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10 Stunning Water-Loving Plants for Damp Gardens

If you have a damp garden, these water-loving plants are the ones for you!

Nobody wants to have a weird, ugly wet patch in their garden. Regardless of how beautiful your plants are, that patch is more likely to be a focal point for your landscape, and that’s only because it’s different from the rest. But don’t worry, you can easily fix this and make your space even more gorgeous!

All you have to do is plant a couple of colorful water-loving plants in your garden so they can get rid of that soggy spot for you. Moreover, these pretty flowers add color to the arrangement with their vibrant blossoms, so you have no excuse to add them to your garden. Trust me, they’ll turn your annoying, soggy area into a stunning focal point. Without further ado, here are the most beautiful water-loving plants to add to your garden:

water-loving plant
Photo by lovelyday12 from

1. Turtlehead

Turtlehead is one of the prettiest water-loving plants you could have in your garden. Its beautiful name comes from the distinctive shape of each blossom and its late summer bloom. Turtlehead is a perennial plant that prefers water, can grow well in damp soil, and doesn’t like dry spells. While it can grow into a tight clump over time, it’s generally not aggressive.

Size: can grow up to 3 feet tall, so make sure you have room for it;

Growing conditions: the soil should be consistently moist, and it thrives in full sun to part shade.

2. Canna

If you’re looking for the perfect water-loving plant to add a tropical flair to your garden, canna is exactly what you should be looking for. This gorgeous shrub has impressive spikes of bright yellow, pink, orange, and red flowers, paired with some enormous leaves.

If you live in a cold winter region, you should store your plant in a safe space where it won’t freeze and replant it the following spring. If it’s impossible to plant it directly in the ground, you can grow it in a container for easier rhizome storage.

Size: a dwarf variety will stay under 2 feet tall, while a tall one can grow as big as 8 feet tall;

Growing conditions: this water-loving plant thrives in full sun to part shade. If your garden’s solid is normal, make sure you water it regularly.

Would you like to add a tropical flair to your garden? Try our Canna Stras Mix to make your space look vibrant and happy!

water-loving plant
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3. Siberian Iris

The Siberian iris blooms at the end of the spring, making your landscape look stunning all summer long. This water-loving plant has grassy, thin, and svelte foliage.

Even though bearded irises require good drainage, Japanese and Siberian irises can also grow in poorly drained soil or shallow standing water.

Size: it can grow up to 4 feet tall;

Growing conditions: since it’s a water-loving plant, it needs consistently moist soil, and it prefers full sun.

4. Joe Pye Weed

If you have a beautiful Joe Pye Weed in your garden, it probably attracts a lot of butterflies to your landscape. This tall, water-loving plant is just what you need to add height to your garden.

You can support the beautiful Joe Pye weed by planting shorter, perennial water-loving plants in front of it. Make sure you take lots of pictures in front of it because it looks divine on the gram.

Size: this plant is huge and can grow up to 8 feet tall.

Growing conditions: this one loves full sun to part shade, and it thrives in consistently moist, well-drained soil.

5. Fiber-Optic Grass

Did you know that fiber-optic grass is one of the most special types of ornamental grasses? Its slender, gracefully arcing leaves look like gorgeous fiber-optic lines splaying from a junction box. Even though it’s not particularly striking, its tiny, pale blossoms practically seem to glow at the tips of the stalks.

If you live in the North, you can grow it as an annual in your garden, or you can take it inside and treat it as a houseplant. Whatever you choose, this water-loving plant is unique and won’t go unnoticed.

Size: this tiny plant will only grow up to 12 inches tall;

Growing conditions: fiber-optic grass loves full sun to part shade, and it thrives in consistently moist soil.

6. Cardinal Flower

If you have a damp garden and want to add a vibrant plant, consider planting a beautiful cardinal flower. I warn you: hummingbirds won’t resist its gorgeous, bright red blooms. You can choose it with either bronze or green foliage, and it thrives alongside a stream or backyard pond.

Size: this one will grow up to 4 feet tall;

Growing conditions: the soil should be consistently moist; it loves full sun to part shade.

7. Ligularia

In midsummer, the shade and damp spots in your garden will get a spectacular burst of color from the golden spires of “Rocket” ligularia. If you plant it in a row, ligularia’s heart-shaped leaves will create a stunning hedge. This water-loving plant is a striking perennial that needs regular watering to prevent withering, especially in the afternoon light.

Take care of it, because it will impress you with its fabulous beauty! I guarantee you’ll want to enjoy your cup of coffee in the garden. To make everything cozier, you can check out this comfy chair!

Size: up to 4 feet tall;

Growing conditions: regularly moist soil with some shade.

water-loving plant
Photo by HHelene from

8. Golden Creeping Jenny

If you want to add a stunning pop of color to your garden, you should add the gorgeous golden creeping Jenny to your landscape. This beautiful chartreuse foliage has bright yellow blossoms that will make your space look like it’s from a fairytale.

Since it climbs well over rocks as long as its roots remain damp, you can tuck it into nooks and crannies beside streams or waterfalls, and the effect will be stunning.

Size: this water-loving plant will grow up to 3 feet tall;

Growing conditions: regularly moist soil, with full sun, part shade, or shade.

9. Forget-Me-Not

I don’t know what you think about this one, but for me, only the name of this water-loving plant, forget-me-not, makes me think of something beautiful and magical.

Early in the spring, forget-me-not creates a delicate-looking cloud of light blue or purple, especially when it’s growing near a pond or other body of water. Usually self-seeding in the garden, this short-lived perennial can appear randomly in your yard, making your space look divine. If you don’t like the look of it, you can stop it from spreading by deadheading the faded blossoms.

Size: this tiny water-loving plant will only grow up to 12 inches tall;

Growing conditions: the forget-me-not plant loves being in full sun to part shade, and it needs constantly moist soil to thrive.

10. Japanese Primrose

The last water-loving plant we’ll talk about in today’s article is the delicate Japanese primrose. This perennial blooms in the spring and its long flower stalks hold clusters of blooms that are pink, white, magenta, or red.

According to professional gardeners, some flowers seem to be two-toned because they feature a dark eye in the middle. If you want to have a plant like this in your garden, keep in mind that it thrives in places with cool summers.

Size: the Japanese primrose will grow up to 2 feet tall;

Growing conditions: part shade in constantly wet soil.

Which one of these beautiful water-loving plants is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below! If you find this article helpful and would like to check out something else from The American House, here’s another great post for you: Take These Things Out of Your Bedroom NOW!


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