9 Low-Light Loving Plants for Beautiful Decor

Image By 96 Creative Graphics From Shutterstock

#3 Lucky Bamboo

Fun fact! This type of bamboo is also a type of dracaena, which is another plant that you should look for if you are looking for shade-loving, low-light-withstanding plants! However, the main spotlight for this entry is going to be on Lucky Bamboo!

This plant is very versatile as you can either choose to keep it in water or move it to a pot with soil. If you are good at it, you can easily twine it or braid it carefully in interesting shapes. Not only is it not fussy at all, but it will adapt to the light levels it gets, so you can definitely grow one in low-light rooms!

Just be careful to change its water every week or to keep its soil slightly moist.

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  • Pam

    I wish you would include if the plants you mention are toxic if eaten by my cat.

  • Mary Ann Coty

    The plants you show in your Shutterstock photo are definitely not low light plants! I know as I am a retired Florist/gardener! Notice your site often contains phony material!

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