9 Best Indoor Plants to Kill Airborne Viruses and Bacteria

plants that kill airborne viruses and bacteria
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Most of us learned in elementary school that plants can clean the air through a process called photosynthesis. This is great if you think about all the pollution outside. But contrary to our belief, pollutants are actually present in high concentrations in our homes too.

Mildew, toxic chemicals from cleaning supplies, outdoor pollution that makes its way in, airborne viruses and bacteria — it all gets trapped inside our houses. Polluted air is harmful to all of us, especially those who have allergies, asthma, and other respiratory diseases.

We already know that plants can liven up your space and purify the air, but not all indoor plants have the same potential for fighting pollutants. In fact, there are some highly efficient plants that are known to kill airborne viruses and bacteria. And yes, that’s a science-backed fact.

According to a 1989 experiment conducted by NASA, “plant roots and their associated microorganisms are the main pathway for chemical removal”. Furthermore, there is compelling evidence that the greater the exposure of soil and plant roots to air, the better the plant reduces indoor air pollutants. In other words, larger containers or pots with a larger soil surface are more efficient than smaller ones.

Without further ado, let’s see which plants are best to fight airborne viruses and bacteria!

P.S. Some of them aren’t healthy for your furry friends, so make sure to do your research!

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