Top 10 Bathroom Mistakes That Will Cost You a Fortune

design mistakes
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We should all know that renovating your bathroom is no easy deal. You have to consider so many things that it can quickly turn into a full-time job-kind-of-stress! Plus, there are so many things that could go wrong, from regretful bathroom design mistakes to managing to keep the bathroom as utilitarian as possible, because, as we all know, that’s the secret to a happy and functional household.

However, apart from all the drama and stress, the result can be extremely rewarding! This is an opportunity where you could actually explore your creativity, so let’s get to work! We’re going to show you 10 possible mistakes that would cost a fortune, so you can avoid doing them!

No windows

A lack of ventilation can be a huge problem, and the reasons are pretty obvious. I mean, who wants to clean themselves in a dark room, with 0 natural light? If you just started renovating a bathroom, make sure you position it on the outside of the house, in a room that has an outside view.

After all, nothing is as therapeutic as natural light. However, if an outside window is completely out of question, you could also install a skylight that could offer enough light and air to give the feeling of natural ambiance. It’s extremely important to consider this when you’re re-arranging your bathroom.


In comparison with other rooms in your home, the bathroom is by far the most private, so we highly advise keeping it segregated. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to extend your home and build a highly-secret corridor to your own bathroom.

What we’re trying to imply is that it would be recommended to decide on a definitive bathroom location. And if it is to talk about flats and apartments, then it’s even worse: you DEFINITELY don’t want to have your bathroom next to your living or dining area. That’s why we highly recommend you keep the bathroom as segregated as possible from the rest of the house.


This is definitely the most common remodeling mistake you could make, and it can only happen when you’re failing to make an accurate budget. First things first, you have to begin by setting an amount in your bank account.

You should make sure you won’t exceed this amount. Then, you’re the only one who can restrict his own spending, no matter what that means. One of the best ways to stick to that amount is by getting detailed quotes on various items you want to buy.

However, take into consideration that those quotes must include both labor and all the needed materials, in order to complete the project with success.

design mistakes
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Ignoring function, and going for style instead

Sure, it matters a lot if your bathroom looks good. But have you completely forgotten about how well it works? Because there’s also beauty in the function, besides just a majestic appearance. For example, you might be into the seductive appearance of a showerhead.

But once you get under it, you’ll come to the conclusion that the spray it’s pretty common. That’s exactly what we’re talking about! It will be very difficult to fall in love with a bathroom that constantly fails to meet your needs.

All that passion and blind love will go away…and you’ll be stuck with all the issues that stay with the decision. Even more, you will love your bathroom more if you design it to meet all your needs.

Not preparing well enough

The bathroom you design is supposed to stay there for many years to come. So ask anyone, and they will all agree that you need to invest a proper amount of time in its layout, design, and style if you want something good.

If you fail to prepare, you should prepare to fail (see what I did there?), so just make sure you’ve decided and you know exactly what you want. Be aware of those small details too, as a poor preparation strategy might be fatal for your project.

An example of very poor preparation is failing to consider the depth of the bathroom tiles before you install a shower valve. Poor attention to detail will only show to be extremely expensive and might cause the shower wall to hang over the bath. Trust me, it will NOT look good.

design mistakes
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Assuming that bigger is better

Why would anyone believe that? Whether we’re talking about a large bathroom, or you’re interested in designing a smaller en-suite, the most important thing to remember is that the bathroom has to do its job.

Naturally, a bathroom that’s well designed and looks amazing will also feel good. Even so, how is it better to have a luxurious freestanding bath or a top walk-in shower, if none of them work properly? If you want our advice, you should first focus on designing a practical and functional bathroom, and then go crazy with creative touches. First utility, then the style and beauty!

A bathtub/shower with the water drainage in the wrong place

This is one of the most expensive rookie mistakes that you might fall victim to, especially if you decided on a DIY bathroom renovation. The most common reason for this is that the hole that’s made for the water drainage doesn’t line up at all with the plumbing drain on the bathroom floor.

Why does it matter so much? The reason is so simple and essential, that you’ll immediately understand the need for it. When the water doesn’t drain completely in your bathroom, it might result in a bad odor.

To make sure that the drain is in the right place, you have to measure the new bathtub or shower pan to the inch, before starting to install it.

Lack of adequate storage space

Proper storage space is the first thing you should have in mind when starting to plan to rearrange your bathroom. Insufficient storage space might have a negative impact on the functionality of your bathroom.

You could also try to incorporate separate storage spaces that will offer you at least two of these options: a closet, a vanity, a wall-hung unit, and a free-standing cabinet. The two or more storage units you decide on will have to incorporate all the bathroom essentials you’ll have, such as toiletries, medicines, cosmetics, towels, and more. The bigger the space, the better!

Ignoring the bathroom ventilation fan

The bathroom ventilation fan, which is also known as the bathroom extractor fan is, in many cases, the most overlooked bathroom aspect. The right-sized bathroom exhaust fan is supposed to eliminate all the unwanted humidity that might get trapped in the enclosed space.

If humid conditions seem to persist, a moist environment will only lead to the development of mold and mildew. As result, the paint, grout, and metal altogether will start deteriorating.

Insufficient lighting

Insufficient lighting is also a rookie mistake, but it represents a great concern. You might fall under the impression that the existing light is just fine because it has been like this for years. But this doesn’t mean that the lightning should be just as low after renovations. It’s better if you add more lights!

Shopping for bathroom fixtures online

Truth be told, you won’t need lots of money to give your bathroom the proper facelift. If you avoid all the mistakes we enlisted here, you’ll definitely have more money than planned and fewer headaches down the line.

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