9 Things That Damage Your Washing Machine

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When it comes to laundry, there are so many do’s and don’ts that you have to take into consideration! Especially since nowadays washers are coming with such a variety of settings, for almost every single type of clothing.

Even if now it’s way easier to wash our clothes, thanks to the way technology evolved, we still need to take care of the way we’re using the washing machine.

As some items might survive a couple of spin cycles, others might harm your washer. But we’re here to tell you exactly what to avoid doing, so you can take good care of your washing machine!

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  • only way mixing white and colored laundry in the same load can damage the washing machine is if the washing machine is racist, the left controlled media would have you believe – exceptionally dumb article contrary to its title – no added value…wasted reader’s time

  • TK Smith there is no miners at the bottom of the page and a arrow press the arrow and it will let you keep reading the story for washing

  • Ralph

    Several are inconsequential, the number one thing people do wrong is not even listed. Improper sorting of fabrics is the most common mistake that will damage both the machine and the clothes. Number two is not zipping up zippers. Open teeth chewing on clothes has ruined more items than anything else. Almost 45 years repairing machines has taught me a few things.

  • Depends on a front loader or a top loader. I have a top loader and I have never found it to have to
    be cleaned out. My top loader has a cycle to clean the machine. Like you all said. It seems the
    manufacturer has some opinions that don’t fit the narrative that they are pointing out. One size doesn’t fit all.

  • Dan

    I don’t see how washing your colors with the white clothes can damage the washer. You are going to run color clothes with cold or warm and colors are going to run just as easy that way or if you mix them up. It might make your whites become color clothes though.

    I can attest that overloading a washer will break it. I had plastic parts coming out after that load, water leaked when I tried to run the next load and it was done. And when you dry your clothes make sure you empty the lent filter and vacuum out the compartment every now and then. Also if you own a house to go to where the heat lets out and clean out the vent. It will make your dryer run more efficiently and it could prevent big problems and potential fires.

    • Where did they say that mixing colors & whites will ruin your washer? They didn’t say that did they? I only saw read about how mixing colors with whites can change the colors of your clothes (which is a given) -not damage your washer. I didn’t even see where they said it would damage your washer, so why would you sat that?

      • Diane

        This was more of a laundry lesson. Many good points though, some about the machine and some about what is washed.

      • Sheila

        But that’s the title of the article.

  • Carol

    Some of us are not rich enough to have a new washing machine. I am still using 1 from 1974 and it works just fine I don’t need all those fancy buttons and programs. This machine has never failed to get my laundry clean!

    • B A Rotini

      Amen, sister! Not everyone in this country is of the super-consumer class! 🙂

  • Helen

    certainly fail to see how mixing white and colored laundry in the same load would in any way damage a clothes washing machine…..
    as you point out, could turn the whites grey, but as for damaging the machine in some way—-makes no sense

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