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6 Sustainable Home Renovation Projects

When you want to renovate, there are a ton of things you need to consider. This is why you might be interested in some sustainable home renovation projects that can make your home more beautiful and eco-friendly.

Besides the whole aesthetics thing, you will also need to consider a budget, a team of professionals who can make your dream come true, and a timeline. But nowadays, when you plan to make a home nice, you might also want to see what ways you can make it greener and more sustainable.

Environmentally responsible projects may often save you money in addition to benefiting the environment. How can you, though, decide which renovations would genuinely make your house greener? Read on and find out what experts have to say.

sustainable home renovation projects
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1. Solar panels

Although installing solar panels demands a higher initial investment, which isn’t always possible, it’s one of those major improvements that pay off in the long term. Experts agree that it’s still something to think about, though, especially considering where you live.

If your home is located in a place where you have plenty of sun, solar panels are one of the most sustainable home renovation projects, and you should definitely consider them.

Solar panels have the ability to transform sunlight into electricity for your house. It is an excellent method of producing renewable energy on your own. It just makes sense to gather it and use it to your advantage, for example, in a state like Arizona, where plenty of sunshine and extreme heat are usual.

So, if you want to start saving money on energy, you can invest now in solar panels, and in the future, you will see how effective they can be.

2. Renovate instead of building something new

When given the chance, renovating is always preferable to beginning from scratch. This is a piece of advice we have for experts, and we think that it is essential to share it with you.

Renovating an existing space to make it seem fresh again is a major factor in the focus that many businesses place on renovating rather than building a large number of new homes. We totally agree with this one, and this is why we are talking about it today.

Sadly, older homes are often inefficient, so you probably have a lot of upgrading, adjusting, or fixing to do. This is why it is a good idea to work with a company that knows what the best upgrades are and that can guide you through the whole process. Doing such a renovation by yourself can be pretty difficult, and you might not get the results that you wish for in the end.

When you choose to renovate instead of building, you choose one of the sustainable home renovation projects, and this is a big decision. The ideal situation in an old house would be to renovate everything at once, but most families can’t afford to do so. This is why, if you want to follow the green path, you should give top priority to the projects that will significantly improve your home’s green features.

3. Try the energy-efficient windows

Your home may lose a significant amount of energy in addition to inadequate insulation if its windows are loosely attached, old, or weak. When we are talking about household energy loss, windows are among the greatest culprits.

Since energy-efficient windows make your home better insulated, replacing your old, loose windows with new, energy-efficient ones can help you save on heating and cooling expenses.

Since less energy is required to maintain a pleasant temperature inside your home, this can also help lower your carbon footprint. This is, for sure, one of the biggest sustainable home renovation projects that also has a great impact.

You should also be aware of the insulation that borders your windows, aside from the windows themselves. Think about switching from standard batt insulation to spray foam insulation. This may offer superior coverage, particularly during severe weather.

It’s necessary to remember that although replacing your old windows is environmentally friendly, installing additional ones is not. While this can make your home look amazing, it also contributes to increasing the amount of solar heat gain in your home.

This means that additional heating and cooling will be required to maintain a comfortable temperature, resulting in more money spent on cooling and heating expenses and, in the end, a larger carbon footprint.

4. The materials are important

Choosing materials with less of an impact on the environment is especially important when carrying out any type of renovation. Choose materials such as wood, quartz, agates, concrete, and natural stones that are bio-based and reusable. If you want sustainable home renovation projects, you should consider sustainable materials.

These materials are less harmful to the environment, and if used properly in their unique applications, they may even increase your home’s price per square foot. You need to find this balance between how good a material is and how well it fits into your home.

When remodeling, make every effort to recycle materials as much as you can and purchase products from nearby vendors of used building supplies. Recycling should be the first priority for disposing of trash, and when purchasing new materials, seek out those with a high percentage of recycled content.

5. Don’t forget about the insulation

Insulation is an essential part of ensuring optimal energy use, no matter whether you’re building a new house from scratch or staying in an older one. Insulation is everything when we look at the way a house can preserve the temperature and how better it can manage energy use.

Maybe you have a brand new system that is monitoring how much energy you are using, but what’s the point of this when you have a poorly isolated home? If you want to know more about your home and if it is good at saving energy, you can run an inspection like the Home Energy Rating System test, also known as HERS.

Even if insulation might seem expensive, we can assure you that it is worth every penny. You will see the differences in the amount you will have to pay for the energy bills.

sustainable home renovation projects
Photo by aslysun from Shutterstock

6. Smart home systems

If you want to get into sustainable home renovation projects, then these smart home systems are what you are looking for. Besides helping you save some money, they also help you save the planet because you will be wasting less energy and water.

For starters, you can install a thermostat and a lighting control system. Most of them can be controlled from your phone. That means you can set the temperature on your phone before you get home. Isn’t this amazing?

These devices will assist you in tracking and analyzing usage. Additionally, it allows you to control things remotely, making it easy for you to take advantage of your devices to manage things whether you’re on the go or have to leave the house quickly.

So, if you are renovating your home and want to make it as sustainable as possible, don’t forget about these smart devices. They are a real game-changer.

If you know about other sustainable home renovation projects, please share them in the comments section. Upgrade your home in an eco-friendly way!

If you want to buy a smart thermostat, this one could be a good choice: Google Nest Thermostat

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