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Living Alone? Making These Mistakes Could Jeopardize Your Life

Living alone is not always safe!

Living alone can be both a blessing and a curse. You get to do whatever you want but it might get lonely at time; you don’t have to give explanations to anyone about your purchases but you sometimes, having someone else to help you with your finances could be useful. Not to mention all the housework and repairs that you have to do all on your own.

But one of the most important aspects about living alone is safety. Unintentionally, people put themselves in bad situations, that could even put their lives in danger. Not sure what we mean? Then read on to find out some of the most common mistakes that people make that jeopardize their safety and lives.

Learn how to fix these mistakes before learning about their effects the hard way!

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Sharing your living arrangements on social media

To avoid any unwanted situations, such as a break-in, you might want to refrain from talking about your living arrangements on social media. No one needs to know you are all alone at home; not the people that matter anyway. Also, avoid sharing any holiday photos when you’re actually there, wait until you get back home.

Telling the online world that you’re not at home can work like an open invitation to intruders. As a general rule, do not share posts that include your address (no photos in front of your building) or location, if you are away on holiday.

Not knowing your neighbors

Knowing who your neighbors are is very important. You don’t have to be best buddies but getting to know the people who live in the same building or community as you do is a win-win. You can ask for their help in supervising your place when you are away and do the same for them should the occasion arise.

In addition, knowing the people in your building prevent you from allowing strangers inside.

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Not having any home security system

Every homeowner should have security systems installed, especially ones living alone. Security systems monitor your home, detecting intruders and warning you when someone is trying to unlock a window or door from the outside. For extra protection, you can install motion-detection lighting around your house or yard.

Also, security cameras can scare away potential burglars or be used to identify intruders, in less pleasant situations. Whatever the case, making the mistake of not having a security system might cost you more than the system itself.

Not considering smart home devices

You don’t need a smart home that revolves around the sun in order to have some smart home devices installed on your property. Consider smart doorbells, door locks and garage door openers, smart speakers etc. All these and more can offer extra protection, especially if you are living on your own. Not to mention smart home devices can be extra useful when you are not home e.g automatic lights turn on from time to time to give the impression that someone is inside etc.

Not checking doors and windows

Even if you do have smart home devices and a high-tech security system, checking the doors and windows every time you get ready for bed or going away on holiday wouldn’t hurt. In fact, make it a habit just like brushing your teeth before going to bed or taking your shoes off when you enter your home.

Living alone doesn’t need to be scary and turn you into a paranoid person, but it always helps to be careful and vigilant. Better safe than sorry, right?

Forgetting smoke or carbon monoxide detectors

Putting yourself in danger doesn’t always have to be about leaving the door open or not having a security system. Sometimes, you might have all the necessary devices but not use them properly. Like the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. These are extremely important, because we all know what can happen in case of carbon monoxide leaks, right? You could die.

Therefore, do not neglect such devices and makes sure you test and replace them regularly, as instructed by their manufacturers. No one else is going to do it if you don’t.

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Forgetting about the blinds

One of the perks of having a room with a view is that you get to enjoy the sunrays every spring or admire the snowflakes falling on the ground every winter. The biggest disadvantage is that other people get to “admire” you in all your God-given splendor unless you do something about it. Like use blinds.

Apart from others seeing you, they can also see what’s inside your home, which might tempt them to sneak in and steal it. Using blinds is a necessity far more than a design requirement. Blinds keep you and your home hidden from prying eyes and bad intentions.

Not securing your WiFi

In case you didn’t know, all security and communication devices in a home are connected to the home WiFi. This means that someone with certain tech skills can access various devices in your home, such as a baby monitor, a security camera, laptop camera and spy on you, with you having absolutely no clue about the privacy breach.

In addition, cybercriminals can infiltrate your network and gather all sorts of information about, ones that could even put your life in danger. The solution recommended by security experts is to change your passwords constantly and include VPN protection.

Keeping an extra key near the front door

Having a spare key somewhere at hand can prove useful in certain situations. But it can also prove to be quite dangerous, as your safe spot might be found by someone with less than honorable intentions. If you live alone and want to make sure you don’t end up on the wrong side of the door, leave a spare key with a trusted neighbor or friend and forget about the classic and predictable hiding spots like the plant pot or the front door rug.

Not having an emergency exit plan

There may be situations when you’ll need to get out of the house real fast. Whether we’re talking about fires, home intrusions or something else, it is necessary to have a designated exit path from your home and even neighborhood.

Consider all your options and choose the ones that suit you best. Have a map of your home, building and area to use when needed. Do not rely on your memory alone, because in emergency situations your memory might play unwanted tricks on you.

Not trusting your intuition

Intuition is not always right, at least not in every aspect of our lives, as it has been scientifically proven. However, if your gut is telling you that something is off, you’d better trust it. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Your intuitive feelings can help you make better decisions, especially when things feel strange or dangerous “, explains Erin Dierickx, LMFT, a licensed marriage and family therapist associate.

When you are able to sense your body and what you are experiencing in a situation, this means you can gauge if a situation is safe or not. This is helpful not only for reading the room but also for maintaining your safety.”

If you live alone and you feel unsure about entering your place, try to call someone to come inside with you. It may be a friend, a neighbor, a family member.

Having the same daily routine

Living alone can turn a person into a predictable one. If someone intends to break into your home, they will follow your every single move until they know your daily schedule and routine by heart. To make sure you don’t become a target, avoid doing the same things every day and make small changes to your daily activities and schedule so that you don’t become predictable.

Alternate gym hours, do not pick up your mail at night and never open the door before checking the peephole.

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