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7 Natural Ways to Keep Pests at Bay

Have you ever tried to search for the term “pest control” on the internet? Generally, a search like this will lead you to various recommendations of products made from harsh chemicals and articles full of misleading information. But there are also natural pest control methods, and you should know about them.

So, the question that remains is: How can you protect your house from pests in a natural way without using chemicals? This is why we are here today; we want to answer this question.

Maybe the world around you has made you believe that there is no such solution, but hear us out: there are more types of natural pest control. Keep reading and find out all you need to know about them.

natural pest control
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1. The yard is not the place to feed your pets or other animals

Keeping water sources and food in your yard is one of the most common mistakes that you can make. We understand that you think it is easier to feed your pets outside of the house; it might be cleaner, but in the end, food will attract pests.

So, one natural pest control method is to never keep food and water in your yard. But these are not the only things that will attract pests; there are more. For example, here are a few things that you should never keep in your garden: Bird baths, fruits or fruit trees that drop fruit, a compost pile, irrigation hoes, bird feeders, or a pond.

Although not every one of these sources of food and water can be easily eliminated, decreasing and removing attractants is usually an essential stage in controlling pests.

Consider a secured compost location, pick up fallen fruit, relocate feeders for birds as far away from the home as possible, and try to plan garden irrigation for mornings rather than evenings, when nocturnal animals and wildlife are looking for water and food.

2. Natural pest control: The kitchen and pantry should always be tidy

As we already said, pests love food, and where else do you find food if not in the kitchen or pantry? Besides this, your pantry is an excellent place to hide. So, if you give them the opportunity, pests will not hesitate to take over your kitchen.

If you don’t want to use chemicals, one of the best natural pest control methods will always be prevention. Do your best to keep these two food-filled places as clean as possible.

Never leave dirty dishes in the kitchen sink; always clean up after you cook or eat; never leave jars open in the pantry; and so on. Many small things can make a difference, and you can easily avoid pests coming into your home.

3. Clean the roof and the foundation

First things first, start by checking your house’s foundation. See if there is any clutter, and if there is, clean it immediately. Wildlife, spiders, and rodents are attracted by the clutter because they can use it as a perfect hiding spot.

As you can imagine, it’s only a matter of time until they try to get inside your home. When possible, keep wood piles far from the house.

Once the space around the house has been cleared of trash, cut away any plants that might offer pests a way into your home. This goes for shrubs and plants around the foundation, as well as bushes and tree branches touching the rooftop.

Maybe it sounds like a lot of work, but doing this is one of the best natural pest control techniques that will keep your home safe.

4. Don’t bring pests inside

Do you know what the favorite place for pests is? It is the grocery store! There they can find lots of food, and that is amazing for them. But this means you can easily bring the pests inside your home after you buy the things you need to cook dinner tonight.

Yes, this is a more common occurrence than you might imagine, and the most common pests you can bring inside your home this way are pantry pests and cockroaches. Take caution while carrying home cardboard fruit boxes or big pantry items!

Make an effort to leave the supermarket cardboard boxes outside and inspect your groceries before carrying them inside. To make sure, you can check them twice: the first time while you are still at the store and the second time after you’ve arrived home.

If you want natural pest control, this is one of the best things you can do to defend yourself and your home.

5. Plug that vacuum

We are sure that you have a vacuum at home, but did you know that this basic gadget can be a natural pest control tool? When you want to choose the natural path, there are not so many devices that are as good as the vacuum.

Vacuums need to be used regularly to pick up dry pantry spills, food crumbs, and hair from pets that pests may nibble on.

Take care to pay special attention to hard-to-reach spots, such as beneath beds and couches. If hair is allowed to accumulate in certain areas, it may result in insect infestations such as carpet beetles.

See, the vacuum cleaner does so much more than just clean your home; it can also help you take care of pests. Is that a spider you don’t want to see anymore? Take the vacuum and make it disappear! You can deal in the same way with the annoying fly that sits on your window sill.

6. How is the pest thinking?

It’s essential to get into the proper philosophy before undertaking your own pest control. Tackle pest management with understanding and patience, knowing that it may take a while to get a problem under control. Controlling pests is a long-term goal, not a quick solution.

You can start by thinking about when the problem started. Was it during the day or at night? Is there anything obvious that might have attracted pests? Answering all of these questions will give you a boost. You can’t just get rid of the pest every time you see it. This is not how things are working.

Based on the pest, you might be forced to get dirty, climb ladders, enter tiny, dark locations such as the attic or crawlspace, and maybe make use of various tools to do the task.

So, if you want to take care of this by yourself, you need to get prepared first. Think about this and decide if you are able or not to do the job. IT might seem not that complicated, but in the end, it can be rather tough.

natural pest control
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7. At night, keep the lights off

Do you know what one of the more common pests that can target almost any house is? If you said spiders, you are right. What is even more interesting about this is that there are not a lot of treatments that can deal with spiders. It is like they are almost immune. But you don’t need harsh chemicals to keep spiders at bay.

One natural pest control method that works against them is easier than you can imagine: turn off those lights.

Lights kept on at night draw flying insects, which in turn attract spiders looking for something to eat. While outside lights are the most problematic, interior lights visible through windows may also draw bugs.

If you want to keep your compost safe and make it hard for pests to reach it, you might need a compost bin: VIVOSUN Outdoor Tumbling Composter Dual Rotating Batch Compost Bin

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