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Want to Sell Your Home? DON’T Tell Your Listing Agent These 7 Things!

sell your home
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A truly professional and trustworthy listing agent who wants to help you sell your home could represent a huge asset for you when you decide to put your house on the market. They will attract as many buyers as possible through marketing, show the house to you, and screen potential buyers for creditworthiness.

This way, you will have the means to negotiate a proper offer. It might surprise you, but sellers who use professional listing agents are able to sell their homes at a final sales price that is up to 11% higher than those who do the work themselves.

Legally, your listing agent is forced to represent your interests in any negotiations, especially as you sign an agreement with him. The obligation is known as “fiduciary duty,” and it should keep the agent from interacting with buyers in a way that would compromise your final sale price.

Moreover, there’s some personal and financial information that you might want to keep away from your agent to make sure your best interests are fully protected. In certain situations, some pieces of advice could seem harmless but might end up hurting you when it comes to selling your home.

Overall, working with an agent is bound to be a prolific experience, but here are some things you should keep to yourself when you’re working with one:

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