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In Love With Books? You’ll Adore These 10 Reading Nook Ideas

Do you want a cozy reading nook? Get your inspiration right here:

Even while a genuine bookworm may spend hours curled up anyplace, some places are made for reading, like a cozy armchair by the fire or a hanging hammock between two trees. But any reading nook must be intimate, so you can enter the world from the book you’re reading much more easily.

No matter if you have a big or a small space, if you love books, this is a “sacrifice” you must make. Now, to give you the inspiration you need, scroll down to get the best reading nooks of all time!

reading nook
Photo by Ozgur Coskun from Shutterstock

Make (or buy) a built-in bench

The first idea for a reading nook is to transform the space that you have near the window into a recreational space for relaxation and “me time.” Once a waste of space, it’s now a roomy built-in book nook the size of a daybed that lifts to expose an abundance of concealed storage for more pillows, blankets, linens, and more.

Make your reading nook inside your bookshelves

Are you looking for a cute reading nook idea for larger spaces? Then where else would it be great to have a space to read your favorite books if not near the library? Think about including a nook in your handmade bookcases.

One of those creative ideas for a home library that may fit an armchair in a smaller space or the dimensions of a living room sofa in a bigger one. If the library is reaching the ceiling, add a cute ladder near it. It will complete the look of a cozy space in the blink of an eye.

Use a bay window

The design of a house may inspire ideas for a reading nook, and a bay window is one option that has all the right elements. A bigger bay may accommodate two readers in the cocooning zone with twin recliners.

A wide bay window can fit chairs and bookcases in the living room, but even a modest bay has all the makings necessary to create a quiet retreat, complete with a lone armchair to wrap up in.

Portable reading nook

If you’re “dealing” with a small space but you’re a bookworm, then you understand the struggle of having too many books but too little space. When this happens, building a reading nook seems far from being possible.

Carry your best books in a multipurpose cart (such as this one from Amazon) for tiny places. This allows you to create your reading nook out of any old chair, bed, or lounger.

Use empty wall space

To create a space for reading, you don’t need a nook or cranny. A bedroom wall that is vacant, such as the area between the dresser and closet, might have an equally intimate feeling. Add shelving, pillows, a floor cushion, and other whimsical accessories like string lights and wall decals to give the space the appearance of being a designated space.

Take advantage of dormers

If you are living in a home that has a dormer, then consider yourself lucky because you can easily transform it into a reading nook. It’s time to add some color to your dormer if it’s a space. Your reading nook is ready when you arrange some books, armchairs, and a charming window curtain around you. You may also choose a beanbag if an armchair is too big and you don’t have enough room for it.

The basement can be your future reading nook

If you have an old basement that seems to have been forgotten or used as a space where you store old stuff you no longer use, it’s time for a makeover. To accommodate the slanted ceiling and create a warm, inviting atmosphere, use some low-to-the-ground pillows. Reading at night is made possible by a pendant lamp, and a coffee table provides an additional area for coffee or after-dinner beverages.

But be careful when storing too many books in the basement because, because of the temperatures and moisture, they can deteriorate over time. Use a multipurpose cart to move them around. This will make you want to read more and faster!

reading nook
Photo by TG23 from Shutterstock

Add soft lighting

Warm lighting makes a big difference in creating a cozy and peaceful atmosphere in a reading nook, whether it is intended for children or adults. Here, a wall art piece and the chair are both adorned with string lights. The outcome? A mystical aura for storytime with the overhead lights out.

Of course, if the space above your head doesn’t allow you to install string lights, you can always opt for a cute lampshade. Choose a warm light bulb to create a cozy environment. How do you like to decorate your reading nook? Or are you in the process of making it now? Tell us in the comments.

Hang a swing

One of the best hacks in the process of creating a cozy reading nook is to improve the space you have as much as possible. If adding a bench, a couch, or even an armchair seems too much for the limited space you have, you can also go for a swing.

You can buy a nice indoor swing from Amazon for the extraordinary price of $49.99. According to customers, it got a 4.5-star rating, which is pretty decent, I’d say! It’s also available in four different shades. With this cute hammock chair, even the most stubborn kids can be convinced to crack open a book!

Take the reading nook outside!

I always thought that people who have big homes with cute porches or a nice, spacious garden are probably the luckiest ones in the world. Why? Even in this case, in the process of creating a reading nook, during the summer season, we always prefer to spend more time outside in the sun than indoors. Because of that, you can take the so-called reading corner of yours outside.

Add some foldable chairs or a cute bench if the space allows you to sit on the porch of your home. Throw some blankets on them, and that’s it. If you also benefit from a nice garden, move that foldable chair right into it whenever you’re up to a sunbath, and good reading!

Bottom line:

I hope these cute ideas will serve as inspiration for your future reading nook because I am sure you’ll make it the coziest! Whichever seating you choose to use, don’t forget to make it as comfortable as possible.

Throw decorative pillows, blankets, and even plushies if you want your kid to spend time in it too. You can also adopt some plants to put in your reading nook. I’d go for succulents and hanging plants, but it’s up to you what you prefer.

Moreover, consider comfort underfoot as well by layering a deep pile rug over hard floors, and while lighting plays an important role in reading, mood lighting should also be considered to create a cozy and evocative atmosphere.

What does your reading nook look like? Tell us in the comments, or add a photo if you want to!

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