Top 10 Bathroom Mistakes That Will Cost You a Fortune

design mistakes
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We should all know that renovating your bathroom is no easy deal. You have to consider so many things that it can quickly turn into a full-time job-kind-of-stress! Plus, there are so many things that could go wrong, from regretful bathroom design mistakes to managing to keep the bathroom as utilitarian as possible, because, as we all know, that’s the secret to a happy and functional household.

However, apart from all the drama and stress, the result can be extremely rewarding! This is an opportunity where you could actually explore your creativity, so let’s get to work! We’re going to show you 10 possible mistakes that would cost a fortune, so you can avoid doing them!

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  • Elizabeth eddings

    Please send me info o bathroom

  • Here is something that should have been mentioned in #2 and again in #10 regarding ventilation. If a bathroom has an
    exterior wall, a window that can be opened will suffice for adequate ventilation. If not, I believe it’s a standard, national building code issue that the room is required to have some sort of ventilation to the outside via ceiling vent, skylight than can be opened, etc.

  • Where in the hell is the article? This is the second survey I’ve had to compete in. It’s not worth it. You have way too many ads. Take me off your list. Lol

  • Like so many other ads you put a bunch of garbage at the beginning of your message and their little arrows going left right up down different colors and you can’t find your damn article. Why do you do that, except to get some other ads snuck in. Trying to follow your message in amongst all the other ads is difficult and time consuming. Please explain.9

  • David Oscarson

    Don’t forget that although you want a bathroom that is uniquely yours, be aware that if it does not have a wide appeal, when selling you may a limit market of buyers. Very important!

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