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These 9 Helpful Pet-Friendly Products that Keep Mice at Bay

Are you afraid of mice, but do you have a pet? These pet-friendly products keep mice at bay: 

Mice may look cute, but nobody likes them in their living space, munching on or climbing on their belongings. And when it’s just one or two, you can get rid of them easily, but when there is a hoard of mice dancing around, you definitely need a long-term solution.

If you have pets or kids, this issue can become even more challenging, so you’re probably looking for pet-friendly products to help you get rid of mice. When faced with a mouse infestation, people frequently grab spring traps and rodent poisons, but pet owners may find it more complicated than that.

Curiosity-seeking pets may be seriously endangered by rodenticides and spring traps. Therefore, how can mice be removed without endangering your pets? Continue reading to see what pet-friendly products will keep mice at bay:

pet-friendly products, keep mice at bay
Photo by SusaZoom from Shutterstock

Live traps

One of the best pet-friendly products that will help you remove rats from your home is live traps. Live traps are available in a variety of sizes and forms, but they are often composed of metal or clear plastic with an opening top that allows you to release the live animal.

The good thing about these live traps is that a lot of models are custom to prevent your pet from being trapped and hurt inside them. To keep mice from coming back, you must release them at least a mile from your home.

Electronic rat traps

An innovative and compassionate method of getting rid of rats without hurting pets is to use electronic rat traps. These traps are safe for pets, keeping them out and ensuring they don’t get harmed. They give rats a swift and deadly electric shock. You won’t have to handle the dead animal because these traps contain a no-touch disposal mechanism, which is a plus!

The trap is perfect since it is simple to put up, automatically turns off, and guards against unintentional zapping. Although this choice is a little more expensive than the others, its efficiency makes it well worth the money.

Mighty Mint peppermint spray

This is one of my favorite pet-friendly products, available in many stores but also on Amazon. After trying every alternative except hiring a pricey exterminator, I settled on a 16-ounce peppermint spray bottle that I could get for $19 on Amazon.

I sprayed it as it is advised on the label, getting it in the crack behind my wall oven, on the counter behind my toaster oven, and close to my kitchen baseboards. I gave the spray another coat every few days. You may also use this spray in places where you might not want rats to congregate, such as attics, basements, and automobile engines.

During the first few hours, I could smell the peppermint, which was nice and the good thing about this product is that the wood floors and marble counters where I sprayed weren’t affected by it.

Snap traps

The best method for putting an end to the horde of greedy rats was to use snap traps. These mousetraps indeed kill mice, unlike trapdoor traps, but they do it with humane efficiency. I captured more mice than I can count thanks to the snap traps, but more kept coming.

The only place these gadgets could actually be utilized securely was up high on the counter, as they presented a risk to my nosy pet. So that might be a drawback for a lot of people.

pet-friendly products, keep mice at bay
Photo by GS23 from Shutterstock

Ultrasonic devices

There are alternative secure solutions to handle your mouse problem if you’re still really hesitant to utilize traps that can help with it for fear of hurting your pets. The beeping sound that ultrasonic devices will severely agitates rats. They will thus move away from the noise, making it possible for a residence to be mouse-free.

However, mice may become accustomed to the noise, so this is not a very long-term solution, especially if your problem is seasonal.

Always put traps in the cardboard boxes

Even though all of these traps are pet-friendly products, some may still be harmful to your pets. Try placing the traps inside a cardboard box if you’re concerned that your pets could set off the traps or damage themselves. A hole barely large enough for a rodent to fit through may be sliced through the box.

Non-toxic traps, like glue traps

Mice can still get in, even if you take every precaution to keep them out. If so, there are secure, pet-friendly methods of getting rid of them. Another pet-friendly option is to use non-toxic glue traps, especially the ones that catch the mouse within a tiny box or building. Multiple-capture live traps and bait traps are also viable options. Even so, it will decrease the possibility of them hurting themselves, so you should still place these traps in places where your pet is less likely to find them.

Try the “starvation” way

A different strategy was to starve the mice to death by making every effort to seal food and thoroughly cleaning the kitchen after each trip. While it isn’t really convenient it helped a lot and I did notice fewer mice, but in my case, the kitchen also serves as a busy test kitchen for meal kits, so no matter how hard I try, I can’t completely prevent food particles and aromas from sticking around for longer than a few minutes.

If everything else fails, call an expert

Even when you try your hardest to keep rats out of your house, they may still decide to make it their home. At that time, your best option is to contact the professionals who can treat your rat problem and solve your worries regarding pet safety.

In addition to offering assistance in removing mice without endangering your pets, they may also provide insight into the reasons for mouse infestations despite your best attempts to keep them out.


Rats are way worse than creepy crawlers; in fact, they are the most frustrating household pets. And getting rid of them is even harder. Using humane and pet-friendly products is a wonderful idea for getting rid of rats in your house.

Besides using products that are actually able to help you get rid of rats, you must also keep your living space clean because they’re attracted to food waste and leftovers. Furthermore, rats are also fans of moisture. Be mindful of any leaks from the pipes, a damp basement, and any other source of water.

Limit the amount of loose dampness in your home to help deter rats from making a permanent home there. These simple actions should stop any severe rodent infestations from starting unless you live next to a messy neighbor. These are only simple preventive techniques that help deter cockroaches and other pests. You shouldn’t have to worry if you include them in your daily schedule and maintain a tidy home.

How do you manage to keep rats at bay? Tell me in the comments what the best methods are for you.

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