8 Ways to Turn Your Small Laundry Room Into a Stylish One

A well-designed laundry room makes things easier for everyone. Although a small space comes with several challenges, the right organizing strategies and storage will provide you with the space you need for all the essentials. It’s easy to think of a laundry room as a space for household tasks, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish and comfortable. Upgrading your laundry space can boost both its functionality and your storage while also creating a sense of home.

Before you actually give your laundry room a new look, it would be best to clean up the whole area first. Get some help moving the washing machine and dryer away from the wall so you can clean behind them — hey look, some missing socks! After this, make sure you restore every surface’s luster. Now your laundry room is ready for a makeover!

Here are some small laundry room ideas to inspire you so get ready to try them out right away!

Laundry room
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1. Efficient Laundry Room

Don’t have enough space? No worries, you can easily fix that! Add some floating shelves to an empty wall and there is a small laundry room that instantly lives large. The easiest thing to do would be to place those shelves above the dryer and the washer since the area is within easy reach. You can keep your dryer sheets there, detergents, and a variety of cleaning and laundry supplies.

Bins and baskets make everything apparently organized, while also adding some character to your laundry roomChoose clear containers for a modern, clean appearance, or opt for a bohemian look with woven baskets.

2. Combined Laundry Room and Bathroom

Not every homeowner affords the luxury of having a special area where clothes are washed and dried. If your bathroom is big enough, you can also incorporate laundry facilities there. Stacking the dryer and washer will definitely save space and adding a few open shelves will help you have your laundry and toiletry products within easy reach.

Here are some tips that are worth considering before actually combining both rooms into a single one:

  • Create enough storage space. A laundry space contains washing liquids, dirty clothes, ironing board and no one wants to see all this stuff all over the place.
  • Make sure there is enough natural light and that the room is well ventilated. Since it will be pretty much a sauna in there, you’ll want to keep mold at bay. On top of that, nobody wants to have damp towels.
  • Consider a hanging rail. For those who don’t have a dryer or don’t want to hang their clothes outside during cold winter days, a rack installed under the wall cabinets should solve the issue.

3. One-Wall Laundry Room

Use every space you’ve got, because no matter how small the area, a laundry room still requires a lot of laundry products and cleaning accessories. A clear work area not only makes the space look less cluttered, it also makes household tasks easier.

A simple one-wall mounted unit can solve all your space-related problems. Filling the wall with floating and versatile shelves maximizes the storage potential by lifting up items from work surfaces. You can install a modular shelving system above the washing machine or sink and choose both closed and opened cabinets.

Whilst closed cabinets hide the laundry items you want to be out of sight, the opened cabinets can store these lovely wicker baskets. The options are endless, you just have to think vertically.

4. Remove the Door

If you have a special room made for washing and drying laundry, the door may be an issue. If you have access to the laundry room inside the kitchen, you may find that opening that door tends to be tricky sometimes. You either risk getting in the way of this high-traffic area or unintentionally hitting your spouse. If the door opens into the laundry room you’ll have a difficult time getting in and out of the space.

Save yourself the trouble by simply removing the door. You just have to make sure the area is clutter-free and neat to avoid hurting the beauty of your house. To do that, make sure you’ve got plenty of shelves and storage baskets.

Customized furniture
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5. Opt for Custom Storage Solutions

Poor space utilization definitely costs you valuable storage space, therefore planning is crucial. Choose what you need to store and where it needs to go, and you may get a custom storage system to perfectly fit all the stuff you need without wasting a single inch of space.

It’s always a good idea to have a combination of opened and closed storage systems designed to simplify day-to-day tasks. If the space is mostly a laundry-focused one, you can either ask for a craftsman’s help or even create a DIY system to build custom storage cabinets.

Whilst walls should share the workload, consider low-fitted cabinets and work surface space to maximize storage capacity.

6. Choose a Bold Design

Having a small laundry room doesn’t mean you cannot decorate it as you like. It’s quite the opposite actually. A small space is easier to design and decorate so get ready to give your small laundry room a new look! Choose your perfect color for the walls to make a statement. You can even paint just one wall or all four. It’s up to you.

Make sure you don’t add too many contrasting colors as it can create a chaotic, cluttered atmosphere. If you decide to change the whole color scheme, opt for neutral hues — such as white, beige or cream —  that brighten the space making it appear bigger and less cluttered. Then add a burst of color such as green or pink for a vibrant yet neat look.

You can even use the wallpaper you like to decorate the walls. There are countless possibilities. You just have to unleash your creativity.

7. Add Patterned Flooring

Laundry room flooring ideas are also great at making the small space more interesting. A patterned floor will definitely help a narrow room appear bigger while also giving it more of a personality. By doing so, you’ll create the illusion of more floor to focus on, therefore making it feel wider. This strategy works better in a small room as having a heavily patterned floor in a larger one may feel overwhelming, making it appear smaller in fact.

Pattern as a flooring choice in a busy room is also a very forgiving option. It helps to accommodate those items you frequently clutter the floor with by acting as a decoy for them.

Neutral colors
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8. Lighten With Neutral Tones

A neutral color palette is a great way to make a narrow, small space feel bigger. So one way to bring more beauty to your laundry room may be to consider color. For instance, a mix of beige and white can reflect light which will make the room visually expand. White and grey together tend to bring an industrial look, but adding different laundry accessories such as wood shelves, towels and wicker baskets will definitely create a cozy vibe.

If you’re looking for a color that keeps things calm while also lifting your mood, then a pale blue is your way to go! Soft green hues are also very popular in many laundry room makeover ideas. Having cabinets in a light color may also bounce light around making the room feel airy and brighter.

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