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Spider Alert! 5 SHOCKING Cleaning Habits Bring Them to Your Home

These cleaning habits you’re skipping are bringing spiders into your home without you realizing it!

When it comes to spiders, your cleaning habits and the things you may be skipping on may just be the reason why you have to deal with the creepy crawlies in the first place!

Hear us out! There are certain things you may be skipping, avoiding, or just doing on a daily basis that make your house the top choice when it comes to where the spiders are going to come.

There are certain places and things you may be doing that are going to attract spiders to your home and even convince them to stay in the long run.

Your home may be clean and in order, but certain things in your home may be what makes these insects want to stay, reproduce, and easily take over the home. And while certain spiders are not offensive or dangerous, once your home is also the home of poisonous spiders, you are going to have a huge problem on your hands.

Let’s be candid for a moment. Your home is clean, but you still have to deal with spiders. One thing may be that you are living in a spider-prone area, you may not have enough window nets, you may bring them in with you when you come back inside, or it could be a combination of all of those and your cleaning habits!

If you are ready to see what you could change when it comes to cleaning habits to limit the number of spiders you and your family have to deal with!

Have you ever had to deal with spiders before? How did you get rid of them? Would you like to see how to get rid of these insects from your home? Let us know in the comments below!

cleaning habit
Image By Simol1407 From Shutterstock

Letting your plants overgrown!

If you have indoor plants and you have not been getting into the cleaning habit of trimming them regularly, then it may be what brings spiders to your home.

If your potted plants are overgrown, then there is a high chance that spiders hide out in them, and if you have draining pots with overgrown roots, then in between those is a prime place for them to hide.

Think about it like this: you may like the extra foliage around your home, and keeping potted plants is nice, but that is also a prime spot for spiders to build their webs and make a home. They may be hard to see through the leaves, so it also gives them a good hiding spot.

A good cleaning habit to get into is pruning and clearing these plants as often as possible.

Likewise, if you have outdoor plants, you need to do this to them as well, especially if they are close to the home foundation. Spiders love to hide in overgrown greens and then make their way inside the home through cracks and gaps around masonry and windows.

Not tending to your gutters!

A cleaning habit that a lot of us put off, despite still doing it at least once a year, is tending to the gutters.

Indeed, it is a hard thing to do as we age, and it is bothersome and sometimes hard to get up in the house to clean them, but if recently you have been having more and more visitors with eight legs, then it’s high time to check the gutters.

You should strive to clean the downspouts and gutters of any organic compounds, leaves, and small tree branches, maybe even pinecones and other nuts and seeds, at least twice a year, if not once a season. Not only will this help you in the long run with home maintenance, but you may get rid of your spider issue too!

This is not because spiders live in your gutter, but rather because the insect is known to use them in order to make their way inside your home.

cleaning habit
Image By DAMRONG RATTANAPONG From Shutterstock

Having a trash can with an open top!

If you have a trash can without a lid and you also have an issue with creepy crawlies, then you should probably think about investing in a different type of trash can.

The problem is not necessarily that you have an open trash can, but rather that the waste in there is what attracts the spiders. The waste and leftovers in your trashcan attract different kinds of insects, which spiders eat as part of their diet.

Hence, they are seeing your open-top trashcan as a buffet, even if you see no issue with it beyond the spiders in your kitchen. They have been attracted, so there must be something there.

If you change your habits around garbage disposal and get a closed-top trashcan, you will be able to prevent the likes of flies, roaches, and ants from coming in, in addition to spiders!

Not washing your fruit after bringing it home!

When we get fruit, we don’t always plan to eat it as soon as we get home. The problem here is not that spiders are attracted to your fruit because they want to eat it, but because a lot of other insects find it appealing and it is the place for them to find food.

A good cleaning habit to get into is to wash your fruit after you have brought it home so that if there are any unwanted guests on it, you can get rid of it before it becomes a problem.

This is particularly important if you have the likes of grapes, which are particularly appealing to insects. Spiders will also gravitate towards them since they will attract flies, and they will weave a web around and between grapes to catch them. And if you are getting organic fruit or buying it from a local shop or market, the likelihood of insects on your fruit is higher than you think!

It’s better to be cautious in this case, so you should wash your fruit after you bring it home!

If you are aware of a certain area of your home that is prone to getting a lot of spiders or other insects, like the basement, garage, or laundry room, try using some traps to get rid of them faster, along with using our tips. These insect traps are affordable, quite discreet, and non-toxic, so you can deal with your issue without the use of harmful chemicals!

cleaning habits
Image By Yuliya Evstratenko From Shutterstock

Not washing your counters after cooking!

This is one cleaning habit that a lot of us need to get into. And if you have been skipping on this task but have seen an increase in the times you have seen spiders in your home, then it may be caused by this as well!

Despite naming mainly the counters, the stove is also another point of contention, if you do not wipe your counters after making food or cleaning the debris from your stove already, then you are inviting any lost insect to a meal when you are not there.

Spiders may not be the ones eating human food, but their meals consist of the insects that eat human food. If you have crumbs or food debris around your kitchen, then other insects will come to eat, and they will in turn attract spiders.

Make sure you pick up the cleaning habit of wiping everything down so that you get rid of both the multiple-legged prey and predators from making a home out of your kitchen!

Dealing with these pests can be hard, especially if they have already made a home inside your house. However, there are many other pests you need to keep an eye out for when you are a homeowner. This is why you should consider certain plants twice before you bring them in, as they could attract mice! Click here to read all about the most common plants!


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