9 Plants That Live Under Any Conditions

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9 Plants That Are Stronger Than You Thought

In some dry regions, like the southwestern United States, choosing the proper plants for your landscape might actually seem like a challenge. However, there are several drought-tolerant shrubs, trees, vines, and flowers that could continue to thrive and look great, no matter the weather.

These plants are known to help you minimize the time and money you usually spend on watering your garden. In fact, some of them might prefer growing in poor soil, and this means that you won’t have to worry about using fertilizer anymore!

And as a tip, we want to let you know that there are many plants from the sunny, sandy Mediterranean region that have low water requirements. Some of these plants include herbs, like thyme and oregano, so you can also have drought-tolerant plants that are also edible! Here are some of our favorite picks:

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  • Vivian

    I have a mock orange bush that has never bloomed. Is there anything I can do to help it bloom?

  • I have geraniums on my front steps and the cold and snow will hit NY soon. What do I do with them during Winter?

    • I have had them in the past, brought them inside & kept them watered until about mid to late April then back out on our front porch they go. I didn’t keep any this winter; it was time to get new ones in the spring. My mother kept them about 3 or 4 years alternating between out & indoors for the seasons. After that length of time she’d get new plants from the florist, lawn & garden departments or a nursery that has plants. Hers would grow to be really beautiful & mine were year before last.

    • Alice

      There are several ways to overwinter them. You should be able to find step by step instructions on your computer.

    • Lynn Burke

      I bring mine indoors, put in a sunny spot (half a day) and water once a week. Put them out in the summer and they bloom! Good luck

    • Dear Michelle,
      Your question is very relevant, especially this time of the year. First, your geraniums will have to find shelter indoors during the cold season, at 50 F (you can place a thermometer around your geraniums to make sure you hit that proper temperature). Make sure you water them every two weeks, otherwise their roots will rot. Hope you found this useful and we’re waiting for your feedback on other articles, too!

  • Ginny Rocco

    I have lavender plants outside, and they never bloom. Had them for 10yrs. (they get leaves but no flower).

    • RJ

      according to my Grandmother, when plants do not grow flowers or not bear fruits, they’re known to be gay, & I’m not kidding! this is especially true with papaya trees

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