel to the space.

You may feel that grey isn’t a great idea since it may seem difficult to combine! Don’t be scared to try new things; we guarantee you that with the right decorative items, gray-painted walls will look amazing, AND your friends will get inspired!

Paint color impacts the mood and atmosphere of a room. Each color has the power to evoke emotions and gives owners the possibility to express themselves and make their spaces feel unique. Lighter colors can make a room feel larger, while darker colors can be the perfect choice for a cozy space.

Colors you should AVOID:


This color doesn’t make brown shades look great since they are similar! It will rather make the furniture look muddy and cheap, and, for sure, you don’t want that.


Fuchsia is probably one of the hardest-matching colors, and it will be better if you avoid it in your entire decorating process. It is neither a versatile color nor a trendy one.


Yellow is not a versatile color, making it very hard to match with other elements in a space. It is not a timeless color or a smart choice, limiting significantly the longevity of the design choices.

Effective color schemes often rely on a balance between neutral and bold colors. Since the furniture is already a strong presence in the room, introducing stronger colors isn’t a great idea. Colors like red, fuchsia, or yellow can disrupt the balance and lead to a visually overwhelming space.

Is it hard to find a good designer?

Anyone can be called a good designer. The thing about this job is that the final result is really subjective. It is not that hard to find a professional; it is hard to find a professional you can trust and resonate with.

Have you ever thought about getting your home designed by a professional but quit because you couldn’t trust anyone? Some of us, for sure, have. It is challenging to find someone who matches your style. Since we usually spend most of our free time at home, we should pay attention when we choose who we work with, especially when it comes to designing our property.

It isn’t that simple to find someone who understands exactly what your goals and expectations are. The efforts designers make to understand exactly what our expectations are and help us achieve our goals are worth admiring. Are they superheroes? Or how the best ones in this industry get to know you more than you know yourself?

design, brown furniture
Image by ronstik from Shutterstock

Is home design overrated?

Through social media platforms, everyone has the possibility of keeping up with the latest trends. Unfortunately, most of us feel pressured by the need to always be up-to-date when it comes to home design. Influencers play a crucial role because they are the ones who most frequently post picture-perfect interiors and create unrealistic expectations.

On Amazon, you can find a lot of decorative objects that can make your home look expensive and stylish. We did some research for you, and one of the best-selling items that goes perfectly with brown furniture is a modern floor lamp. It has an amazing price right now, so you better be fast if you want to purchase it!

Speaking of trends, check out which things you should avoid if you don’t want an outdated kitchen. Let us know how you feel about all the trends and how you handle keeping up with all the rapidly occuring changes. Leave a comment down below.

Generally speaking, design cannot be overrated. It is a form of art and should be respected at all costs. Balance is the key! We should know when to stop following the trends, and the easiest method is probably listening to our hearts. When we arrive at the point where we feel the best at home, that’s it! We can consider that we did it and created a pleasing environment perfect for our style!

Let’s not forget that the most important thing is to be blessed with a functional home and a safe place to sleep! The designing part is just a plus that can make us enjoy our properties even more.

Was this article helpful? Don’t forget to come back and let us know how it went with the decorating process!


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