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11 Small Trees That Will Make Your Landscape More Beautiful

small tree
Photo by Japanese Maple from

…Do you know any small trees that can make your garden look even more beautiful than it is?

Everyone wants to have a good-looking home but little do they know that a pretty home starts with a landscape that is just as exquisite. If you want to have a beautiful garden but you don’t have a lot of space or you simply have no idea how to decorate it and give it more personality, you’re lucky, because that’s where we step in.

Whether you want to make it more colorful or simply freshen it up a little bit, small trees are your go-to. They might not reach incredible heights, but they can completely change the way your garden looks. Here are some great options for you!

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  • Dori Sage

    Had a Japanese Maple in Woodland Hills, CA. It was supposed to be a miniature but it got reallly big. It was a beauty when the seasons changed. I do miss it.

  • Bill

    Surprised to see the first picture of One I had out in California.

    I forgot it’s name and wanted to get one for the NY area

  • Kathryn Krosley

    I like Rose of Sharon aka Althea. It comes in several colors—white, purple and pink are the colors I’m familiar with. It can be trimmed to look more tree-like or allowed to grow as a bush. My mother grew them when I was young.

  • Judith Potter

    Which trees will grow on a wind swept, open hill 200 feet from the Bay of Fundy?

  • I have crepe myrtles – but his year (first time in about 40 years) the bark scale invaded our neighborhood – any recommendations for what to do – sprayed with Neem oil – and cut severely infected branches.

  • Sharon

    Would be helpful if the zones the trees will grow in were included.

  • Bette Lou Cookson

    Add Powder Puff.

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