Tiny House on Wheels: 7 Genius Reasons Why You Should Switch

You might be surprised to know that more and more American homeowners are ditching their conventional houses for a tiny house on wheels. Yes, you read that correctly, on wheels. Some folks may find this weird, believing that success in life includes having a big house, a cool car, and a spouse and children. However, this way of life is not for everyone.

Some people prefer a different approach though. Even so, this choice doesn’t indicate that they’re wrong and the rest of society is right. Basically, this is what happens when we let others tell us what the perfect life would look like. But let me tell you something. Don’t let anyone tell you what to do, what to spend your money on, or how to live your life when it should be up to you to decide.

We like the idea of owning a tiny house on wheels (THOW), so we decided to present to you the big benefits of having it. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up living on wheels sooner than you ever thought.

Anyway, we talked with some homeowners who decided to live in a house on wheels, and they’ve shared their reasons with us. Keep reading to find out about them!

Tiny house on wheels
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1. They travel with their home

There are lots of reasons to live in a tiny house on wheels, the most important of which being that some folks don’t want to be bound to a particular place. Spending your life on a trail can be a hell of an experience. If you own a truck, you can tow your house whenever you want to relocate to another city or country. Isn’t it fantastic to go on a trip with your home?

You can travel without paying for a hotel or setting up a tent. You don’t even have to pack your bags. If your job requires traveling to a different city for a certain period of time, you won’t have to worry about renting an apartment. Basically, wherever you go, you’ll feel at home.

However, keep in mind that some states may have different laws when it comes to THOW movements. So, if you’re planning to follow this way of living, you should do some research before. Some states, for instance, provide tiny house communities where people can park their homes on wheels and stay.

2. They live like a Renaissance man

A Renaissance man is someone who excels in multiple fields, which is why it’s also called “Man of the World”. Living your life in a tiny house on wheels is like living alone, with no one to serve you. As a result, you learn to rely on your own abilities to survive. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t follow this lifestyle with somebody by your side.

No matter if it’s just you or you and your other half, this kind of adventure requires developing many skills.

While this is unlikely to occur, people should consider some what-if scenarios in their lives, such as what if grocery stores stopped existing or the energy sources were never to be restored. Farming, metalworking, woodworking, and so on are important survival abilities on which you can fall back on in case of exceptional situations.

By the way, here’s a multitool you may need in case you intend to move into a tiny house.

3. A tiny house on wheels has low maintenance

Unlike traditional houses, THOW is easier to maintain. Yes, there may be minimal debris to clean and a few repairs here and there, but you’ll spend way less time on maintenance.

Now, if you want a tiny house on wheels, you have three options.

  • Option no. 1: purchasing a pre-fabricated model.
  • Option no. 2: hiring both certified project home builders and manufacturers who are specialized in this kind of house movement.
  • Option no.3: embracing your Renaissance Man ethos would definitely save you some money. This means you can actually build a tiny house on wheels by yourself for which you’ll need an average amount of $23,000. This last option’s major benefit is that you’ll avoid a mortgage so you won’t have to worry about paying it afterward.

No matter what option you choose, remember that a tiny house on wheels needs lower upkeep costs than typical houses.

Tiny house on wheels interior
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4. A tiny house on wheels uses less amount of energy

THOW consumes less energy because of its smaller size and built-in design features. A smaller space means less water and artificial sources of light. Here are other energy-related details you need to know:

  • Smaller space: smaller rooms are both quicker and easier to heat and cooler than a standard room. This means less money spent on maintaining temperature.
  • More wall insulation per square inch: these tiny houses are built in a way that both the interior and the exterior walls are super-insulated. This specific feature improves temperature control even more.
  • Built-in features: such houses’ naturally built-in features help to save more energy. For instance, large windows can provide more natural light in a smaller house than in a large one. Integrated lofted beds can also save some space while adding more comfort since the heated air will float upward.

5. It’s eco-friendly

Energy-saving sources are making the earth green again and it’s nice to be one of the few people that protect the environment. A tiny house on wheels needs fewer, renewable materials and resources which reduces the amount of waste and emissions.

Because there is a smaller space, you may use less heating, cooling, and water in a tiny house on wheels. Some studies pointed out that those people who moved into a THOW lowered their energy consumption by 45%. Also, while downsizing may sound like a nightmare for some folks, it turns out that people need far less space in order to be happy.

Moving into a tiny house will reduce food waste too. Because most such houses have smaller refrigerators, you’ll have to buy the right amount of food you know you’ll be eating.

6. It’s safe from natural disasters

I don’t think there’s anyone who hasn’t heard about homeowners who were left without their homes due to heavy storms and earthquakes. I mean, even picturing myself in such a horrible situation terrifies me. Yes, having insurance proves to be crucial in situations like this, but you have to wait for about 8 months to be paid out.

Luckily, living in a tiny house on wheels protects both you and your home against natural disasters. You can instantly evacuate and relocate to a safer region once you realize that a surge is going to hit your area. When it comes to communities, such tiny houses allow them to be rebuilt and back on their feet in record time.

Tiny house on wheels life
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7. Homeowners live a simpler lifestyle

Small-space living allows you to live a simpler and natural lifestyle away from the chaos, tumult, and tribulations of a busy neighborhood. As you have limited space, you can embrace the things that actually make you happy.

Whenever you go, there will be no car noises, disturbing electronic devices, or big rooms to clean. You can enjoy sunrises while drinking your coffee; or you can just fulfill your daily tasks while listening to the nature sounds.

This kind of life gives you the chance to value more the things that money can’t buy. You just learn to be happy with what you have.

If this article convinced you to consider a tiny house on wheels, then here are some 13 Clever Storage Ideas for Tiny Spaces.


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