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10 Home Renovations That Will Instantly Sell Your House

10 Home Renovations Worth Your Time and Money:

Home renovations are very important when it comes to increasing or decreasing the value of a home. Plus, they give you an idea of what’s your home’s worth, and it is super vital to understand the actual local housing market.

However, deciding to start a renovation project might end up costing you a couple of bucks. Remodels and improvements can easily boost a home’s return on investment. In fact, what am I saying? It can even increase its worth.

Some of the best upgrades that could easily generate the best ROIs possible, alongside cost recuperation are those projects that are super efficient but they have lower bills: window replacements, deck additions, and front entry door replacement. Aren’t you curious to find out more about these home renovations? Because we’re about to tell you everything!

Deck addition (Composite)

When it comes to deck additions, the percentage of the recouped costs is 63.2%. The average cost is $22,426, while the average resale value is $14,169. We get it, you’ll say that composite decking has a much steeper price tag than wood decking, and it’s true.

However, it’s still a worthy investment. Not only will it resemble natural wood, but it’s also much easier when it comes to cleaning and maintaining it. If you decide to add this type of decking, you will have a much more livable outdoor space for relaxation and dining. The costs that are associated with this project are basically the decking materials and labor costs.

home renovation
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Entry door replacement (steel)

The percentage of the cost recouped is 65%, while the average cost is $2,082, and the average resale value is $1,353. Replacing the entry door can be a very important investment, especially when you decide to sell it, as this is the first thing buyers will see when they enter your home.

There aren’t so many projects that you will get to complete so easily, and add so much value to your home in such a short amount of time. Entry doors usually come pre-hung, and they can be installed as a DIY project, or helped by a professional.

For example, steel is a strong and durable material, and doesn’t warp or crack under pressure. The project can be easily done in a day or two, and it includes many measurements, such as jamb width, rough opening, and even exterior opening.

Deck addition (wood)

When we talk about deck addition with wood, the percentage of cost recouped is 65.8%, while the average cost is $16,766, and the average resale value is $11,038. When you decide which type of material you should use for a deck addition, it is very important to consider a couple of things, such as the climate, your budget, and intended use.

There are so many types of wood from which you can choose, and each comes with pros and cons. On one side, pressure-treated wood is known to handle stains and waterproof very well, but it also needs a fair amount of cleaning and care.

Cedar and redwood are very easy to work with, and they also have insect resistance, but you won’t manage to find these materials everywhere, and they might require a lot of upkeep.

Window replacement (wood)

When it comes to window replacements with wood, the percentage of cost recouped is 67.4%. Also, the average cost sums up to $23,219, while the average resale value is about $15,644. If you care to have a modern, historic, or traditional look, yes, it would make sense to go for wood replacement windows, as they come with a big amount of customization.

One tip worth knowing is that adding aluminum cladding to your wood window exteriors will bring additional protection from rot, moisture, or even worse, termite damage and decay. Non-clad windows will offer a shorter warranty, usually five years, and will definitely rot if they’re not maintained.

So if you want to decide which wood is best for your own home, you need to consider many factors, such as style, durability, and even budget.

Siding replacement (vinyl)

Vinyl siding is famous for its stability, durability, and affordability. The percentage of costs recouped is 68.3%. The average cost sums up around $16,576 percent, while the average resale value adds up to $11,315.

Vinyl siding is a WAY BETTER choice when it comes to budgeting, compared to wood siding, stucco, or even fiber cement. Plus, it doesn’t rust, chip, or even rot. It was introduced for the first time in the 1950s, simply as an aluminum siding.

Since vinyl can easily expand and contract in any hot and cold weather, installers should try to hang it, as it would allow more room for the siding to move when the temperatures are suddenly changing.

This particular type of siding can easily stand in extreme winds, but it can also be recycled at the end of its life, as it has a very durable thermoplastic, which makes it an eco-friendly siding option.

Photo by Yuriy Golub from Shutterstock

Window replacement (vinyl)

The percentage of cost recouped is 68.6%. Also, the average costs add up to $19,385, while the cost resale might stay around $13,297. A window replacement, no matter its type, can easily increase the curb appeal and also improve the energy efficiency to significantly lower a home’s heating and electrical price.

Replacement windows are an extremely appealing feature to any home buyer, and it’s totally worth the investment. Vinyl is a very cost-effective replacement option, as the windows won’t rot nor warp.

Also, it is made with a very durable, polyvinyl chloride and various other components. Vinyl can easily prevent ultraviolet light from deteriorating the frame of the window.

Siding replacement (fiber-cement)

The percentage of cost recouped is 69.4%. Also, the average cost is $19,626, while the average resale value is $13,618. Fiber-cement siding performs similar to masonry, with a little upkeep. Luckily, it’s termite, fire, and rot-proof, and it’s completely unaffected by different elements, such as cold, or wind, and it could look exactly like shingles, wood clapboard, brick, and even stone.

The siding is much more budget-friendly than other rather expensive materials. They make this concrete siding, fiber-cement from water, wood pulp, fly ash, and portland cement. Defect warranties can usually range from 25 years to a lifetime, and fiber cement can also be stained, or even painted, which can be easily done before or after installation.

Minor kitchen remodel (mid-range)

The percentage of cost recouped is 72.2%, which is a very good score! The average cost usually adds up to $26,214, while the average resale value is $18,927. However, a minor kitchen remodels project can wildly improve the look of your home, and you won’t need to tear down walls and do any major renovation.

Minor improvements can also include upgrading your appliances, refinishing those old cabinets, and even considering adding new hardware. Redoing floors and updating some of the countertops with much more attractive and durable ones will significantly add more value to your home, while also being more appealing to buyers.

For mid-priced homes, a minor kitchen remodel could have a greater return on investment than a bigger project.

Manufactured stone veneer

Manufactured stone veneer comes with a unique touch of elegance, and it can easily load the curb appeal of a home. The percentage of cost recouped is 92.1%, while the average cost adds up to $10,386, and the average resale value at $9,571. Pretty good!

This particular type of siding is very durable and long-lasting, as many warranties given by manufacturers are ranging from 20-75 years. It also comes with more fire-resistance features than vinyl or wood siding, as manufactured stone veneer can also be maintenance-free. This artificial stone can be easily made from a mixture of pigments, alongside natural aggregates and cement.

home replacement
Photo by Radovan1 from Shutterstock

Garage door replacement

The percentage of cost recouped is 93.8%. Also, the average cost is $3,907, while the average resale value adds up to $3,663. If you’re looking for an easy and inexpensive home renovation project, the best thing to do is to start with a garage door replacement.

Garage door replacements usually require four to six hours from start to finish. And if you want to save more time and money, you can reuse the current motorized opener and wiring. How much you’ll get back from this project?

Well, the numbers are almost equal to the cost of the project itself, which makes it probably the best home investment!

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