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10 Tricks for Enhancing the Lifespan of Your Chopped Flowers

Do you know how to extend the lifespan of your chopped flowers? 

Flowers are a popular and beautiful gift for all major life events and even the little ones in between. You’ll want to cherish them for as long as possible, whether you choose a lovely bunch for the coffee table, receive an anniversary arrangement, or receive a bouquet as a graduation gift.

Now the tricky part of all the chopped flowers is that they don’t last forever. And that makes us sad. But with the help of the experts, we’re here to brighten up your day! We gathered the best tricks for enhancing the lifespan of your chopped flowers, even for a couple of more days.

Chop, chop, let’s start with the first one!

lifespan of your chopped flowers
Photo by Olena Chukhil from Shutterstock

1. Store the flowers in a squeaky-clean vase

If you want to extend the lifespan of your chopped flowers, the first thing you must do is clean the vase in which you’re planning on putting them. Rinse your vase well after washing it with soapy water. Pour warm water into the container and include a package of commercial flower food if you can. This tried-and-true blend includes anti-microbial, sugars, and a pH acidifier.

In addition to nourishing the flowers, it also reduces the growth of germs and other microorganisms in the water. The packets are cheap if you buy them in large quantities, and they keep for many years.

You don’t know where to find this magic flower booster? We got you! It’s available on Amazon for the amazing price of $14.99 for 12.5 ounces. 

2. Choose a suitable vase

We have already established that your vase must be super clean, but besides that, it is also important to choose the shape of it according to your bouquet.

Florists say that this is a great way to extend the lifespan of your chopped flowers. Select the right vase to preserve the form and health of your flowers while also fitting their design. From stylish, low-profile bowls to sleek, towering vases to suit every type of arrangement.

3. Never forget to cut the stems

Forgetting to trim the stems on flowers is among the most frequent errors individuals make after receiving roses. With a pair of gardening scissors, make an angled cut of one to two inches. Since the stems aren’t resting level on the vase bottom, cutting them at an angle improves water uptake. Remember to re-trim your flowers once every few days after the first cut.

Furthermore, besides the classic cut experts say that you can do it beneath water too! By doing this, you may make sure that air doesn’t obstruct the tissues at the stem’s end that transport water. It is important to avoid crushing or tearing the stems as this might limit the intake of water and provide additional entrance routes for microorganisms.

4. Remove the leaves below the water line

This is another habit that will extend the lifespan of your chopped flowers. Not only can it improve the appearance of your bouquet, but it also stops bacteria from growing. The one two or three petals of certain flowers that are far from the center, such as roses, are known as the guard petals.

Your flowers will be able to open fully if you simply remove them. To prevent bacterial rot, you must check your flowers every day after your first trimming for any dead or loose leaves or petals.

5. Don’t place them in direct sunlight

Unlike those that are in your garden, cut flowers appreciate a cold, dark place that is out of the path of a draft. This is mainly because flowers that don’t have roots will dry out more quickly in the sun. You’re probably wondering how florists can keep all those cut flowers so fresh because it’s impossible to sell them all at once. Yep, it’s true. Well, they are kept in a refrigerator, which is typically maintained at 34–36°F with a 90–95% relative humidity level.

Since you can’t do this at home, it’s enough to place the bouquet out of the path of the vents for the air conditioner and heater and away from windows where the sun will shine directly on them. Additionally, don’t put them next to any fruit. Yes, as maturing fruits produce minute amounts of ethylene gas, your bouquet may not last as long.

6. They need a lot of water that’s also changed every 2 or 3 days

Another trick that will help you extend the lifespan of your chopped flowers is to make sure they have plenty of water but also try to refresh them every two or three days. Without water, your flowers won’t survive very long, especially when their stems are pruned. Choose a clean vase, then add a packet of flower food and fill it with room-temperature water. Verify that the package has been combined correctly and that the water is in the right amount, both concentrated and diluted.

By replacing the hazy water with fresh water, you will extend the life of your flowers. Also, if you do this as recommended, you’ll stop germs from growing and block the wounds that the flowers use to get water. After you replace the water, you can also cut a bit off the ends.

lifespan of your chopped flowers
Photo by LightField Studios from Shutterstock

7. Edit as needed

Some plants can last longer than others. Just take out any wasted flowers or withered greenery to maintain the attractiveness of your arrangements. You may move the arrangement into a smaller vase as it becomes smaller.

Rather than simply cutting and soaking the stem, certain flowers react better to having their heads immersed or soaked in water. For instance, soaking the entire flower in water may make hydrangea, anthurium, and astilbe bloom more vigorously and last longer.

8. Consider soaking the top of the bouquet

Rather than just cutting and soaking the stem, certain flowers react better to having their heads dipped or soaked in water. For example, soaking plants like hydrangea, anthurium, and astilbe in water can help them resist longer.

9. Add an aspirin capsule to the water

Who knew that aspirin was also good for boosting the lifespan of your chopped flowers? Well, since every day is a school day, this is a trick florists gave us and say it’s crucial to put a pin on it for the next time you bring a superb bouquet into your home. Let’s see how you can use aspirin capsules.

Add one aspirin, crushed, into your fresh flower vase. It is thought that aspirin lowers the pH of the water, enabling it to pass through the bloom more quickly and avoiding withering.

10. Add soda to the water

Instead of drinking that sugary soda, pour 1/4 cup of it into a vase full of freshly chopped flowers. Your blossoms are supposed to live longer and smell better due to the sugar in soda. It seems that flowers appreciate a little additional sweetness; therefore, our backup method for extending the life of flowers was soda. If you don’t want to buy soda just for this, you can easily use a teaspoon of sugar as an extra besides flower boosters.

What are your secrets to preserving all your favorite bouquets? Tell us in the comments.

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