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Interior Designers Would Never Buy These 7 Things!

When you start renovating your home, there are many things you should consider. Planning a space is only part of this process, and the next most important one is designing the space. This is why you should know about some of the things designers would never buy.

We know that you want your dream house to become a reality, but before achieving this goal, you need to be aware of some design mistakes and do your best to avoid them.

Overall, the key to finding the appropriate pieces to complete a space is knowing not just what you’re looking for but also everything you’re not looking for. Some items are better suited to remain in decor shops instead of finding their way into your family’s home.

So let’s see what items you will find on the do-not-shop list. Remember them next time you think about redecorating your home.

things designers would never buy
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1. Matching furniture sets

The first entry on the list of things designers would never buy is, for sure, occupied by matching furniture sets. Maybe a few decades ago, they were the go-to design idea when you wanted to renovate your home, but now they are a true interior design nightmare.

When we redecorate our homes, we want unique pieces that can reflect our individuality. This is why matching furniture sets are not helping. They are dull and also do not help you create a signature design that will make you feel at home.

Instead of a matching set, experts suggest purchasing a few statement items and personalized furnishings that are distinctive and will fit the room well. Give your home some personality!

2. Mass-produced art

You know what we are talking about. Maybe you are a fan of hanging art on your walls, and this is great, but remember that if there is a chance your neighbor has the same piece, then this is a big no-no.

Among the things designers would never buy, there is definitely a place for mass-produced art. You can buy it from anywhere, and you can also find it in many American homes. Remember the “live, laugh, love” sign? That is a perfect example of mass-produced art and also one of the most kitsch things you can have inside your home.

But what is wrong with this type of art? Mostly, it lacks personality, and it adds nothing to your decor. Without that personal touch, this art will not give you that spark of individuality.

If you want to decorate your home with art pieces, try to shop for something from an artist you admire. Don’t assume that original artwork is out of your budget’s range; instead, check out their print store, if one is accessible. Vintage and thrift stores also have some great original artwork, which is frequently already framed.

3. Geometric shelves

Geometric-metal suspended wall shelves have become common in mainstream design. Although they symbolize a contemporary and minimalistic style, people often count on them as a quick way to cover an empty wall without thinking about what they’ll put on those shelves.

This is the exact reason they are some of the things designers would never buy. Yes, they might look cool, but if you have not planned what to do with them, they can become the perfect spot for clutter. Besides this, a metal geometric shape is almost the same as mass-produced art. You can find it in so many wannabe modern homes that it now has no value at all.

Artwork or giant framed images look nicer and generate less clutter than dust-collecting items on shelves. You have a limited space in your house to express yourself, so don’t waste it on useless space fillers you found on sale.

4. Oversized reclining chairs

You might love the idea of having one of these in your living room, but interior designers don’t share the same view as you. This is why oversized reclining chairs are one of the things designers would never buy.

Maybe they are comfortable, and you think they would make a great addition in one of the corners of your living room, but they could be more suitable to be placed in one of your main living spaces.

There are two reasons why this piece of furniture is not one of the best choices. First of all, they are not aesthetically pleasing, and second, it is extremely difficult to integrate them into the design of most spaces.

We want the space’s design to flow smoothly, with all aspects running in harmony. The chairs in question are typically large, out of fashion, and challenging to match with other upholstery.

5. Soft-sided organizer cubes

You surely know what we are talking about. These boxes are more popular than ever. Everybody seems to love them. Yes, they might be good for organizing, but they don’t look amazing at all. Their aspect is rather messy, and it is hard to integrate them into most types of decor.

This storage solution is one of the things designers would never buy, and we agree with them. Yeah, maybe they can be helpful for a student who lives in a dorm room, but they should not be a furniture piece that you have inside your home.

Take advantage of this chance to purchase a lovely storage solution that will complement your decor. Pop-up cardboard and cloth boxes don’t look good, and a thrifted cabin will do so much for your space compared to them.

6. Chairs that have plastic wheels

In this case, it is not about how they look but more about the damage that they cause. Yes, desk chairs and, in general, all chairs that have wheels are incredibly practical, and they can make everything easy. You can move them around without bothering them too much, and they give you space for mobility when you use them.

But those plastic wheels can damage your floors, especially if you have beautiful hardwood floors, and we bet that you don’t want that to happen. One solution would be to use a plastic mat under the chair, but it will not look amazing. Another thing you can do is to replace the plastic wheels with rubber ones.

Rubber wheels are simple to replace and aren’t too costly for a significant improvement. I’m sure your floors and neighbors below would appreciate it.

Considering all of these, it is easy to understand why they are some of the things designers would never buy.

things designers would never buy
Photo by Summer Paradive from Shutterstock

7. Synthetic carpeting

We totally get this: carpeting is expensive, and most people can’t afford a good-quality one. But think about it: the synthetic carpet is not the best-looking, and it also wears down extremely fast.

This means you will have to replace it regularly. Maybe you think that this can be a good thing because you will get the chance to choose different models more often. But think about the expenses and all of the work involved in installing it.

When comparing the lifetime expenses for upkeep and then replacing inexpensive artificial fiber carpeting with superior-quality wool carpet, the costs are almost the same. If wool carpet is out of your price range, look for an offer or go for a large rug instead.

If you need a not-so-expensive but elegant storage solution, you can use this type of cabinet: Lavish Home 3-Shelf Corner Cabinet—Storage Cupboard with Stylish Shutter Doors and Adjustable Shelves for Kitchen or Bathroom Furniture

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