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WARNING: These 5 Plants Attract Mice to Your Home!

Did you know that these popular plants attract mice to your home?

Yes, plants attract mice, and some of them are so popular that they may be the very reason why you are dealing with these little animals in the first place!

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves! If you have a mouse problem and have tried to catch them, patched up all the entryways in the home and fence, and you still have to deal with them, then it is time for you to turn your attention to other places.

One of the things that could attract them to your home may be the plants you keep in your garden. Some of them are obvious, but some of them you would not have thought of. These plants attract mice, and then they will end up searching for shelter, making their way into your shed, porch, garage, and even home!

If you have been dealing with these pesky animals and do not know what could be the reason, make sure you keep on reading to discover which popular plants attract mice!

Have you ever had to deal with mice before? How did you get rid of them? Did you find out why they came to your home? Let us know about your experience in the comments!

plants attract mice
Image By Rudmer Zwerver From Shuttersstock

Fruit plants and trees

If you have been happily growing berries in your yard or you have moved a lemon tree on the deck, then know that these tasty fruits are definitely an invitation for all the mice around you to come move on your property.

The mice are going to smell the fruits and the plants and make the plant, and by extension, your home, a target for them. Some of the most sought-after fruits by mice include those high in water content and sugary fruits like raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries, but also the likes of pears and apples, just to name some of the most common fruit trees people like to tend to.

The most particular berry that is known to attract mice like bees to honey is strawberries; they love them so much they would eat them even before they are ripe!

If you are growing fruits on your property, you do not have to get rid of them in order to get rid of mice. You will have to make sure you are harvesting your fruit often and that you keep all the rotting fruits off the ground. That way, the mice will not have anything to eat, and they will leave your yard.


Believe it or not, between the plants that attract mice, we also have plain old weeds! Besides the fact that having your lawn full of weeds is going to make it look like you are not taking care of your property and is an eyesore, you are also attracting little rodents to your property!

It is known that mice love to eat some of the plants in your garden, but certain types of weeds are among some of their favorite foods. The likes of silky bent grass, quack grass, foxtail, creeping thistle, and shepherd’s purse are just some of the ones that are known by pest control experts to attract mice.

The mouse is one of the animals that likes to nibble on wires and other varieties of cylindrical items in your home, and many have theorized that it is due to the fact that in the wild they like to chew on similarly shaped plants. These weeds are attractive to them due to their taste and shape, but also because they have seeds that the mice eat.

If you have weeds in your garden, it is the equivalent of inviting the mice to a buffet!

If you want to get rid of the weeds in your yard without risking poisoning your ground or your pets, why not try out a natural weed killer? This one from Amazon is affordable, and we have seen some amazing results by using it! The best thing is that it will also double as a sort of pest control, as no weeds = no mice!

plants attract mice
Image By torook From Shutterstock


Speaking of cylindrical plants, another one that mice are attracted to is cornstalks. If you have been growing a few cornstalks in your garden, be it to be able to enjoy it at the height of summer or just because you enjoy a challenge, know that you are not the only one who loves this plant.

Mice love corn, especially cornstalks. This type of plant attracts mice, as the rodents are big fans of the seeds and of the plant in itself. The sweet kernels are akin to a sweet treat, and they will do anything they can to get to the plant, and the stalks are a great addition as well.

If you have been growing or are planning to grow corn in your garden, make sure that you are taking precautionary measures to deal with the mice that will be attracted to your tiny field and, as a result, to your home.

Cover ground plants

Ground-cover plants seem to be the best idea if you want your yard to be covered by vegetation and not have to worry about maintaining a perfect lawn. These plants spread easily and are easy to grow, which also makes them the perfect height and way to reach for mice.

Vinca or other types of thick plants that cover the ground, like ivy, offer the best hiding place for mice and other rodents, as the thickness and density of the foliage offer them a great place to shelter and build their home.

They may be easier to get and maintain, but if you want to rely on such ground cover plants, make sure you choose some other type of ornamental grasses or even thyme, as they will not be providing the same type of shelter to mice and, as a result, deter them from coming to your yard.

What’s more, you should never have these types of ground covers get too close to your home; that way, even if you end up with tiny visitors to your yard, they will have a harder time accessing your home. Plant these a minimum of 1 foot away from the home, preferably even further. And if you do have ivy, make sure you do not allow it to scale your facade.

plants attract mice
Image By Jan Bray From Shutterstock


We have talked about how seeds, like the ones on the cob, attract mice, so we should also talk about some of the flowers that have a lot of seeds, mainly the sunflower!

A lot of homeowners have taken up the habit of growing sunflowers in their yards, as they are beautiful, vibrant, and tall flowers that will make your garden look amazing all summer long. Not to mention, you get a tasty treat at the end of summer that is right here in your yard!

Yet, keep in mind that sunflowers make for a tasty treat for all types of rodents and pests, some of which you do not want to relocate in your home. The likes of mice, raccoons, and chipmunks will be coming to your yard to be able to get a taste of the seeds from the sunflower, even way before you will be able to harvest them yourself.

If you still want to beautify your yard with the likes of this flower, make sure you plant them as far away as possible from your home and that you make a point to upkeep the lawn around their location. Expect to be getting more visitors to your yard, and if you are growing vegetables and other fruit, make sure you expect raccoons to end up tasting them too.

However, plants are not the only items attracting new impatient guests to your yard and house, and mice are not the only ones ready to give you a visit! If you are curious, make sure you read all about the most common animals that can and will invade your yard!


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