14 Creative Uses for Dryer Sheets You Never Knew About

What are dryer sheets used for?

We can tell for sure that they are used for more than just banishing static from your laundry! If you have never tried it so far, then you need to read this article, as we will tell you exactly how to use this laundry staple to enhance your life.

When it comes to the proper quality of your laundry, you need to take into consideration many aspects, from choosing the best washer and dryer sets, using the best laundry detergents, and even tossing a dryer sheet and a few dryer balls into your machine.

However, if the only time you are actually reaching for a dryer sheet is when you are doing your laundry, we’re going to show you what you’re missing out on!

Right, this is technically a laundry essential that is designed to leave your clothes soft, static-free, and nice-smelling, but it can do SO MUCH MORE.

What can these little marvels do outside the laundry room? Wait no more, we’re gonna tell you everything!

There are so many creative ways to use these dryer sheets around the home!

Starting from a makeshift eyeglass cleaner to a gym bag deodorizer, these amazing dryer sheets will blow your mind.

Dryer Sheets’ primary purpose

The primary purpose of dryer sheets would be to reduce static, which is building up inside your dryer as your clothes tumble dry.

However, these sheets, which are usually made of polyester material, can do more than that.

There are other dryer sheets uses, such as giving garments a soft feel and fresh scent.

That’s mainly due to the fabric softeners, lubricants, and fragrances that cover each and every sheet.

How do dryer sheets work

Heated dryer settings are in charge of warming the fabric softener that coats a dryer sheet.

After heating up, it’s transferred to your clothes and leaves them softer, more fragrant, and static-free. Naturally, the longer answer to this question is way more science-related.

When you dry your clothes, heat and friction are responsible for creating static electricity, which is an imbalance of positive and negative charges.

Dryer sheets are coated in positively charged lubricants, which balance out the electric charges that are building up inside your dryer and on your clothing during the wash.

The result is that your clothing and dryer are static-free.

dryer sheets
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How bad are they for your dryer?

Dryer sheets aren’t inherently bad for your dryer.

However, they might leave behind a residue that, when left uncleaned, might build up and reduce the efficiency of the dryer, just as a laundry detergent.

The lubricants and fabric softeners that are found on dryer sheets might collect on your dryer lint filter and even clog it, and your clothes might end up drying more slowly.

In extreme cases, this buildup might be at fault for causing your dryer to turn off mid-cycle or stop heating as it should.

Even more, a clogged lint filter can explain why a dryer isn’t drying.

Cleaning your lint filter more often, you can use dryer sheets without any problem. After cleaning, don’t just toss that dryer lint!

It is worth mentioning that whether dryer sheets are good for you or the environment are two completely separate matters.

There’s a 2011 study published in the “Environmental Health Perspectives” that shows how dryer vent emissions might include chemicals that are very bad for your health.

Some fragrance ingredients might be linked to “irritation of the eyes and airways, headaches, contact dermatitis, and asthmatic reactions.”

Even more, the Federal Trade Commission doesn’t oblige dryer sheet manufacturers to identify their fragrance ingredients, even if there are a minimum of 3,000 potential chemicals they might use, from which some are safe, and some aren’t.

If this is worrisome to you, there might be a good solution. You can use an unscented dryer sheet and have the same results.

But that doesn’t solve the environmental impact, so if you’re interested in doing something eco-friendly, you might want to try reusable dryer balls.

When should you use them?

When using dryer sheets, you have to know which type of fabric you want to work with.

Dryer sheets are supposed to be used when you’re drying clothing that’s made out of natural fibers, like cotton socks, shirts, and pants, so you can reduce stating cling and soften fabrics.

However, that’s not always such a great idea.

In case you’re cleaning microfiber towels, skip the dryer sheets.

How can dryer sheets impact microfiber cloths?

According to Jennifer Druckamiller, a director of product experience at microfiber company Norwex, there are some additives, besides the ones in your detergent, that can coat the fiber of a microfiber towel and make it less effective.

Also, skip the dryer sheets when you’re drying cotton towels and flame-resistant fabric, like children’s pajamas.

Dry your athletic wear alone, as the softeners in dryer sheets might reduce the fabrics’ moisture-wicking capacities.

Make camping gear smell better

You can easily learn how to get those nasty smells out of clothes, but another useful trick is to avoid the stench in the first place.

That’s especially useful to practice when you plan to be extra active and in some ways less hygienic, such as when you’re camping or hiking.

Before going on a trip, make sure you place a few dryer sheets in your tent, sleeping bag, socks, and any other item, to eliminate less-desirable odors.

Would you have ever guessed that you can use these dryer sheets while going out on a trip? Neither did we, but apparently it does wonder when you need them!

Clean bugs off of cars

Have you decided to go on a road trip and you just took your car to a car wash station?

As I imagine, you definitely don’t want to feel like you’ve wasted 50 dollars on proper cash only to see your car dirty the next day.

If you’re anything like me, you want to keep things clean as much as possible, especially if you paid good money.

So what is there to do will all those bugs that get stuck to your windshield or the front part of your car? Well, you can always use a wet dryer sheet and wipe away those bugs in a minute!

Deodorize your bathroom

Hear me out: this hack is the kind of hack that’s so simple, and no one I know ever thought of it until now!

Take a dryer sheet and place it in the cardboard part of your toilet paper roll, so you can add a bit of freshness to your bathroom.

Every time someone will spin the toilet paper roll, a nice perfume will be released into the air. It’s super simple and super effective.

