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7 Amazing & Natural Pest Repellant Plants

Did you know that there were plants out there that are natural pest repellants?

After all, a normal part of taking care of a garden (be it a huge, lush one or a small, balcony one) is also dealing with the pests that are bound to come and try to eat away at your plants. Not only will they end up ruining most of your hard work, but most of the time, you won’t even be able to salvage the poor plant or flower that has become the feasting ground for these insects.

But you don’t have to use harmful pesticides in order to make sure that none of your plants are going to suffer. In the end, using those can cause you more damage as the pesticides will get absorbed into the plant; this is especially harmful if you’re growing herbs for food and cocktails, or even veggies or fruits.

But this doesn’t mean that you just have to leave your garden to the mercy of all the pests, as there are natural repellants that you can plant along with your other crops so that all of them are protected. They will be both pretty and useful, so you don’t have to fear that they will ruin your perfectly arranged garden.

Have a look over our list to know which plants are going to make your life easier when it comes to the life of your garden, and let us know which one is the first contender to be added to your backyard!

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Photo by Shaiith from Shutterstock

Where should you place them, so they are as effective as possible?

Before we get into the plants themselves, we have to make sure that we know where to place them in order to get the best results and save our garden from these pesky pests. Not only does this depend on what kind of insects you are dealing with, but also on how you want to go about it.

You can also use these plants around the house or even on your balcony if you don’t have a garden! But generally, if you are looking to make sure the pests don’t come around to eat all your plants, you can plant these flowers and plants around the perimeter of your garden or even among other plants to make the best of them.

If you’re looking to get rid of flying insects that are just annoying if they come inside your home (like flies or mosquitos), you can easily either plant these flowers around the perimeter of your garden or keep these repelling plants in pots or window boxes around the windows, so the insects don’t even think about going inside!

You can even keep some inside to make sure you keep rodents or other horrible insects away!

#1 Chrysanthemums

If all you want to do is repel insects, this flower is the one for you! Not only are chrysanthemums gorgeous flowers, but they are very effective in keeping all types of pests away. From ants and beetles to lice, mites, bed bugs, roaches, and even ticks, these flowers have got your back for an insect-free home! After all, if they can’t cross your garden, they’ll never get close to your house!

These flowers, known more commonly as mums, produce a type of neurotoxin (pyrethrin) that is known to drive away insects. So if you plant it in your garden, you can’t go wrong. Moreover, it will look beautiful in flower beds or even in catch crops with veggie patches! A true guardian of the backyard!

#2 Catnip

If you have a kitty, you know just how crazy they go for catnip, and it definitely helps with keeping them relaxed on certain days. But while your furry friend may be in love with catnip, most of the other animals and insects actually feel the complete opposite way!

Catnip is actually part of the mint family and is also a perennial plant, known to be one of the best mosquito repellants out there while also being 100% natural. Chances are very slim for you to be allergic to it, so you can always use it as part of a homemade anti-mosquito spray, and it will work against other insects too!

Just make sure to keep this pest repellant herb in pots or in an area that you don’t mind being taken over by catnip, as it has the habit of expanding everywhere it can.

Also, be careful if you turn it into a spray and you have cats; you wouldn’t want them to be that happy all summer long!

#3 Garlic

While we love to add garlic to dishes and especially to pasta sauces, most of our tiny bug friends absolutely detest it. And it is not really the plant itself but rather the smell it gives off, as insects are bound to avoid any area where garlic is present. This makes planting this in your garden an amazing choice if you have problems with root and tuber-eating pests or even bothersome aphids (those tiny green insects that take over your plants).

Just make sure to either plant it around your veggie patch or around the perimeter of your garden despite not having a special vegetable section; they will both keep your whole backyard safe from any harmful bugs, and they will also come in handy once the season is over. You won’t have to buy any more garlic ever again!

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Image By Ground Picture From Shutterstock

#4 Lavander

If you’re looking for a plant that will both be pleasing to the eye and also repel any moths, beetles, or even mice, then lavender is the plant for you. Despite mentioning those three pests, the smell of lavender actually drives away most rodents and bugs while also keeping your garden looking amazing!

The best part is also that, depending on how well your soil drains and in which area of the country you are, lavender is actually a perennial, so you don’t have to worry about it dying and never coming back: once planted, it will be there for you year after year to help you keep insects away.

What’s more, you can harvest some of it, and once you have dried it, make herb sachets to tuck away in cupboards or drawers to keep any existing moths away, or just to lend its relaxing scent to your environment!

#5 Lemongrass

If you’ve ever visited Bath & Bodyworks, you have definitely smelled lemongrass before as it is one of the most popular candle scents around. However, it is actually easy to find in local plant stores, and if you keep it close to your house, you can keep most flying insects like flies and mosquitoes away as they hate the scent.

You don’t have to actually spend a ton of money on different candles; you can just plant lemongrass in your garden. Just be careful to leave a lot of space for it to grow; it can reach up to 6 feet tall!

The added perk of this plant is that, if you’re passionate about cooking, you can also add it to some dishes! It seems like lemongrass is one of those gifts that keeps on giving!

Image By FunFamilyRu From Shutterstock

#6 Marigolds

Marigolds are some of the cutest flowers around that come in a variety of orange hues, but they are also known to be one of the best pest repellent plants due to their smell. Insects such as tomato worms, mosquitoes, squash buds, and many others just hate its smell and, as a result, keep away from it.

It’s an old trick for many gardeners who have been using marigolds in or around their grounds to make sure their crops aren’t going to get eaten for generations! Not to mention, it’s one of the easiest ways to make sure your tomatoes and squash make it to harvest without being touched by pests!

What’s more, other types of pests, such as deer or rabbits, which can sometimes come to pay your garden a visit for a little snack, do not like marigolds either! So, planting them around gives you a humane way to keep bigger garden predators away too!

The only problem with marigolds is that you have to start growing them early in the year; it takes them a long time to germinate, so you will have to prepare them indoors as fast as possible!

#7 Citronella grass

If you cannot find lemongrass, this one is its cousin and will work just as well. Citronella grass is one of the key ingredients in the most classic pest repellants: citronella candles! These ones aren’t sold in three-wick versions at huge retail stores, but rather in bundles in the BBQ section once summer rolls around.

The good news is that you don’t have to stock up on them or spend a ton of money on candles, as the plant will do just as good of a job if you plant it near your home, preferably close to the thresholds. That way, you’re bound to keep all the flying pests, like mosquitoes and flies far away from your house!

However, suppose you’re only looking to make your garden prettier. In that case, you should definitely check out these perennial plants which are guaranteed to last a lifetime, and surprisingly, some also repel pests!


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