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13 Clever Storage Ideas for Tiny Spaces

Photo by Archi_Viz from Shutterstock

Tiny places can look nice, but sometimes I wish I had a bigger house because everything looks so cramped and it’s frustrating if you’re always trying to squeeze everything in. It’s been proven that if a place is small and cluttered, it can give you some sort of anxiety. That’s why you should be a little bit more organized.

The good news is that you don’t need a lot of money to declutter your space and store your stuff, even if you’re living in a small place.

Let’s learn together some hacks that will transform your tiny space into a much bigger one. Work with what you have!

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  • Steve Grimme

    These ideas all “sound” good, but some folks are visual as well. Would have been nice to see photos of all the ideas listed.

  • Duck

    There definitely is something wonderful about America. Just ask all of the people who want to come here. We are still the land of the free and home of the brave. We also welcome those from other countries that want a better life for their families and are willing to put in the work once they get here. We even help them financially to achieve their goals. Many immigrants receive much more in benefits than our lazy population who refuse to get jobs. We may not be perfect but we are still the land of opportunity. There is nothing “superior” about Americans and most of us aren’t so easily offended by another person’s freedom to choose their own words. God Bless America!!! Land that I love!
    No reply necessary.

  • Abby

    What am I missing in the Make-up Behind the Door???? You state move the make-up to another space.”This solution is simple, and it’s cheap! How cool is this? You can fill up its pockets with everything you want to..” Pockets? What pockets?

  • Shelly C.

    Of course you COULD just do what I did, and get rid of a BUNCH of stuff! My son recently visited my “new” apt that he’d not seen since I moved in 3 1/2 yrs ago. While he was here he asked, “So, where’d all the stuff go?” I told him, I got rid of it all!

    But your suggestions were awesome! Congrats on a great article! ~ Shelly 😉

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