7 Best Natural Weed Killers You Should Try (and 1 to Avoid)

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#4 Boiling Water

As we know from solarizing, plants do not do well in hot temperatures, especially if the heat is targeted and amplified in a certain area. Yet, this old trick that you may have heard of from your grandparents is actually very effective whenever you want to get rid of certain plants in your yard, no matter if they’re weeds or not.

Boiling water is so hot that it will kill plant tissue and get rid of any plant you are pouring it over. It is effective, yet it can also be destructive if you want to spot weed: the steam that comes off is hard to control and direct, and you may end up killing other plants and flowers you did not intend to. So if you’re going to try this, be careful not to kill other plants or accidentally hurt yourself.

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