13 Clever Storage Ideas for Tiny Spaces

Tiny places can look nice, but sometimes I wish I had a bigger house because everything looks so cramped and it’s frustrating if you’re always trying to squeeze everything in. It’s been proven that if a place is small and cluttered, it can give you some sort of anxiety. That’s why you should be a little bit more organized.

The good news is that you don’t need a lot of money to declutter your space and store your stuff, even if you’re living in a small place.

Let’s learn together some hacks that will transform your tiny space into a much bigger one. Work with what you have!

1. Bed Bookshelf

Do you have a small room but you are also a book lover? I am in this situation as well! What can we do? Life is short and we need a lot of books in it. You know, just to make it even more amazing. If you have a tiny bedroom and you cannot have both the bed and the library in the same room, a bed with bookshelves might be what you need.

This thing is actually similar to a trundle-style bed, which holds drawers for clothing or for the sheets. But instead of drawers, these empty shelves are perfect for books. Or for DVDs! What do you think?

2. Slide Spoons

Just look at how your kitchen looks right now. Do you like it? If it’s like mine, then most probably your drawers are overstuffed with a lot of utensils. They don’t belong in there! I remember I read about this sometime in the past, but I’ve been postponing the idea for a while now.

What about installing a rod on your kitchen walls?

It will look amazing, and it’s going to be practical as well. And if, after this, the drawers are empty, use them to store other things, like small pots or pans.

3. Make-up behind door storage

A tiny bathroom will always be the main room where we will try to store different things. You may lose track if you have too much make-up in your vanity mirror, so one of the best ideas is to move it to another space. This solution is simple, and it’s cheap! How cool is this? You can fill up its pockets with everything you want to. The bathroom will look more organized.

What do you think about this hack? Will it be beneficial for you?

Photo by Ellen Reidy From Shutterstock

4. Buy a cube cubby 

Cubbies with cubes inside them are cute and practical at the same time. They can help you have more space in the room. You can find them in so many colors that they will fit with the whole environment for sure.

You can store things like office supplies, books, or even toys. Cubes are pretty versatile, and the best ones are the fabric ones.

5. Hidden Storage

I just love multifunctional furniture! Last month, I bought a bench with a bonus. You just have to lift the lid, and underneath you will find a lot of space for your shoes. I know, I know, women have this thing about buying a lot of shoes even if they don’t wear them (at all). This bench will make the difference for sure because your hall is probably too small.

What do you think about this? It will be a great addition to your balcony as well if you have a small space there too.

6. Store stuff under the bed

We usually tend to have this spot clean and free of dust. But don’t forget about it! It can be a great place to store things, especially if your room is tiny. If the space allows you, you can buy boxes to store the shoes in, for example. This “secret” place is going to be hidden, and it will save some space for sure.

7. Storage on Wheels

A rolling storage cart is actually one of the best things ever made. You can add one to your bathroom and one to your kitchen in order to have things better organized. The one in the bathroom can be used for cosmetic products or even towels. In the kitchen, you can use it for spices or some plastic storage containers.

You can easily take them from room to room. How awesome is that? For a tiny room, it’s going to be a great addition!

I will add one to my shopping list for sure.

8. DIY drawer dividers

This hack is pretty amazing since you can do it by yourself. DIY things are my favorite, just because they are cheap! Let’s be honest, no drawer is going to be organized enough. That’s why you need to divide the space in the drawers.

Try to separate the space into different pockets. This is the way you will learn how to actually keep it clean. Next time you want to throw the charger in, make sure it’s going to be placed in its spot.

Photo by Juice Dash From Shutterstock

9. Under the sink (Caddy organization)

This space is probably one of the most underorganized spaces in the house. It’s usually filled with cleaning supplies that are stored there. A little bit of chaos, right? If you try to organize them in a way where you can store some other stuff too, it might be the best idea. Having rack drawers for every item will clean the clutter in a snap.

Who said a tiny space could not be well organized?

TIP: Remember that not all items are pretty enough and it’s perfectly normal if you want to hide them under the couch, or the bed, or even under a bench. 

If you reached this point in the article, you may already know that clutter can be a constant war in small spaces, but if you store the items wisely, you can keep the room clean and well-organized.

10. Stagger shelves

Shelving units can overwhelm a tiny room and make it look even tinier than it is. Instead of boxy shelving, you can always use a ladder-style piece with shelves that are narrow when they get to the top. You can use this for either plants or books.

Your room will also look chic and lighter for sure.

11. Use the windows

Natural light is our friend in need, for sure, especially if we have a kitchen with big windows. Let me tell you a secret! In order to maximize both light and storage space, you might want to consider hanging racks across the windows for, you know, pots and pans, but also dishes. How cool is this? Would you do that?

12. Wall-to-Wall Storage

A spare wall is basically everything you need if you have a small space. You can install wall-to-wall shelves and you can store stuff like books, plants, or other stuff you collect on a single wall. This will look amazing and will keep the entire room more organized.

Pssst!… This hack will also make your room look bigger. You have to try it!

13. Install hooks in the hall 

Hooks are the best option for items that are used regularly (purse, hat, car keys, etc). You can install them on the wall near the front door so you can grab them (keys e.g) faster when you’re in a hurry.

I hope you find this information useful. Get a bit creative with the furniture you have and invest in some products that will make your life easier.

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