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4 Best Kitchen Cleaning Habits You Wished You Knew Before!

Image By Rui Elena From Shutterstock

Bar Keepers Friend is our friend!

Since we also invested in a brand new set of cookware to go with our new kitchen, my spouse has been adamant that we do not let them end up as black as our former set did. It was well-loved and used by all the family, yet we cannot ignore the fact that the bottoms used to be a light blue color and it just turned black at one point.

As we set out with the plan of trying to preserve our cookware as pristine as possible for as long as possible, we have also made the investment into a bottle of Bar Keepers Friend and made a new rule for our kitchen: always make sure to scour the product on the pans and pots when we wash them. It is a habit that is a bit more time-consuming, but once you get into it it will seem weird that you are not doing it one night!

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