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9 Easy Ideas to Repurpose Old Curtains Around the House

Why not use those old curtains around the house instead of throwing them away?

Say you bought a new curtain, but you have no idea what to do with the old ones. And no, just because you replaced the old curtains doesn’t mean you have to throw them away! It’s easy to think that you shouldn’t exchange them for new ones because the old ones are still in top shape or that you have to chuck them away in some cupboard or box in order to forget about them, but it shouldn’t be like this.

Most curtains are made from amazing fabrics, and it’s pretty hard to destroy them if nothing unexpected happens to them, so just throwing them away would be a waste. This is why you should definitely be repurposing them in all the ways you can, as it’s definitely the better option. It’s pretty easy to say that you can’t do these types of DIY projects, but they’re actually very leisurely, require just a few extra materials and tools, and there’s nothing to lose if you attempt them.

Sure, the first try may not look amazing, but see the bright side! You have a foot more of fabric to try again and again until you get the hang of it. And in this proactive spirit, we’ve gathered some of the easiest and best ways in which you can reuse your old curtains instead of throwing them away.

Let us know which one your favorite is!

old curtain
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#1 Fancy a new table runner?

Imagine this: you replaced your old fancy curtains with new ones, but you still have some wonderful curtains on your hands and it would be a shame to throw them away. If you can’t find another use for them, you should definitely get a bit crafty and make some table runners out of them. Not only will they look stunning, but it isn’t as hard as it first seems to make them.

It’s a fun afternoon project, and even if you’re not usually using table runners, they’re a good decoration to have on hand for more festive occasions or just to use as decorations around the house!

#2 Spice up The Bulletin Board

If you have a bulletin board around the house or in your home office, you may find it a bit boring at times. In the end, the corkboard a lot of them use is useful, but not really a sight for sore eyes. This is where the curtains come in to save the day! You can easily use them to dress the bulletin board and make it more stylish.

What’s more, the fabric generally won’t impede the pinning of things on the board, and you will end up with a product that’s both lovely to look at and reflective of your personal style. Not to mention, it’s a very easy project.

old curtain
Image By Jetidson From Shutterstock

#3 Old Curtain to Chic Shower Curtain

Did you know you can actually make your bathroom appear bigger than it is with this simple trick? You can use the old curtains in the living room for this, effectively separating the toilet and bathing areas. It may seem a bit unnecessary, but if you have one of those tiny extra bathrooms, it can be a great way to repurpose the fabric and do something useful around the house.

The supplies you will need are pretty basic, and with the exception of a curtain rod, you may already have the rest laying around the house. Give it a little thought before you discard the idea. You may just find it more intriguing than your first impression.

#4 Why Not Keep Them as Curtains?

Truth be told, sometimes we just want to replace some old curtains with a style we like better or we may just want a change. After all, we end up using the same curtains for years on end, and if you don’t have any little ones around or some furry friends, nothing will do much damage to them.

Thus, when you replace the old ones with the new, you find yourself with very good curtains on your hand. This is where you should turn your attention to any open closets you may have. It may not be as effective as a door, but it is the best way to cover it up: install the old curtain to cover the closet door. The result will be elegant and bring a bit of spice to your room, and it will virtually cost you nothing; the effort is minimal!

old curtain
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#5 Why Not Turn Them in an Apron?

Who said cute old curtains need to be left somewhere in a cupboard to rot away? After all, while shelf curtains aren’t as popular as they once were, you can actually turn them into an actual apron! And they don’t have to be shelf curtains for you to take on this project.

Be it that you will use it when you’re doing some garden work, or you will use it while cooking, you can never have enough aprons around. So why not turn your old curtains into some? You may need some extra fabric for some styles of aprons in order to make the ties and maybe a cute pocket, but we’re sure you won’t have many problems with this DIY project.

#6 Get a New Snazzy Market Bag

This one may be one of the more challenging DIYs on our list, but it makes for a very interesting one nonetheless. The fabric of old curtains is amazing when it comes to recycling, and making them into market bags is one of the most functional and useful projects out there!

You will both be getting some very pretty bags, but also make sure you’re not letting fabric go to waste. Who knows? Maybe some friends will want some too, and you could also be making some extra cash!

#7 Old Curtain Canopy

If you have a net or see-through old curtain that you have decided to get rid of, this is the easiest way in which you can do it. After all, why not give your bedroom the royal feel it deserves? It’s pretty easy to make, and all you have to do is potentially adjust the length of the curtain and find the best way to hang your fabric above the bed.

It’s a DIY project that takes a few tools, and you theoretically have all the other materials around the house. What’s more, during the warmer months, it can also double as a mosquito net while you sleep.

old curtain
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#8 You Can Never Have Enough Cushions

Let’s be honest, there’s always room for a few more pillows around the house. And even if you’re not fond of throw pillows in general, you could still end up using your old curtains to make some sitting pillows or outdoor ones. It’s an easy DIY project that only requires a few items, a few sewing skills, or a hot glue gun and pillows.

If you’re also trying to learn how to sew better, this project is more than good for you as you will have enough fabric from the curtains to be able to make mistakes! And you can always make some more pillows for friends or family if you know they need some as well!

#9 Easy Fix for the Draft!

If you feel the draft coming from under your doors or from your windows, why not repurpose those old curtains that have been sitting somewhere in a storeroom for ages? You can easily make this draft dodger to catch all the unwelcomed cold that enters your house and then feel better that you have used an item that was just gathering dust somewhere in your home.

You can always only use the curtains to make them. After you sew together the shape you need for the draft dodger, you can use the extra fabric to stuff it! Anyone who tells you that you can’t use everything in your house is lying to you!

And if you’re looking for a more hands-on DIY project, why not build your own garden fire pit?


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