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12 Unnecessary Home Upgrades That Are a Huge Waste of Money

These unnecessary home upgrades might cost you money in the long run!

Today, The American House is diving into the world of “unnecessary home upgrades” to help you navigate the sea of options. Some decisions might seem appealing at first, promising a dreamy home transformation.

But keep a tight hold on your wallet because we’re about to expose the sad truth about some unnecessary home upgrades. We’ll equip you with the knowledge to make smarter choices for your beloved nest.

So say goodbye to regrettable splurges and say hello to a more informed, savvy homeowner version of yourself.

On that note, let’s discover the pitfalls of 12 unnecessary home upgrades that could save you money and headaches. Ready to transform your home wisely? Continue reading!

Unnecessary Home Upgrade
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Unnecessary home upgrade: Wallpaper and murals

Painting murals or adding wallpaper to a plain wall might seem like an affordable home upgrade. But it’s not the best way to invest your money.

Removing wallpaper or painting over old murals can be expensive and complicated. And a potential buyer often has a hard time seeing past them.

Unnecessary home upgrade: Design and fixtures

A farmhouse-style kitchen decked out with shiplap, fixtures, and subway tiles might be your design dream come true. But if the rest of the house has shag carpet and gold fixtures, this is an unnecessary home upgrade that doesn’t add value.

If you go from modern nickel fixtures in one room and then stroll into a room full of gold fixtures, your home will feel inconsistent to future buyers. So try to keep the designs in your home consistent.

Unnecessary home upgrade: Back-up generator

Unless you live in a rural area or a place that experiences lots of power outages, a backup generator isn’t going to impress any future home buyers. This home upgrade is expensive but doesn’t generate much cash for an investment that can cost up to $20,000.

Unnecessary home upgrade: Removing the bathtub

Remodeling a bathroom is a more expensive step you can take to modernize your home. But as you decide to change up the materials and layout, realtors don’t recommend ditching the tub, explaining that keeping the tub raises the resale value.

An update to a bathroom could be in order, but there are better answers than getting rid of the tub. Some bathrooms don’t maintain the same aesthetics if they don’t have a tub in them, and removing one usually means less opportunity for relaxation within the space.

Also, bathrooms with tubs are far more child-friendly for parents, so the resale value should be considered for some homes.

There are some reasons why you may wish to get rid of it to add a shower like you’re simply not using it or saving the space available if there’s a smaller footprint overall.

Unnecessary home upgrade: Upgraded home maintenance

Replacing a water heater, HVAC system, or roof can be a standard home upgrade for many homeowners. But concerning resale, don’t get too excited about recovering too much of your investment.

Buyers will see these improvements as necessary for the house to function properly and suppose you made the purchase because you obtained full use of the old version.

Unnecessary Home Upgrade
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Unnecessary home upgrade: Covering up the fireplace

A brick fireplace in the corner of a room could be a lovely feature for some, but others don’t like it. It all depends on the home’s architecture. It could also be a unique feature piece in the living room. It might be a bit dated, but if it works for the space, keep it.

There are a few things to remember when deciding whether to keep or remove a fireplace. If the fire is unsafe or not working, the average cost to repair it is most likely to range anywhere from $200 to $1,000, according to experts.

That’s generally affordable, meaning you can turn it into a nice feature in your home. If you don’t like it, you might be tempted to paint it or throw some drywall over it. Those are possibilities, but brick can still be a dimensional, stunning element added to any space.

And if you do have a fireplace, remember to clean it at least once a year. Here’s a Quick N Brite Fireplace Cleaning Kit from Amazon we think you’ll find useful!

Unnecessary home upgrade: Wall-to-wall carpet

Rather than installing brand new wall-to-wall carpeting before you sell your house, simply spend a bit of cash to get it cleaned, suggests a realtor. Even elegant blends could be seen as an obstacle to home buyers because of high maintenance or allergies.

So there’s a very good chance that the buyer doesn’t even want carpeting or they might not like your choice of carpet. It’s best to let them choose what they want, and they can spend the cash to install new carpeting if they decide to go that route.

Unnecessary home upgrade: Interior doors

Solid wood, six-paneled doors are the creme de la creme when it comes to interior doors. Experts say that a house with these types of doors promotes an overall richer look.

But they also say that installing new doors won’t open the door to your home’s increased value. Rather than spending all that money, simply repaint or re-stain the door you have and change the door handles for an affordable home upgrade.

Unnecessary home upgrade: Fireplace mantles

As we mentioned with the fireplace itself, this is a favorite of frugal DIY home upgrades but won’t hike up the value of your home. Homeowners shouldn’t spend money renovating their fireplace mantles or adding built-in bookshelves on the sides, as is common.

Instead, be sure to get your fireplace inspected. Cracks in the sides can scare off potential buyers. So make sure the interior of your fireplace is seller-ready.

Unnecessary home upgrade: Improving too much

One of the foremost resources realtors use to determine the value of your home is the area you live in and the homes in it.

If you improve your home too much, in any given area, you might price your home outside of the neighborhood you live in, warns a broker of Uphomes.

A large or pricey remodel that doesn’t make sense in your neighborhood won’t match the price per square foot with the homes around yours. You might find that you’re priced way over the other homes around your location.

Unnecessary home upgrade: Solar panels

We’re all in favor of going green when we can. Surprisingly, however, solar panels won’t raise the value of your home, according to experts. In fact, most solar panels will discourage buyers due to their appearance.

Most buyers aren’t open to sacrificing appearance to save on monthly expenses, according to many realtors. In some cases, they’re leased and not owned by the homeowner.

This is another factor to consider. If you decide to add solar panels to your house, do it because you intend to live there for a long time.

Unnecessary Home Upgrade
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Unnecessary home upgrade: Extensive landscaping

A beautifully landscaped backyard is fantastic to look at. But don’t expect all that much green to come back your way. If you’re paying for extensive landscaping, including rock walls or fountains, don’t expect a potential buyer to pay for it.

You might enjoy hours toiling in the soil and tending to your koi fish pond. But when someone’s looking to buy a home, all they see is a lot of watering, weeding, and maintenance.

We hope you found this article useful. But The American House has much more to offer its readers. For example, we highly recommend you also read: 12 Unexpected Old Home Features You’ll Be Glad You Restored


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