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10 Home Decor Tips You Should Steal From Hotels for a 5-Star Home

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Glamorize your window treatments.

If you’re crazy about good aesthetics, you’ve probably noticed the hotel drapes in any luxurious hotel room. These elements are exactly what make a hotel room so posh because, after a certain point, good taste relies on all the good details. Updating your drapes might create a dramatic upgrade, and that’s exactly how you want to transform your space.

You can choose a heavy-weight fabric that is long enough to touch the floor and even pair it with some sheer organza in front or behind for a softer effect. You can also add pelmets, valances, and a couple of detailed tie-backs to give the impression of that luxurious feel. Also, drapes aren’t just for function, so you can experiment even more and add a bit of style.

Create mood lighting.

Hotels have different ranges of lighting in all the rooms and doorways. This is also another thing that makes hotels so great because they focus on the ambiance, not only the looks. Try to reimagine all your favorite hotel rooms you’ve ever been to.

Remember how the lightning carefully matched the colors of the room? You can do the same in your home: adjust the lighting to create the ideal mood and atmosphere you wish for. Also, make sure you add the same level of lighting control throughout your home.

You can install some dimmer switches to your main lighting source in every room, and you should also think about installing light under the cabinets in your kitchen or even in your office spaces. Talking about great home decor tips, right?

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