8 Awesome Tips For Getting That West Coast Vibe in Your Home

There’s something about Los Angeles’ breezy, warm climate that creates a cozy and cool west coast vibe.

Have you noticed that almost every west coast house has something adventurous yet carefree in its aesthetic? I mean, when I think about west coast houses, I’m picturing myself in a bohemian and relaxing living room with widely opened windows and rays of sunshine all over the place. Do you see it too?

Now, let’s come back to the real world because your house can actually become your OWN Californian-style space. No matter where you live in America, there are some west coast vibe elements you can borrow to achieve that west coast feeling.

In California, people find the proper balance of caring and not caring, relaxing and working hard and when it comes to interior design -order and disorder. But, as you may already know, the effortless look frequently demands putting in some extra effort regardless of which coast you call home.

This article is here to unlock your inner interior designer so keep reading to find out 8 awesome tips (No. 6 really convinced me to redecorate!) for getting that west coast vibe in your home!

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1. Try tiny things

One of the finest and easiest ways to integrate a west coast vibe is by expanding your collection of lovely, small things. Vintage pottery, charming trinkets, tiny plant pots, incense holders-embrace anything unusual by decorating so that every area of your house has something interesting and artful that will captivate every guest who passes through.

Here’s a little secret: knowing yourself is the key part of creating harmony rather than chaos. This may be a piece of helpful advice for when you’re digging through flea market booths or the shelves of your favorite thrift store. Once you know exactly what you like, it’s way easier to spot amazing items at secondhand stores and local flea markets.

2. Have many plants

Don’t be afraid to own too many plants. In fact, that’s exactly what you should aim for if you want to create a west coast vibe in your house. Do you know those famous west coast bungalows? Well, many of them are built on plenty of house plants, and creating your own jungle is easier than it sounds. Amazon, for instance, has a fantastic selection of indoor plants at a fair price and lots of classic terra cotta pots where you can grow them.

Select a variety of both large and small plants and don’t be afraid to also grab hanging vines. They’re low-maintenance and tough plants; they also grow really fast, so once they’re long enough, you can hang them up and spread their green. Believe me, hanging vines will turn into your secret weapon.

Sunshine-west coast vibe
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3. Let the sun shine in 

It goes without saying that everything looks way better in natural light. Apart from aesthetics, natural light also has some psychological benefits. It improves overall moods by creating an upbeat and lively environment. Plus, it enhances the indoor-outdoor lifestyle, minimizes the need for other interior lighting, and can even replace the air conditioning sometimes, which is always beneficial!

Natural light can also make smaller rooms appear larger, as it can create more space by generating an optical illusion.

If your house doesn’t have floor-to-ceiling windows, don’t worry too much. You can still make the most of the light you do have by removing your blinds and replacing them with muslin or sheer linen curtains in light colors. This way you’ll have privacy AND plenty of natural glow.

If your house isn’t as big as you’d like, here’s an article that will help you with some clever storage ideas for tiny spaces.

4. Don’t fear color

Embracing a minimalist style for your interior design may give your house a chic look but it can also deprive your home of any bold colors. However, if you’re looking for a west coast vibe house, it must have an eye-catching color palette. Yes, bright colors can be quite intimidating when it comes to decorating, but they’re also great for boosting the eclectic atmosphere in a space.

Start with a few base neutrals (the fresh green of plants or the warm tones of wood are both wonderful choices) and then add some accent colors to bring some energy to your house.

When in doubt, choose those color combinations you know always work like blue-yellow,  orange-green, yellow-brown and so on.

5. Mix + Match

Here’s another secret: the west coast vibe often implies avoiding too much matching. So don’t worry too much about textures; in fact, your new bohemian vibe should include various fabrics such as muslin, cotton, linen and even wool.

Also, the west coast aesthetic is not defined by a single design; it’s rather a mix of desert and coast, colorful and austere, modern and rustic.

Your home should feel lived-in, like an oasis where you can read your favorite books while listening to some music; or a sanctuary where you can spend long evenings sipping wine and admiring your greatest found items. Don’t bother if your decorative pillows don’t match perfectly with your rug—the mix of fabrics, patterns and textures will turn your house into an aesthetic ecosystem.

Large photography
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6. Opt for large-scale photography

There’s something unique and fresh about the west coast vibe. Choose hyper-realistic paintings or large format photography for a contemporary look that contrasts with the vintage items you have in the room.

You can opt for whatever portrait, color, landscape or black-and-white artwork you want. All these examples are fantastic additions to California-style spaces. Depending on the theme, these artwork pieces can bring drama or humor, and no matter the subject, it’s essential to go large.

For instance, you can hang up a large-scale photograph of a sunny beach to boost that west coast vibe you’re looking for.

Choose a simple white or black frame for these large-scale art pieces that blend the vintage vibe with the more informal parts.

7. Bring some mid-century lines

While there are some noticeable distinctions along the coast (like San Francisco with its Victorian houses, or Los Angeles’ Art Deco buildings), California is more like a hub for mid-century architecture and contemporary furniture.

This is due in part to the fact that it was both a popular holiday destination and a hot spot of activity in the 1960s. The mid-century style is known for combining functional purposes with simple yet modern aesthetics.

Dining tables and chairs, nightstands, and coffee tables or any other pieces of furniture with wood frames, tapered legs, sleek lines, and curved design; all of them can be found throughout mid-century houses.

To avoid a time warp, consider combining mid-century elements with some hefty furnishings such as worn leather pieces or industrial-inspired items.

8. Create a welcoming-friendly space

Unlike New York, where everyone wants to have fun outside their houses, in California people prefer to entertain themselves at home. This said, having a special area for this particular activity is very important. So is the layout. It must undoubtedly focus on appropriate and comfy seating for group settings for the times you want to have some friends or family over.

If your house has a patio, even better. There’s no use in opting for stark simplicity when Mother Nature is a part of your outside layout. Embrace luxuriant abundance with large plants. Since this area doesn’t have a ceiling, choose chunkier and brighter furnishings than you would have indoors.

If you’re looking for some gardening tips, here are 10 Beautiful Plants That Grow Under Any Conditions.


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