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7 Natural Ways to Eliminate Slugs from Your Garden

Get ready to discover some effective DIY methods to eliminate slugs!

Most of us might imagine slugs and snails as cute critters found in children’s storybooks, but once you have to deal with them in your garden and they start eating away at your plants, you might see them as a problem.

They are cool creatures and all, but no one wants them in their yard, and we are here to help with these amazing, effective, and natural ways to eliminate slugs.

There are multiple options on the market for slug-killing concoctions, but today we want to talk about the natural ways. Toxic pesticides are bad for other insects and the waterways, and because of this, you may not want to use them.

Read on and find out how to eliminate slugs the natural way!

eliminate slugs
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1. Catch and release

This is one of the friendliest methods on our list of ways to eliminate slugs. It is good for the garden and good for the slugs. Win-win right? When you want the most peaceful solution, this is the best choice.

First, we’ll want to identify the “slug hotspots.” Look for the cool, dark, moist hiding places and place damp wooden planks or boards around them. During the day, the slugs hide from the rays of the sun, but as soon as the night comes, they will start wandering around.

This strategy to eliminate slugs focuses on their preference for damp places. They will climb on the planks you’ve installed, and in the morning, you’ll find them underneath. Now you can relocate them to another corner of your yard, or maybe simply out of your garden. The choice is yours.

The secret of the catch-and-release method lies in consistency. You will want to do this more nights in a row, or from time to time, if you want to make sure it works.

2. Broken eggshells

Ok, we totally get it; you don’t want slugs munching on your beloved vegetables. Because of this, you want to eliminate slugs from your garden, but at the same time, you don’t want to hurt them or the environment.

Believe it or not, some simple eggshells might save you. But what makes them so special, and why do slugs dislike them so much? The answer is their texture.

Take some eggshells, preferably from some boiled eggs, as they break easier, and then scatter them around the favorite plants of the slugs. You will create a prickly barrier that the soft-bodied slugs will hate.

This discomfort will most probably eliminate slugs, and at the same time, the eggshells ensure a steady supply of calcium that will make your plants stronger.

For the best results, make sure you crush the eggshells into small pieces because slugs can easily navigate the big ones.

3. Use copper

The lore has it that copper is great when you want to eliminate slugs, and because of this, you might give it a try. There is no clear scientific explanation of why slugs are scared of copper, but some say it scares them or that they don’t like the taste of it.

But how are you going to do this? Good question! It might sound silly at first, but you’ll need to get in touch with your craftier side and build some nice, tiny fortresses around your plants.

Keep in mind that copper fences are more of a preventative measure. This is why it’s advised to eliminate slugs beforehand using other methods. Make sure you don’t leave gaps, and create a continuous fence.

eliminate slugs
Photo by Chamois huntress rom Shutterstock

4. Natural predators

If you love nature, the answer to eliminating slugs might not lie in traps or repellents but in a balanced ecosystem within your garden. Wondering how this would work? It is really simple: natural predators

As with most species on this earth, they have natural predators, and these predators can be your best allies when you try to eliminate slugs.

But who views slugs as a snack? Oh well, here you have a lot of options, from ducks and chickens to frogs, snakes, and turtles. Many animals would be more than glad to help you eliminate slugs. You can attract wild birds into your garden by installing a bird bath.

Maybe you are tempted to welcome some new species into your garden, but you need to be cautious with this because doing so can harm the environment.

Better stick to native predators that are already present in your area in order to not disturb the ecological balance.

5. Use plants the slugs dislike

This battle may seem like a never-ending cycle, but have you ever tried planting plants that the slugs hate? There are some plants out there that deter these pests naturally, and you can try to see if that works for you.

The biggest nightmare for slugs is the aromatic herbs, so besides the things you already have in your garden, you can add some lavender or rosemary, which will create an invisible aromatic bar that will make most slugs turn around.

The texture is another thing that might be unpleasant for slugs, and this is why you can also try sage and begonia since they have fuzzy leaves that these creatures dislike climbing on.

Incorporate these plants into your garden and start your journey to eliminate slugs.

eliminate slugs
Photo by as_trofey from Shutterstock

6. Make your garden an unpleasant place for them

As we already said, slugs love damp, dark places, and because of this, you can make some modifications that will make your garden less appealing to them. Besides planning slug-repellent plants, you can try to use a few other tricks.

First of all, keep your yard tidy, and by this, we mean eliminate all places where slugs like to hide. No more random clutter in the garden.

Also, as soon as spring starts, you need to clean everything. Just grab a rake and make sure that you remove all leaves and debris. Keep in mind that, besides removing the habitat of the slugs, you are also removing the habitat of other species. So, be careful and thoughtful.

If you like mulch, don’t use too much of it. The layer of mucus should not be deeper than 3 inches, and also, large wood chips are not a great idea.

Since slugs like moisture, try to water the plants early in the morning so that they will be dry once the slugs begin to wander around in the evening.

Our best advice is to combine all of these methods and try to create the ultimate unpleasant garden for the slugs.

7. The beer trap

Ok, this one is a little bit tricky because it will lead to the death of the slugs. But if you want to eliminate slugs, this is an effective method.

You’ll need a shallow dish that you will fill with an inch of beer. Then you will hide the dish in your garden in the spots where you generally see the slugs gather. The yeasty aroma will attract them into the trap. The slugs will tumble in, and then you will get rid of them for good.

This is still a natural method, but because of the ethical implications, some people don’t like it. The thing is that beer won’t only attract slugs but also some beneficial species, such as beetles and rove beetles, which will help control the slug population.

If you need a rake to clean your garden, this one is an amazing choice: Walensee 5.4FT Bow Rake Heavy Duty Garden Rake with Stainless Steel Handle

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