9 Beautiful Plants You Can Easily Propagate

propagate plants
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Have you ever propagated plants?

It all starts with one plant. Perhaps you got one as a gift, or you just saw one while running errands and decided to take it home with you. You take care of it and discover that you enjoy having this little plant in your house.

Then, that one plant becomes two. And a few weeks later, you decide to buy another one. Shortly after, the other members of your abode start raising an eyebrow each time you come home with a new plant.

“What?” you say casually.

“Oh, nothing,” is their answer.

And before you know it, your house is like an indoor jungle; there’s a plant mister on your coffee table, a bottle of plant fertilizer on your countertop, and several tiny jars filled with cuttings on every windowsill.

You’ve officially become a plant lover. But don’t get me wrong; you’ll get no judgment from me. However, you’ll find that with this newfound passion, buying a full-sized version of every plant on your wish list becomes rather costly.

There’s one way you can save money, though: propagation. Propagating new plants from a stem cutting or a leaf is the least expensive way to grow your plant collection. Moreover, depending on the plant species, it can also be pretty simple to do. You’ll be surprised to learn how many plants will easily propagate without you doing anything!

This being said, I’ve rounded up some of the easiest indoor plants to propagate. Step up your plant game and start saving money!

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