Low-Maintenance Landscaping: 7 Beautiful Trees with Minimal Upkeep

Low-Maintenance Landscaping
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Acers, or Maples as they’re also known, need a bit more care than some of the other trees on this list, but if they’re planted in the ground, not in a planter, then they are a laid-back and joyful addition to the garden, offering a ton of autumn color to your garden.

Acers in the ground will generally look after themselves. They have a surface root system, so if you live in dry weather, they’ll need lots of watering and mulching to retain better moisture.

These slow-growers are great to include in any low-maintenance landscaping border ideas. There are many varieties to choose from too. Try an Acer Palmatum, the leaves will turn from dark red to a searing crimson in autumn.

Or you can get a Japanese Maple. Depending on the season, it changes color from gold to green and white to red. The Japanese Maple grows best on acidic soil, and all it requires when it comes to maintenance is watering.

They’re resistant to very low temperatures and don’t like long and direct exposure to sunlight.

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