8 DIY Projects That Will Hurt the Value of Your House

When you have finally decided to do some improvements to your home in order to put it up on the market, you may find yourself tempted to do some DIY projects. After all, all improvements might be able to give you a better value on the house and everything you invested will come back to you, right? The truth is a bit different than that!

There are a number of projects that, if you end up doing, they may make your house lose value or just put off potential buyers from wanting to make the purchase. Or they may challenge the value of your house because they believe the changes they will have to do to the property take away from the value. We have gathered here some of the most common mistakes sellers make when they prepare their houses for appraisals and viewings.

Before you start to make changes to your house, by yourself or by hiring a professional team, have a look at our list! Maybe it will make you rethink some of the decorating choices you want to make. Let us know if you have ever considered any of the projects listed below!

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1. Too Much Wallpaper

Do not take us wrong, if you plan to put your property on the market and you have a wallpaper accent wall or there is wallpaper in your bathroom, it will not bring down the value of your house. It is okay to have some wallpaper. But due to the texture and colors it can sometimes have, it can end up being an overwhelming choice for someone else that does not share your taste in decorating. Moreover, we all know how hard it is to remove, so for someone that does not fancy wallpaper as much as you, it will be a headache and a point against placing an offer.

You can find another project to make the walls of your home more appealing, such as fresh quality paint in neutral colors. If you find yourself close to a showing or open house and you have the time, it is also an idea to take off the wallpaper and repaint the walls. That way it will not be a point of contention or give the buyers any reason to comment on the state of the walls.

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  • Betty Rubble

    Sunrooms are a turnoff. They’re not exactly fully indoors, and on a sunny day, you can feel like you are in a baking box of glare. They’re not really outdoors either: are you feeling the breeze of the spring day, or the smell of fall leaves? No. They never look like an integrated part of the house, and they never have the feel of say, a living room that has a wall with some floor-to-ceiling windows. THAT looks luxurious. Sunrooms are made of dozens of components and they always look DIY. Whenever I’ve shopped a house with a sunroom, I think in terms of turning it into a screened porch, or tearing it off altogether.

  • russ

    My parents moved into a house some years ago and there was wallpaper all over the place. My dad wasn’t able to help with removing it and my mom said there were days she was in tears from fighting to get it off the walls.
    Wallpaper is so very last-century, unless they find a way to make it much more easily removable.

    • They have a claw wheel in Walmart that makes small holes in the paper.THEN spray hot 3 parts HOT water to 1 part vinegar. Let sit for 5 minutes. Spray next piece while waiting. Start with previous PREVIOUS UPPER CORNER. Slowly pull DIAGONALY. BEFORE starting next piece, puncture next piece and spray with HOT vinegar. Respraying remaining paper backing on previous paper and use putty knife. 35 yrs experience. Good luck!

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