The only thing that might bother you is the way it looks, but if you’re willing to let that one slide, then you should try this hack!

Remove soap scum buildup

If you are one of those people that loves every inch of their bathroom and wants to take care of it as much as possible, then run to the grocery store and get as many dryer sheets as possible!

And no, you’re not gonna use them for washing your clothes, but for cleaning your…bathroom!

That’s right if you’ve liked the first hack, drop a dryer sheet in your toilet roll and use the other ones to clean the bathroom.

I personally hate seeing all that soap scum gathering in the shower right after I take a quick shower, and I’m happy I know how to clean it now!

Deodorize old books

Some people love the smell of old books and others don’t.

If you’re one of those people who don’t really dig the smell of an old book, don’t rush into buying a Kindle, as there might be something that can be done.

If you want to get rid of that musty odor, you can take that box of dryer sheets that you’re going to use throughout your house (you just don’t know it yet) and brush the books lightly.

The result is that your favorite book will smell way better, without feeling as if you’re sleeping in an ancient library!

Remove burnt, stuck-on food from dirty pots

I think this is by far my favorite hack!

If you recently had guests coming over and you made that delicious recipe of Spanish paella, your pot is probably in agony right now.

We can safely say that getting brunt grime off any dirty pot is a difficult job. However, it’s not COMPLETELY impossible.

A dryer sheet might actually come in handy, if you believe it or not.

Put a dryer sheet at the bottom of a burnt pot and then add some hot water and let it soak during the night.

The dryer sheet will help loosen the muck a bit and it will leave your pot brand new!

dryer sheets
Photo by Leeyakorn06 from Shutterstock

Brush your pet’s hair

If you ask anyone with a furry friend, whether it’s a cat, a dog, or a rabbit, they will tell you the same thing: excessive shedding can be a real pain!

But don’t worry, you’re not doomed to live like this!

If you notice clumps of unshed hair in your home, just try one of this creative dryer sheet uses: run a dryer sheet over your pet before brushing that furry coat, and you will have a lot of hair to clean up!

Line your garbage to rid it of smells

If the garbage can you have in your home is still keeping a lingering scent, then line it with a dryer sheet and you might get rid of it!

As in the other examples, these dryer sheets are very good when it comes to absorbing odors and leaks.

Besides that, you can clean your garbage can with them, but make sure you moist them a bit with your favorite cleaning product that will take that dirt and stains away!

It seems that for any item in your home that might have the slightest smell, there is one pack of dryer sheets that will fix it!

Freshen up your gym bag

And speaking of smelly items, while it’s great that you have a gym membership that you’re actually using, I bet it gets pretty smelly at times, right?

I mean, let’s be honest, even the cleanest gym equipment might need to be sanitized now and then.

By putting dryer sheets in your gym bags, you can easily absorb unwanted odors and keep your bag smelling like fresh flowers.

When you wash your gym clothes, don’t forget to sort them, too!

There is some piece of clothing that you might be actively wearing, so throwing them into your dryer might ruin them!

Clean spilled flour

If you decided to go ahead and bake that cake, we congratulate you!

However, you know what they say: you should never cry over spilled flour! Every time you cook something that needs to have flour in it, you can see already all that white mess in your kitchen.

Trust me, for me it is a deal-breaker at times, as I’d rather just order than clean up all that flour. But truth to be told, I never knew how easy it can be until I’ve learned to use dryer sheets.

The flour sticks to these dryer sheets, so using them for cleaning over in your kitchen can save up a lot of time!

Make your hair less staticky

Wearing a hat on a hot summer day can sometimes turn into a nightmare for your hair because all your hair gets super weird from all that static energy.

I know at this point I convinced you that just need to drop everything else you might carry with you and just fill your bag with dryer sheets, but I SWEAR these things can simply be useful at ANYTHING that might be going in your life.

So just wiping yourself down with a dryer sheet will certainly eliminate all that static energy, not just in your hair but also on your clothes.

Clean sand off skin

After spending a great weekend at the beach, you most definitely would like to get into your car without leaving a whole mess in it and dousing it in the sand.

But luckily, you listened to my advice and you filled your bag and your car with dryer sheets, because why not? Just kidding. But you can use dryer sheets to clean off the sand.

Just give your feet a quick wipe with a dryer sheet, and you will see how well the hack works!

The sheets will do the trick but make sure you moisturize your feet right after cleaning them because your skin might feel a bit off.

Polish your eyeglasses or sunnies

There might be tons of creative hacks where you use your dryer sheets, although I probably covered a big part of them in this article.

However, one of our favorite hacks in this list is also cleaning your glasses or sunnies with a couple of quick wipes.

They will work just as well for your glasses, without leaving any unwanted scratches.

Even if this is super safe to use, please make sure you don’t use those dryer sheets on plastic lenses, because for that you can safely use the dish soap.

So next time you carry your sunglasses with you, make sure you throw in the bag one or two dryer sheets, too!

Clean up sticky tree sap

Tree sap is famous for how difficult it is to remove it, but the solution to freeing yourself from that sticky annoying tree saliva is to use a specific item from your laundry room.

That’s right, I’m talking about those magical dryer sheets!

The sap will definitely stick to a dryer sheet way more easily than any other normal wipe, which makes it the perfect item to use when you simply want to remove sticky tree sap.

If you enjoyed reading this article, you might also find this very useful: 10 Simple Ways to Grow Your Own Delicious Food in Your Backyard


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