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These 10 Paint Colors Make Small Laundry Rooms Look Bigger

laundry room
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3. Powder blue

No. 3 on our list of laundry room paint colors to make the space look larger is powder blue. When you’re looking for a color that can lift your mood while also keeping everything feeling tranquil, a light blue is a no-fail option.

A shade that’s light but not bright, powder blue is a color that you may also find in a fresh pool of water and emanates a squeaky-clean vibe that’s ideal for a small laundry room.

4. Blue and gray

The next option on our list of laundry room paint colors would be a combination of blue and gray. Fresh and clean, these two colors are incredibly versatile. If you want to simplify color choices, experts recommend using the same white paint on the ceiling, cabinets, and trim. This will balance the depth of the blue-gray wall.

Pro Tip: Pay attention to choosing the paint finish. Different finishes add dimension when you’re using the same paint color. An idea would be to have an ultra-flat finish on the ceiling, cabinets in satin, and trim in semi-gloss.

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