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10 Tiny Houses You Can Buy from Amazon

Your Biggest Dream Was to Have a Tiny House?

Whether you want a separate place to delve into your hobbies, sleep, work, or even meditate, there are so many reasons why you should consider adding a tiny home to your yard. If you haven’t heard of Kit Homes so far, you’re going to love the idea!

Kit homes make it way easier to build an outdoor structure, and it’s just as safe, but…well, tinier! They are basically tiny homes in a box, bringing the necessary parts to build a little abode on your own property.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any easier, Amazon will gladly deliver one to your front door. It’s worth keeping in mind that most Amazon kit homes come with the needed structural pieces.

Because the actual building, along with the wiring, plumbing, and decorating, might need to be done on-site. Plenty of these kit homes are way more comparable to outdoor sheds than actual houses, so they are not exactly the most substantial structures. They are also quite useful, and considering their reasonable price point, any of these Amazon kit homes might be worth your while.

tiny house
Photo by Ariel Celeste Photography from Shutterstock

Cedarshed FarmHouse

The Cedarshed Farmhouse is so small and cozy that it really feels like having a small cabin in your backyard. The shed is totally made of wood, and it comes in precut sections that are easy to assemble together with other household tools.

The finished structure measures around 16 feet long by 12 feet wide, with a 4-foot-deep porch and 5-foot-wide double doors that add to its practicality, especially when it comes to storage. You can easily complete it with planter boxes and windows with decorative shutters. All in all, this kit home has an exquisite and lovely farmhouse feel that you’ll instantly fall for.

Chery Industrial Expandable Prefab House

The Chery Industrial expandable prefab house looks like a portable classroom structure. It is quite boxy and totally made of steel with insulated wall panels. Along with those insulated walls, windows are double-glazed and easy to open, which makes it even more comfortable and easy to spend time inside.

The design also incorporates a bathroom, alongside a toilet, basin, taps, and shower (plumbing still needs to be sorted out on-site, of course). This model has a 20-foot-long by 7-foot-wide footprint, and Chery Industrial sells a couple of larger kit home options for those who want a nice, big building.

Duramax 30432 Flat Roof Insulated Building

This practical Duramax building was thought of with one word on the mood board: versatility. The brand highly recommends it for any kind of use as an emergency shelter, besides living or office space, a hobby room, or even a storage shed.

The other parts of the building come precut and nicely drilled, so it really won’t take you more than a couple of hours to assemble it. The finished structure is well insulated with a metal foundation that is meant to sit on any kind of flat or level surface. Probably the best feature of them all is the fact that other extension kits are available, which makes it very easy to expand the structure when needed.

Lifetime 6446 Outdoor Storage Shed

Even if it’s intended as a storage shed, this practical Lifetime 6446 outdoor shed has plenty of features that make it work as an outdoor office or even a creative space. Just like many other modern sheds, it is made of ultraviolet-protected plastic walls, so it’s quite easy to assemble.

Because of its huge size (15 feet long by 8 feet wide), it has proper steel supports for more sturdiness. Unlike other smaller sheds, this one packs six small skylights and two windows for light, but also two screened vents for airflow, all of which make it a lot more comfortable to spend time in.

Arlington 12-by-20-foot Wood Storage Shed

The Arlington 12-by-20-foot wood storage shed is another one on this list, with a very small (and yet significant) difference: the finished structure will pretty much look more like a petite, charming house.

It measures no less than 12 feet long by 20 feet wide, and it is crafted from wood and alloy steel. Inside, the kit home has a second-floor loft, which can be used in many useful ways, whether for storage or simply to create a cozy space to relax. However, it’s worth mentioning that this shed kit doesn’t have a floor, which is a very important factor for shoppers to consider.

Best Barns Millcreek 12-by-20-Foot Wood Shed Kit

I personally believe that most shoppers out there will simply love the Best Barns Millcreek wood shed kit, most particularly for its barnlike style. The 20-foot-long by 12-foot-wide structure is entirely made of wood that comes precut and predrilled.

It’s a great bare-bones kit, so you will definitely want to buy the floor, windows, and shingles separately. While it doesn’t come decorated, it might take a bit of extra work to get the advertised barn appearance. But it’s worth the effort.

Cedarshed Boathouse

The Cedarshed Boathouse is yet another great pick from the Cedarshed brand, well-crafted of sturdy wood and meant to look just like a little boathouse. And because it is designed to store all the big things that you never had any space for, like canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards, it also has a long and narrow design (by long, I mean 12 feet long by 10 feet wide).

Besides the windows with decorative shutters and cute flower boxes, the kit looks a lot like a tiny home rather than a boat shed.

tiny house
Photo by RossHelen from Shutterstock

Zolyndo Portable Prefabricated Tiny Home

If you’re looking for a much larger structure, the Zolyndo portable prefabricated tiny home is a great fit. It measures 20 feet long by 19 feet wide, and it’s made from a steel frame and foam wallboard.

What’s really great about this tiny home is that it is waterproof and insulated. This means that as soon as you build it, it is up and ready to “live” in the great outdoors. With windows along each and every wall, it allows natural light to fill the “indoors,”  unlike many other kit homes and sheds.

Handy Home Products Palisade Wooden Shed

The Handy Home Products Palisade wooden shed is a quite modern-looking pick, ideal for matching contemporary homes. It has an angular shape, over-door transom windows, and a slanted roof, which gives it a quite distinctive aesthetic.

It’s entirely made of wood, and all the pieces come precut and ready to assemble. The finished shed also measures 12 feet long by 8 feet wide, which provides ample space for a compact work-from-home office or even a creative studio, especially if you’re really into hobbies.

Outdoor Living Penthouse Garden Shed

The outdoor living penthouse garden shed must be my favorite one. It boasts a pentagonal shape meant to fit in the corner of a yard—not just anywhere, but right against the fence. It is a wonderful choice for a backyard with limited space.

Entirely made of western red cedar panels that are precut for easier assembly, it’s both long-lasting and quite beautiful. The roof panels come with their own preattached shingles (and it’s worth taking into consideration since many home kits don’t include shingles). Foundation material isn’t included, though, so that would be something you would have to prepare beforehand.

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