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12 Things You Should NEVER Store in Kitchen Cabinets

never store
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Well, coming home from the grocery store or even the farmers market and putting away your groceries seems like an easy task. However, it seems that we should never store some items in our kitchen cabinets.

Well, who knew? As far as we’re concerned, milk goes in the refrigerator, ice cream goes in the freezer, spices go in the cabinet, and those scented cleaning supplies go underneath the kitchen sink.

And now, we have to reconsider all of this because, apparently, they don’t belong where we initially thought. We’ve decided to learn from someone who knows this stuff better than we do, and now we know exactly where to store certain types of food and household supplies.

This way, we’ll have them for longer, and they will be fresher. Some products stay fresher in our refrigerator, while others are best kept on the counter. Let’s find out which items we should never store in our kitchen cabinets:

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