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8 Useful Tools You Need For Most DIY Projects

What is a DIY project exactly? Frankly, there are a lot of answers to that question, but one thing is for sure: you will need some tools to complete it! Be it that you are trying to hammer a nail into the wall for a new frame, or you are trying to undertake more intense or important projects, there are a lot of DIY projects that all of us are definitely going to try to do ourselves around the house. From more complex ones to simple tasks, there are lots of fun projects to do.

But what do you do when you try to do something yourself and you find out there are tools you need but don’t have? It’s a bummer, but you will have to go to the store. And since generally, it’s more of a spur of the moment idea, it’s best to keep some of these tools on hand for when you need to do something with them.

Truthfully, some of them are actual items that all of us should have around the house since you never know when you might need one of them, but others are more specialized. And if you are truly serious about attempting some DIY projects, we have gathered the most common tools you will need and must have around the house, be it they’re handheld or power ones!

What was your last DIY project?

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#1 Cutter

It may not seem like it, but the cutter is actually one of the most used handheld tools that DIYers require. Not only are these utility knives (or Exacto knives if you’re doing anything that’s really tiny and requires a lot of precision) used to cut through a lot of different materials (anything from paper and cardboard to plastic and other materials), but they’re also versatile and really durable.

One key aspect of these knives and what makes them so advantageous to have around is the fact that they are very easy to use and that their blades are easily replaceable! You will always have a sharp knife on hand, and with a couple of spare blades, you will never have to buy another cutter again.

Just make sure you know how to use it safely and that you learn how to secure the blade inside it. A lot of the cheaper cutters have some questionable quality when it comes to handles, and you can hear the blade rattling around since it’s not so secure. It’s better to invest some money in a high-quality cutter that you may as well pass on to your grandkids than to buy a cheap one and risk injuring yourself!

#2 Measuring Tape

No matter how good or bad you are when you first start dabbling in DIY, you should definitely invest in a good measuring tape. It’s surprising just how many things out there need to be measured and just how often you can find yourself needing one in your day-to-day life as well! You definitely need to have one in your house just for when you suddenly need to measure something, be it the space for a new appliance or between two pieces of furniture.

You should definitely invest in a high-quality one, as it will last you a lifetime and more, and it won’t break on you when you need it the most. A good tool will always have a strong case for protection, and in the case of measuring tapes, it also needs to have a nylon-coated blade since that’s what will ensure you will be able to use it for a long time!

#3 Adjustable Wrench

A wrench is a truly must-have DIY tool, especially if you are going to do anything that requires tightening and loosening bolts. And while some might tell you that you need a set of them, you can easily get away with just getting an adjustable one. This one will let you adjust the jaws and you will be able to work with most of the bolts that you have around, so as long as you get a good quality one, you have nothing to worry about only having one tool.

That, of course, checks out only if you are working alone! Because if you’re doing a project with someone else, you may need to have more on hand!

Image By Mint_Images From Envato elements

#4 Power Tool Must: A Drill

The most practical and must-have power tool you should invest in is an electric drill! Sure, you can have a screwdriver, but for certain projects and things you have to do, it’s much more useful and easier to use a power drill. If you are using it to drill holes in metal, wood, the wall, or even concrete, if you have a strong enough one, you will find a use for the drill even outside of DIY projects.

Some drills also have a reverse function, so you can use it for unscrewing tasks as well when you want to repurpose parts or just take down a shelf to move it to another room! A good drill will be ergonomic, have some weight to it, and just feel good in your hand. After all, you will be using it for a lot of tasks.

Don’t forget when you’re out there getting a drill that you shouldn’t compromise on quality: it’s better to spend a few more bucks than to have to replace the tool when you least expect it or when you need it the most.

Not to mention, you should also buy drill bits at the same time: you may need to drill different sized holes, and without those bits, you will be in a pinch. It’s better not to have to run around different hardwood stores in search of the specific brand you need when you can cover it beforehand!

#5 Gloves

Safety equipment may not be thought of as tools, but it is just as important as everything else! And while not all DIY projects will require a mask or safety goggles, most of them will require you to wear some form of gloves. Be it that you are working with the hand saw or you are carrying things around, you should never underestimate the power of the gloves!

They are there to keep you safe and protect your hands from getting injured. And while you may not think they are that useful, you will thank us if you end up getting distracted and accidentally hit your hand with the hammer: the gloves will take some of that impact off. They will also be useful if you happen to have to carry hot things around or very heavy ones.

Don’t argue with us; the gloves are needed when you start complex projects. After all, safety comes first!

#6 Hand Saw

If you’re going to use any type of wood, you better make sure that you also have a hand saw around, otherwise, you’re more or less going to be very disappointed! If you only have some light wood materials to cut, a cutter will definitely do the job, but when you’re upgrading to bigger pieces of wood or you’re building anything that requires you to cut some wood pieces, you will definitely need a hand saw!

And truly, this is one of those tools that is useful to have around the house. After all, a hand saw will come in handy even if you are working with a thinner piece of metal, since cutting those will require a bit more brute strength. Not to mention, you never know when a neighbor might need a hand saw and you might just become everyone’s favorite guest at the next neighborhood BBQ!

Image By NomadSoul1 From Envato Elements

#7 Hammer

There’s no use in attempting to make anything with nails if you don’t have a hammer. And yeah, maybe you can find alternatives when you need to quickly hammer a nail in the wall, but do you really want to risk damaging your shoes or doing a lousy job just because you don’t have a hammer?

We thought so too! Hammers are one of the tools you really need to have around the house because you never know when you might need one. And when it comes to DIY projects, the ones that will last you a long time are generally the ones that require you to use nails instead of glue! So don’t delay if you don’t have one; it’s high time you got one for your house!

But keep in mind that when you shop for one, you need to get one with both a flat end and a curved claw! Who knows? Maybe you need to repurpose a piece of wood and you have to take the nails out of it, and it’s always easier to do it with a hammer than it is with pliers!

#8 Screwdriver

Let’s be honest, like most of the other tools on our list, the screwdriver isn’t just for DIYs. It’s actually part of a number of hand tools that you should always have around your house, in different shapes and sizes, since you truly never know when you will need one. And if you happen to be a fan of IKEA furniture, you know it’s virtually impossible to assemble anything without a trusty screwdriver.

Not only is everything in our house made out of screws, but it’s harder to find things that aren’t attached to items with screws than things without. This is why when you want to fix something, tighten a screw on a hinge, change a wall clock battery or replace the batteries in a toy or device, most of the time you will need a screwdriver to achieve any of these.

This is why, besides the DIY factor, having a set of screwdrivers with different heads is a must: both the flat head and the cross head screw are a must. And they’re not actually that expensive, so whoever says that you only need two of them, they’re lying.

It’s better to have different sizes since you never know what type of screw you will be dealing with! Just make sure they’re sturdy and comfortable to hold; you never know how long you will have to hold one!

DIY projects are a lot of fun, but what if they’re going to bring down the value of your house? Read all about them here!


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