Countertop: 10 Things You Should Never Put on It

kitchen countertop
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Do you use your kitchen counter as a catch-all for diverse bits and pieces, food items, and some other stuff? No matter how big or small your kitchen is, your counter space will always be cluttered with some kitchen tools, mail, handbags, keys, and so on.

While it’s very tempting, storing things this way always leads to a real mess and nobody likes a messy kitchen. To avoid that, I have a list of 10 things you shouldn’t keep on your countertop. Some of them you’d expect to find in this list, but I bet you’ll be surprised by other things you didn’t know shouldn’t be stored on your countertop.

Continue reading to see what you should or shouldn’t be putting on your kitchen countertops.

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  • Elsa

    No enough cabinet storage space for all my appliances so on t he corner cabinet they will stay!

  • I am with Mary too because much on my counter is used daily or 5x weekly. Wish there was a storage solution that allows for daily kitchen uses yet decluttered without having to put in cabinets for those with problems with back and hands. Had surgeries on both hands and back. I even had kitchen remodeled and ended up with less space. Yet my kitchen is rather small and I do use some of the suggestions but need more affordable options please.

  • Mary

    If the goal is to have a magazine “photo shoot ready” countertop, then just take everything away.
    For my real life, yes—-I do use my toaster, knives, coffee maker and a cutting board daily.
    That is why I have a kitchen counter layout to accommodate them.
    Still plenty of room for what needs to be accomplished.
    Taking those things in and out of cupboards daily would be exhausting.
    Sure, keep the blender or waffle maker or slow cooker or other gadget not used daily (or even weekly) out of sight.
    Common sense.
    One size will not fit all.
    There is a balance to convenience, functionality and the decorator optic.
    Not advocating “clutter”, but the kitchen is a functional area

    • RonaldWB

      Mary has said it correctly.
      The kitchen is a WORK area. The tools & supplies need to be conveniently near but not in your way. Safety first.

  • BigE

    This article was pretty much common sense… only thing In my opinion I don’t agree with is a knife block is something 90% of people who cook at home use so it’s heavy and having to lift back and forth would be stupid so there is no reason not to keep it on your counter.

    • Rodger True

      I agree with the idea that knives need to be handy. The traditional knife block can add to contamination so instead of taking up counter space and possibly adding a chance of contamination I use a 12 inch magnetic strip attached to the wall above the counter area where I would use my knives the most and keep all my knives on that strip. On the opposite side of the kitchen where I’d be using steak knives or splitting bagels or english muffins I have another magnetic strip with those particular knives. Knives are pulled, used, cleaned then replaced where they are not in the way but visible and quickly attainable. The full knife is visible so no quessing which handle is to what blade if they had been stored in a block.



  • Gail Curran

    Great article – really appreciated as I’m a neat freak!

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