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11 Ideas To Transform Your Balcony Into a Cozy Place

Who doesn’t want a cozy and good-looking balcony? I think this is a real valid question since most of us who are living in apartments are not really satisfied with their space considering a major part are tiny and they have an even tinier balcony. I personally dream about a balcony that is full of flowers! What about you? Are you satisfied with the way your balcony looks?

Maybe you’re already thinking about making some changes, but you’re not bold enough or you don’t have enough money. Unfortunately this is always a problem, and the rearrangement can wait.

We’ll give you some ideas on how you could transform your balcony into an irresistible summer retreat. Keep on reading until the end of the article, because you’ll be amazed!

1. Add a plant shelf

I personally love flowers very much, and I don’t miss any opportunity to buy one whenever I have the chance to. But what if the space is not that much and you need to find a better solution for them? A shelf is actually the best idea and the handiest thing that will work perfectly for plants that grow down walls.

I guarantee that this will look amazing and even your friends will be jealous!

2. Create a space for coffee 

You’re still stuck on the idea that your balcony is a small space and you will never be able to just sit there and drink your coffee. Or even read that book you’ve always put off? You don’t have to! One tiny table and two folding chairs will solve the problem, and the balcony will still look great even if it’s not the largest one.

Along with the plant shelves, it will surely look a bit more private than before.

Photo by FotoHelin From Shutterstock

3. Add some lights 

Having a late evening that could be extended into the night requires some light. You should definitely choose some light bulbs in order to create a luminescent atmosphere. But you can always pick some well-placed candles if you are a fan of soft light and also sheer. It might be a matter of taste, but if you prefer a warm tone, some yellow-bulb fairy lights are perfect to hang up on your walls or on the fence.

Is this too much? No worries, because you can always improvise! I am sure you have some jars at home and some Christmas lights around the house. Place them in a couple of jars or try some empty wine bottles. It will have the same effect, maybe with a touch of magic!

Tip: Make sure that you do not pack too much into the small balcony!

4. Use Deck Tiles

You don’t like your balcony floor and you don’t have the time to redo it? No problem, because you can always use some deck tiles that you will find mostly at Ikea or Walmart. And they don’t cost a fortune!

5. Folding Furniture

When you have a small space, folding furniture is the best idea! Folding tables are a thing (really!), and they usually stand out because of their ability to function as a small table when you need it, then be easily stored away.

You can also buy some folding chairs or improvise with a couch made of pallets.

Do you spend a lot of time on your balcony? Or is it just a forgotten place in the house? 

6. Add colors 

Neutral colors are boring and belong to the past. Adding pops of color can turn a boring balcony into something cozy and also chic. I am in for colorful pillows that can look very good with white walls and a black carpet. So, if you are bold, you can always paint one wall a different color.

It’s either yellow, which symbolizes the sun, or green, which matches perfectly with the flowers you have. Which one is your favorite color?

7. Keep things grounded

Furniture is always a nice addition but isn’t necessary all the time. Instead of adding a couch or chairs, why don’t you try and use some cushions or just throw some pillows to create a cozy spot? If you are a minimalist by nature, this look will comfort you for sure.

How do you like your balcony? Tell us in the comments! 

8. Decorate it with gnomes

Your balcony garden will look just a little bit friendlier if you own a gnome. Those tiny statues are so cute, and apart from being a nice item, they are considered magical creatures who protect the house. That’s something I’ll consider buying next time I go shopping.

Photo by Cinematographer From Shutterstock

9. Install a fence 

We all want a bit of privacy in order to feel more comfortable in our houses. If you are planning on moving your everyday activities to the balcony, then you should consider installing a fence made out of bamboo. If you prefer to buy it, you can also DIY it because the materials are easy to find at every home improvement store. This way, you will have more privacy and you can fully enjoy the solitude.

You don’t have the space to add a fence? No worries, because a curtain might solve the problem as well. And they don’t need to be expensive! You can hang the curtains higher from a frame or simply drape them over the railing.

This will allow you to see the view but also hide from the neighbors. How cool is this?

Ahhh… summer is close!

10. Make room to have a dinner 

If there is enough space for a large table, you can still have options to work with. You can buy one that hangs over the railing and will be perfect for your laptop as well. Who doesn’t want a view while they are scrolling through searching for some nice offers on the internet?

Simply add 2 stools or small chairs and, hooray! you will have a gorgeous place to eat or chill whenever you’re feeling like it. Summer is near, so make sure your balcony will be a lovely place to spend time.

11. Pet-friendly balcony

Do you have a pet? That’s adorable! Remember, if you only own the typical fence, it won’t be enough to turn the balcony into a safe space for it. You might want to add a surrounding thin wire in order to be sure your furry friend won’t get out that easily. If this looks odd, you might want to use it to your advantage since you can add paper lanterns of various shapes and colors. I will try this for sure!

Many of us just want a few spots in the house that are considered “their nest”, a spot where you can relax or just enjoy the view. This may come as a surprise to you, but a balcony can be easily converted into a lovely workspace or a place where you can enjoy a little bit of sunshine on your skin.

Do you want to convert your balcony into a multi-tasking area in the house? Forget about the times when you used it just for storage. It’s time to give it the love it needs.

If you liked reading this article, make sure you check out this one too!

Don’t forget to have fun redecorating!


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