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How to Keep Your White Furniture White

Do you know how to maintain your white furniture and decor spotless?

Let’s be honest, a white crips room just tickles something in our brains. However, when it comes to being able to maintain your white furniture and decor, it suddenly becomes a bigger problem than we would have thought.

Not everyone can manage to maintain such a room, but in the end, it does not mean that it is impossible. It is easy to dismiss the crisp white style as a thing only for home magazines, photoshoots, and celebrity living rooms that are never actually used for what they are intended for.

Yet, it is a style that is functional and great for every day, and today we will dispel any myths associated with this together!

If your heart desires a white room or home, you can have it. You just need to learn to maintain your white aesthetic, and today we have brought you all the best tips and tricks for each of the most important parts of a white aesthetic: the white wood furniture, the white bedding, and the white upright furniture!

We’ve done the research and tried out the products so that you do not have to worry too much about how to maintain your white furniture! If you are ready to make all your white dreams a reality, keep reading to discover the best tips!

Do you have white furniture? How do you maintain it? Is there any other aesthetic you want us to explore? Let us know in the comments below!

maintain your white
Image By fizkes From Shutterstock

White furniture tip 1: Clean monthly!

When it comes to white furniture pieces, keeping them in a spotless state may be harder to do than you imagined. Yet, a good way to avoid having to clear stains out of them or having to scrub for hours at accumulated grime is to give them a monthly clean.

This excludes the likes of regular dusting, which you should be doing no matter the color of your furniture, but especially because on white furniture you can see any dust from a mile away.

The best way to clean your furniture monthly is to make a natural mixture with 2 cups of warm water and 1 cup of vinegar, mix it well, and then place it in a spray bottle. That way, you can spray it on the furniture and then wipe it down with a soft towel.

You are removing any debris and killing any bacteria while making sure your furniture keeps looking amazing and more importantly. crips white!

White furniture tip 2: Keep out of direct sunlight!

Another way to maintain your white furniture is to make sure it is not placed in direct sunlight! You may think that the way in which the sun hits the white surface will make the light spread to the whole room, but in reality, you may end up causing lasting damage to your white furniture!

Over time, when exposed to direct sunlight, white furniture ends up yellowing. This discoloration happens to a lot of pieces when placed in direct furniture, and you may not notice it after a year or two, but since we do not plan on changing out furniture that often, you should be careful.

Keep your white wood furniture away from windows that let in any sunlight, or make sure that you can cover them with blinds, or you can add some window treatment so that the sun is not as damaging.

maintain your furniture
Image by brizmaker From Shutterstock

White upholstered furniture tip 1: Spot clean well!

If you have white upholstered furniture, the one thing you need to be prepared to do is to have a good spot cleaner on hand.

No matter how much you try to avoid spills and stains, there will be times when you end up having to deal with them. And there are certain types of stains that not even the washing machine can help you with (yes, we mean those red wine ones, to say the least).

The best way to be prepared when you will have to eventually deal with stains and spills is to keep a good spot cleaner on hand. That way, you can tackle them just as they arrive instead of waiting to deal with the brink of them later, as that may be too late. You do not have time when it comes to stains in your upholstery, so keep that cleaner on hand!

White upholstered furniture tip 2: Slipcovers are your friends!

A great way to make sure that you do not end up having to replace a whole white upholstered couch is to invest in a white slip-covered sofa. There are many models out there, and believe us when we tell you, they are lifesavers.

If you use a slipcover, as opposed to only relying on the initial upholstery, then you can skip the fear of forever staining your couch and getting it ruined. You can easily have the slipcovers on, and when they get dirty, you can throw them in the wash.

What’s more, if you opt for the white slipcovers, you do not have to buy a whole new white couch, and you can easily wash them regularly to upkeep that pristine white color. They are easier to maintain, and you can always replace the slipcovers when something unrepairable happens.

White upholstered furniture tip 3: Don’t skip on lint rolling!

No matter what type of white upholstered furniture you have, you should keep in mind that they will need daily maintenance to maintain them white. No matter if you have a couple of chairs or armchairs or a whole couch, you should make sure to lint roll them a couple of days a week.

Lint rolling will ensure that you get the dust off the upholstery and that you get rid of any crumbs or hair that may be lying around until you get to wash the slipcovers or vacuum the couch.

Moreover, your clothes can bring about a lot of fuzzballs, as can any throw blankets you have around the couch or the armchair. Just lint-rolling the couch once every few days will ensure you can maintain the pristine, crisp-white condition of the furniture even when you do not have the time to deep clean every day!

If you end up buying individual rolls, you will end up spending way more than you need on a few of them. The best way to get them is to buy them in bulk from Amazon. This is the value pack that we get, and it has never failed us!

maintain your white
Image By New Africa From Shutterstock

White bedding tip 1: Wash them completely separated!

A lot of us end up making this mistake, especially when it comes to white bedding. You can easily bring freshness and a clean feeling to your bedroom if you use white bedding. Yet, you may have noticed that, over time, it stops being as white, and this is due to how you wash them.

We all try to be eco-friendly and wash the whites with white towels and other white items that may need a rinse. Yet, if you wash a lot of different textured textiles at once, you are causing them both to break down and pile up. Not only are you slowly ruining your towels, but you are also destroying your bedding and causing it to slowly lose that pure white color.

Unfortunately, we are also bringing you another round of bad news: you have to wash your white bedding weekly. We know it’s annoying, especially since with other colors and a good bed routine, you can stretch it up to two or even three weeks from time to time. Yet with white, you do not get that lenience.

The perk of weekly washes includes the fact that you will always be crawling into freshly washed sheets, which is probably one of the best feelings in the world!

White bedding tip 2: Bleach is not your friend!

Another tip to keep in white when it comes to white bedding is to not use bleach on it. Yes, it seems antithetic since bleach is used to whiten things, but when you keep using it on your white bedding it can cause the fabric to yellow.

Overuse of bleach and using it over time when washing your bedding will cause the solution to interact with the sweat in the fabric from when you slept and cause it to yellow over time.

Instead of weekly beaches, only use bleach to spot clean those stains and if you truly need to bleach the whole bedding set, run two washed: one without bleach to get rid of sweat and other fluids, then another one with bleach to get rid of any stains.

And since we are on the topic of washing bedding, if you want to maintain that crisp white color, only wash your bedding in cold water and add some baking soda. It works wonders!

If you have been looking at different aesthetics and colors to give your bedroom a new vibe, make sure you check out the colors of this year! We talk all about the best colors of 2024 for bedrooms in this article!


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