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old curtain

9 Easy Ideas to Repurpose Old Curtains Around the House

old curtain
Image By Gaf_Lila From Shutterstock

Why not use those old curtains around the house instead of throwing them away?

Say you bought a new curtain, but you have no idea what to do with the old ones. And no, just because you replaced the old curtains doesn’t mean you have to throw them away! It’s easy to think that you shouldn’t exchange them for new ones because the old ones are still in top shape or that you have to chuck them away in some cupboard or box in order to forget about them, but it shouldn’t be like this.

Most curtains are made from amazing fabrics, and it’s pretty hard to destroy them if nothing unexpected happens to them, so just throwing them away would be a waste. This is why you should definitely be repurposing them in all the ways you can, as it’s definitely the better option. It’s pretty easy to say that you can’t do these types of DIY projects, but they’re actually very leisurely, require just a few extra materials and tools, and there’s nothing to lose if you attempt them.

Sure, the first try may not look amazing, but see the bright side! You have a foot more of fabric to try again and again until you get the hang of it. And in this proactive spirit, we’ve gathered some of the easiest and best ways in which you can reuse your old curtains instead of throwing them away.

Let us know which one your favorite is!

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