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Lawn Care Tip

7 Budget-Friendly Lawn Care Tips That Will Help You Save Money

These lawn care tips will save you LOTS of money! Studies show that Americans spend about $40 billion on lawn care annually. Furthermore, the Bureau of Labor Statistics says that, on average, we devote 73 hours each year to maintaining our lawns. Taking care of a garden and lawn is not only a lot of hard work but also something that can be pretty costly if you think about it. But whether you keep up with the regular maintenance yourself or hire people to help you out, you might be wondering about some lawn care tips to help you cut the cost without sacrificing a beautiful and well-manicured lawn. Well, we’ve got some penny-pinching ideas on being more cost-effective with your lawn care routine year-round. …Click “Next” to find out about our 7 lawn care tips and tricks!


Gardening for Seniors: Here Are 5 Incredible Benefits

Gardening is the number 1 hobby retirees can benefit from! Many people look forward to entering retirement. But studies show that many retirees feel bored or even depressed after giving up their work life. If this is the case for you, don’t worry: The American House has come to your rescue! Gardening is a sensational way to boost your physical and mental health while enjoying what nature offers. And at the end of the day, those fresh herbs in your tea and an extra basket of tomatoes aren’t bad perks, either, right? Not only does gardening provide you with some extra physical exercise, it also helps boost mental stimulation through problem-solving skills. Furthermore, it can even be beneficial in aiding with chronic health conditions that may pop up during your retirement years. So whether you happen to be a rookie or a seasoned gardener, there are many benefits to enjoy. If you’re ready to give up your running shoes and want to start using your green thumb, read about the 5 reasons you SHOULD be gardening in retirement.

Edible Landscaping

Edible Landscaping: 12 Best Plants to Include in Your Garden

American House Presents: The most beautiful edible landscaping ideas to nourish your garden AND belly! A leafy garden filled with some stunning plants is a feast for the eyes. But what about when those plants happen to be edible? It’s a feast for your belly, as well! Edible landscaping plants can look just as beautiful as ornamental ones do in your garden. You could even have some in your yard without being aware. But the true challenge is finding herbs, fruits, veggies, and flowers that can survive in your outdoor space without critters, like deer and rabbits, threatening to eat them. Don’t worry, though. We found a few you can plant that don’t have any significant issues. And as an added bonus, they’ll add visual appeal to your edible landscaping as well. You don’t need much space or time to do it, either. You can plant them in garden beds or containers to make harvesting effortless. So if you’re interested in starting your edible landscaping project and you’re just starting to gather information, we’ve got you covered! Check out our favorite edible landscaping ideas, and let us know at the end which ones were your favorite!

Landscaping Mistake

12 Simple Landscaping Mistakes Professionals See All the Time

Let’s learn from the biggest landscaping mistakes pros have shared with us! Have you been fantasizing about having the most beautiful landscape on the block? Even the most basic landscaping projects can make a massive difference to a dull, boring, and uninteresting yard. But, some pose problems that make it hard. Other times, our own mistakes get in the way. Having well-designed landscaping sounds fantastic to everyone but it could be harder to achieve than you would have thought. Sometimes adding different elements to your yard design can work against you, creating a sloppy or disorganized look. To make the perfect landscape, you must understand and know what not to do. Everything comes with a learning curve, and landscaping isn’t excluded. But don’t worry…That only means the pros responsible for the stunning gardens you “ooh!” and “ah!” over on social media feeds have made their own mistakes and learned from them. Fortunately, they were more than happy to share their planting faux pas with us. Ready to start your landscaping project but need help figuring out where to start? If you’re trying to avoid making landscaping mistakes, maybe we can help! Here are 12 common landscaping issues and how to fix them.

Professional Organizer

12 Notable Things Professional Organizers NEVER Throw Away

You’ll be surprised at what professional organizers say you shouldn’t throw away! According to professional organizers, there are two types of people in this world: Those who are hoarders and those who HAVE to clear out everything they don’t use. If you’re the kind of person who throws away everything in your attempt to declutter, then you may have had the awful experience of realizing you threw out something you really needed. Don’t worry! We’ve all been there. But if you want to declutter properly, the alternative cannot be to save everything just to be on the safe side. We went to the experts and found out that you can still tackle your mess while also being strategic with what you keep versus what you toss. To simplify the process and find out what things we should save, we turned to professional organizers for their advice. Here are 12 things they say we should NEVER throw out!


7 Expensive Renovations Homeowners ALWAYS Regret

Are You Planning A Home Renovation Soon? When it comes to home renovations, the possibilities are endless, and thanks in part to an overload of reality TV shows focused on home design, consumers are more inspired than ever. But these renovations are getting more expensive than ever due to labor shortages, ongoing supply chain issues, and inflation. Despite this, many still seem willing to cough up a lot of cash to revamp their home. If you’re among them, you should know a few things first. We talked to the experts and discovered that even though making home renovations can deliver significant returns, mistakes can also lead to the opposite. Homeowners must avoid these mistakes to ensure the process begins, proceeds, and ends smoothly. After all, making these mistakes can cost you a lot short term, but they can be positively disastrous in the long run. So before you start demo-ing your walls, consider the wisdom of experts who have seen the renovations homeowners ALWAYS regret! …Stick with us to learn about the top 7 most expensive renovations you should steer clear of!


