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13 Design Trends That NEVER Had a Chance

Design Trends
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Are there any design trends you absolutely hate?

We have to say it, just like in fashion, design trends come and go, but style is limitless! Some experts may say that what was a few years ago, today might be completely passé. When it comes to interior design, there are times when inspiration from styles that were fashionable decades ago can make a stylish vintage aesthetic.

On the other hand, there are moments when a blast from the past can be as bad as painting your walls in all the colors of the rainbow. Seasons change, people change, and trends change, but certain design themes seem to not want to ever go away, even though they should!

We have opened the gates of the past and analyzed some of the trends that never had a chance. From word art to floral furniture, these are not stylish trends that should be seen in someone’s house.

Of course, every person has their own style and likes, but if you want to have a house that is decorated accordingly to interior design specialists, then this article is for you!

Now let’s be honest: how many of these outrageous trends have made a show in your home?

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Content Writer


  • One thing needs to be changed. Plants do not use up oxygen and put out carbon dioxide. It is the exact opposite, and it has been proven that having certain plants all through your house actually clear out contaminants and allergens. Drs actually may recommend that you put some in your bedroom, as they oxygenate and purify the air. If you wake up with headaches after sleeping with a plant in the room, you most likely have some sort of allergy go that plant. I am not saying put 25 ferns throughout your home, but having plants in your home can be quite beneficial.

    • Cindy

      I agree wth you. Plants do not take in oxygen. I wonder where they got that idea from? Plants are excellent for purifying the air. There are some plants better than others that do this job.

  • Margie P.

    These styles hit on the money for me. I think at one time or another I’ve used them all. And, at the time, I really liked them. However, like you said, you simply get tired of the *trend* after looking at it so many years. My happiest decor ideas have always been to use what I like so long as I’ll be able to change it in the future WITHOUT breaking the bank. Then I can really enjoy what I love at the time knowing it’s not a ever-lasting look. It’s just a moment in time!

  • Mary Ann Coty

    I have a corner by my fireplace where a fake palm would be ideal to go with the Hawaiian blue and green upholstered chair located on the other end of the room. The reason I say fake is the corner where the palm plant would be gets no light whatsoever and you don’t grow plants without light. Now what? Thanks, Mary Ann Coty

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