8 Incredible Interior Design Choices That Reduce the Cleaning Time in Half

…Did you know that there’s actually a simple way you can reduce the cleaning time in your home in half?

We usually choose interior design items that will make our homes look better and more put together. Basically, we go for things that fit our personal styles and our image regarding the whole vibe of our places. And then those choices dictate our cleaning routine, and sometimes, we might feel sorry that we didn’t think twice.

We have to wipe down the countertops daily, dust every week, mop regularly, and the list can go on. But what if we could design our homes so that it’s easier to maintain them clean? If your goal is to keep your home as put together as possible and also spend very little time cleaning, we have some decor choices you should consider.

With that being said, here are 8 interior design choices that reduce your cleaning time in half.

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1. Get rid of the open shelving 

I don’t know about you, but I’m not a big fan of open shelving. I find it really annoying to constantly wipe down certain items. It makes me sneeze, and it gives me a runny nose. Basically, it triggers all of my allergy symptoms, and I don’t plan on doing this activity more than I actually have to.

If you’re anything like me and you don’t plan on wiping down your open shelving every other day, you might consider purchasing glass front cabinets so that you can show off your beloved things, but without making them dusty and dirty. Trust me, you’ll reduce your time spent cleaning in half, and you’ll feel a lot better!

2. Invest in a good sofa 

You might think that a sofa isn’t such a big deal when it comes to your cleaning regimen, but let me tell you that it actually is! If you’re looking for a sofa that is easy to clean, you should pay attention to the upholstery. Leather, for instance, is a fabric that is not very pretentious. All you have to do is to soak up the spills right away so that you avoid stains, and you also have to condition it once a year.

But if you like fabric sofas more, get one that has stain-resistant microfiber or stain-repellent treatments so that it’s easier to maintain it clean. If you can’t find something like this, you can get a slipcovered sofa, so you can easily wash it in the machine every time it needs a quick refresh. Darker colors look good, and they will hide the stains better, but they might not be the best option if you own a dog or a cat that has white fur.

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3. Choose elevated furniture 

When you shop for credenzas, sofas, side tables, or any other type of furniture, choose those that are elevated on legs. You can also look for cabinets that connect straight to the wall and are suspended so that it gives the illusion that you have more space.

By doing so, it will be a lot easier to sweep or vacuum underneath them, so the whole cleaning process will take less time. And if you want something to make your job even faster and more efficient, invest in a small, robotic vacuum that can take care of the floor cleaning process for you.

4. Hide the pipes 

Not only is your piping system looking distasteful, but it can also cause you trouble when it’s time for cleaning. Leaving them exposed will make you waste a lot of time trying to keep them clean, given the fact that they get easily dirty and full of bacteria.

If it’s been quite a while since you properly cleaned them, you are in for a “treat” because it will be a lot harder to make them shiny again, especially when the grime has been building there for a long time.

Hiding and concealing the pipes will help reduce wet spots in certain areas, such as the bathroom and kitchen, which means reducing the time spent during the cleaning process.

5. Use stainless materials 

Another way to speed up your cleaning routine is by purchasing materials that are easy to spruce up, such as stainless steel. This one is great for people who are looking for effective ways to do more in less time, especially when it comes to cleaning.

Stainless steel furnishing or decor usually has smooth and glistening surfaces, which means that they are less likely to gather annoying stains and grime that are usually really hard to remove.

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6. Flatten your walls 

There’s an unwritten rule which says that the smoother the wall is, the easier and more effective the cleaning will be. Having smooth walls can be a real help, especially if you’re a busy person and you don’t have a lot of time reserved for cleaning your house.

If you want to be as fast and as effective as possible, you should get rid of the dents and bumps on your walls because these elements can easily collect dust and bacteria. Another thing to consider if you’re looking for a home improvement project is investing in some built-in furniture, such as shelving units, TV cabinets, and even wardrobes.

Besides making the cleaning process a lot easier, this new style of decorating will save you a lot of space and will make your home look more modern.

7. Minimize the clutter 

As you already know, one of the main reasons why people have a hard time cleaning their homes is that they keep too many things and they don’t seem to want to let any of them go, even though they might not use each and every one of them.

The first thing you have to do is to analyze all the things that you own and decide if you need them or not. If they don’t serve a purpose to you or if the only reason you have them is that you can’t let go of them, you should think twice and make a decision! They will only make your house cluttered and dirty.

Not only will it turn the cleaning process into a fun and enjoyable activity, but decluttering your home will help you have more useable space, and everything is going to look better and immaculate!

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8. Stained concrete floor 

We’ve talked about walls, furniture, appliances, pipes, and clutter, but we haven’t addressed one of the most important aspects of having a home that is easy to clean: floors. This is the part of your house that doesn’t require a lot of time to end up dirty and bad-looking. An easy way to make it more dirt-resistant while giving your home a makeover is to go for stained concrete with a protective sealer.

That is because a nonporous seal and minimal seams will help you sweep and mop in just a few minutes. Besides that, we can say that this type of floor is quite immune to anything that might spill. If you’re looking for other options, luxury or laminate vinyl tile in a wood-look plank will work just wonderful for an easy and quick clean-up session.

Another great option for you is hardwood floors, which are also simple to mop and sweep. All you need for your cleaning session is a good-working broom, a mop, and a sponge mop. However, if you do end up choosing hardwood, you should know that you can’t put off cleaning up any splashes or splatters on it.

…What do you think about these home decor choices that will help you reduce the cleaning time in half? Tell us in the comments down below!

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