8 Genius Uses for Eggshells in Your Home and Garden

What do you do with YOUR eggshells? The average person eats about 150 to 200 eggs annually. That’s over a trillion eggs per year! They’re also beneficial for us, consisting of 95% calcium carbonate, which makes them very similar to our teeth and bones. It comes as no surprise then that eggs help strengthen our bones and protect the enamel on our teeth. But ask yourself this: What happens to all those eggshells? Most people typically throw them in the kitchen trash or down their garbage disposal. But the next time you crack some eggs to make an omelet, consider this: An eggshell is more than just a practical receptacle for the deliciously nutritious yolk and egg white inside. It’s a prime example of nature’s perfect packaging. And in fact, they can come in very handy around your home and yard. Stick with us and find out about 8 genius eggshell hacks you’ve never heard of!


8 Indoor Plants That Are Poisonous to Dogs

Let’s talk about indoor plants and your pup! Plants are trendy right now, and for a good reason. They add lots of magnificence to your home, help you get in tune with nature, and some even boast many health benefits. Sadly though, some of the most popular indoor plants have proven to be toxic for dogs. After all, they don’t know which ones are okay to munch on or play with and which aren’t. Here’s where you come in: You already know that your dog is a curious animal, especially when it’s a puppy. And if your dog tends to look for something to munch on, then this list of 8 plants that are poisonous for dogs will come in handy. Once you know what to stay away from, you can help ensure your precious furball stays safe!

Respiratory Issue

Do You Have Respiratory Issues? DON’T Bring These 8 Harmful Plants Home!

Have you been experiencing extra respiratory issues recently? Having respiratory issues can be a real bummer to deal with. If you suffer from allergies, you probably puff up when pollen season arrives. But if you love being around nature, don’t despair! Indoor plants are a great addition to any home. Many of us love keeping plants indoors for decor purposes. Whether we place them at the side of our staircases, in between sofas, or even at entrances, plants can make our spaces POP! There’s just one small issue, though… not all options will make a great addition to your home. And you should probably research your options a bit before filling up your car at the nursery. In general, we tend to spend more time inside our homes than outside. So giving some extra attention to allergy-causing elements within your house is a good idea. Houseplants that we grow indoors can usually affect our health positively. But sometimes, they can make our respiratory issues even worse. Here are 8 plants you SHOULDN’T bring into your home if you suffer from allergies or any other respiratory issues.


5 Frightening Signs That Mold Lives Inside Your Home

Have you ever had to deal with mold inside your home? Households from all over the world face many issues regarding their homes each year. But from plumbing to structural problems, one of the most daunting issues is the formation of mold colonies throughout the house. Even though it might seem like just another black stain in a corner of the ceiling, it’s a huge nuisance if left untreated. Not only does it damage your home’s aspect but it also affects you in various dangerous ways. In a nutshell, seeing mold on your walls is a sure sign of moisture intrusion. It also leads to the deterioration of studs, insulation, and drywall. And if by chance you were thinking of selling your home, mold in the walls will definitely show up on that pesky inspection report. While messy, mold remediation is a relatively easy project that will take you about a week or two. So because of this and safety concerns, let’s take a look at 5 signs your walls are hiding mold and what you can do about it.

Outdated Home Trend

7 Outdated Home Trends You Need to Stop Repeating

Let’s look at some outdated home trends to see how many you have in your home! We’ve all heard the saying…”Trends come and go, but style is eternal.” While that may be true, dismissing the whims of passing fads overlooks the significance of living outside the box every once in a while. And we think that some fads should be just that…passing! We’re surprised that some interior design trends even took off… bathroom carpet? Then again, others are timeless classics that will undoubtedly resurface in new and exciting ways at some point in our lives. And in fact, we might be seeing the end of clear-cut style categories because nowadays, we seem to be muddying the waters on what’s “in” or not, according to experts. Distinct style classes are starting to blend rather than leave. So whether you maintain that you’ll always love that vintage green sofa you thrifted or you can’t wait for the opportunity to try something new, it’s always fun to look back at what outdated home trends are considered totally out of touch today. So let’s take a look at the 7 biggest outdated home trends you should definitely know about!


Starting a Garden? Here Are 8 Rookie Mistakes to Easily Avoid!

How many of these rookie mistakes have you made in your garden? Every spring, when everything starts to bloom, you want flowers in your garden… A vegetable patch doesn’t sound too bad either. We get it, we want all this as well. But as we’ve learned in the past, plant care means much more than just picking up a rosemary plant at whole foods and making sure the soil stays moist. It’s happened to the best of us. Every year around spring and summer, you go to the farmers market and pick up some mint, basil, and a few other pretty flowers, only to have them wilt away after a couple of weeks. If you’re lucky, you’ll even harvest them once or twice. But for the most part gardening can be a difficult task. Well, not to worry, we came up with your perfect solutions. Here are 8 common rookie mistakes that gardeners make…and how to avoid them!

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