12 Secrets To Having a Clean House

A clean house is basically a reflection of yourself. And we all know a person that has a clean home all the time when you go visit. Every single item in the house is clean. There are no dishes in the sink, and this happens just because they spend their entire time cleaning like lunatics. Actually, it is not that drastic. Because let’s face it, we all have one room where we won’t let guests come in.
No home is perfect, but over time, you develop certain habits that will help you keep it clean. In this article we will show you a few tips and tricks to have a clean house ALL the time

1.Think clean when you step into your home

The shoes-off policy is actually one of the best things one can do for their place. Just because shoes are the dirtiest items in your wardrobe and if you leave them at the door, you’ll prevent toxins and other stuff you can collect on them from the outside and bringing them into the house. A dirty floor is actually the worst thing that can happen, especially after you cleaned it the other day.

What do you think about this? Do you agree with leaving your shoes at the door? Even if this appears strange, I can assure you that it is not.

2. Start and finish laundry in the SAME day

Back in my day, we used to wash most of the clothes by hand. But nowadays, when you have so much help from the washing machine, you can do the laundry faster! After the load is done, you have to take them out as soon as possible, especially if you have to wash 2 or 3 loads that day. Regardless of this, don’t forget your laundry.

3. Everyone has their own cleaning job in the house

Most people who have a clean home have a concept of delegation, so  the entire family has their specific chore during the week or on a specific day which they have chosen to be the “cleaning day”. Unless you live alone, cleaning should be a group effort in order to complete the tasks easily.

If it helps you, you might want to try to write down everything that needs to be done. Starting with mopping and finishing with washing the dishes. Maintaining some order in the house will keep it clean for much longer.

If you know that you do better at the dishes, then delegate your grandkids to take out the trash. Reward them with a slice of cake or some sweets after the cleaning is done.

If you live in a big house and you can afford to hire some people to help you clean, then they’ll also have to distribute chores.

4. Have a place for everything

If you have too much stuff and you don’t have a specific place for any of it, the clutter and piles in your house will become impossible to manage and the whole place will be a mess most of the time. In order to declutter, make sure you have enough storage space for all the items.

Start with baby steps and use space wisely!

5. Do the dishes

This is probably one of the most hated chores, but despite this fact, it is a necessary thing to do. If the sink is full, then the kitchen will automatically look messy. We know it might be easy to leave them for the next day, but the wisest thing to do is to clean the dishes right after you eat.

And you know the next day it will be even harder to wash them.

Tip: Wash the big dishes first, like pans and pots, and only after that, the small ones. Take 15 minutes of your time to do this daily. It will make your life easier!

6. Throw or donate their old stuff

Have you ever been to one of your friends’ houses and noticed that they have the exact same number of things in their place? This happens only if you are ready to say goodbye to the stuff you don’t use anymore. You don’t consider yourself a collector, but you’re keeping things from ten years ago around the house?

Make a list of things you don’t wear or use frequently, and after that you can donate them. There are tons of people who are poor and in need of clothes or household items. Donating will make you feel better. And trust me, they will declutter the space in the house in the blink of an eye!

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7. Play music to make the cleaning enjoyable

Remember Queen’s song “I want to break free?”? keeps me motivated every time I listen to it! Music makes everything better, especially your cleaning tasks. So why don’t you try to pick some of your favorite albums and then play them on your headphones? We bet this will make things much easier and you will complete all the tasks pretty quickly. You can also dance a bit when you’re vacuuming, for example.

This will count as a workout as well. So, make cleaning enjoyable again!

8. Have a cleaning routine

Or clean as you go? People with a clean house don’t wait until it looks like a battlefield; they clean it regularly because they have a specific routine. This means washing dishes after you eat, rearranging the pillows on the bed, taking the trash out every two days (or more often if it’s necessary), or folding the laundry after it comes out of the dryer. With these simple habits, your house will look better and you won’t have to do the hard cleaning during the weekends.

Even if it’s not perfect, you will still love it as you should.

9. Keep the cleaning supplies handy

Keeping a clean house is hard, but just don’t make it even harder. Keep all the cleaning supplies handy and in the spots where you can easily take them to clean the floor or if something has spilled from the sink. Where do you keep these items? If you are new to our page, you can check this article out in order to find out more about clever storage ideas!

10. Hire help when needed

Believe it or not, hiring help once in a while is mandatory. In order to have “even the hard” to reach spaces clean, hiring someone to help you is not a shame. It’s ok to do this every once in a while, depending on your budget. This is actually motivating since you will try to be more organized and you will put away things you don’t use anymore, plus you will keep it clean more often after this.

11. Do the important things daily

You may have your own cleaning system that works for you, and that’s OK. Change what you can, and make sure you make your own schedule.

Make sure you do something each day to make your home look cleaner. No matter if it’s mopping, or vacuuming, or wiping the dust off the furniture. After this, you will notice a big difference.

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12. Have a mindset to keep the place clean

Let’s be honest, no matter how often you clean the house, if you don’t have the suitable attitude to do it, then becomes a total pain-in-the-neck! If you just put a pile of things one on top of the other but you are too lazy to rearrange them accordingly, then how do you keep the house tidy and clean? You can always start your cleaning habit today!

Maintenance is the key! If we learned anything from this article, it is that maintaining a clean house is not a hard job. Having a clean house at the end of the day is by far the most efficient method. There is nothing worse than seeing a messy place right after you wake up. When you keep the place tidy at the end of the day by the morning you will barely do a thing. Maybe a bit of vacuuming if it’s needed or cleaning the dust.

What is your plan when it comes to cleaning your home? Tell us in the comments. We are eager to find new secrets about this topic!


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