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9 Things That Damage Your Washing Machine

Use too much detergent at your peril

You should expect to see some disappointing wash results if you’re using too much detergent. Even if stains might be tackled effectively, there will be a lot of detergents left lurking in your clothes following the rinse phase.

You might not notice it when it comes to light items, but if it is to talk about dark clothes, then the evidence of overdosing will be obvious. You’ll either see flecks of detergent powder on your clothes, or translucent stains of liquid detergent that are pretty obvious.

You can check your washing machine’s manual and see how much detergent you should be using. It will all be written and detailed on a program-by-program basis, for example, you will have to use more for a full load than you would do for a half load.

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Adela Sabau

Content Writer

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