9 Feng Shui Plants To Bring Good Luck And Wealth

9 Feng Shui Plants That Will Have a Positive Impact on Your Home

Since the pandemic, we have all turned a bit mad for house plants, as we had to adjust to the fact that our homes have become our office too. The benefits of having indoor plants are endless. They can enhance and soften the way our home looks, but they also have a positive impact on our sleep.

And speaking of positivity, here comes the feng shui philosophy! Have you ever thought that, with careful choice and placement of the right feng shui plants, you will improve the flow of positive energy in your own life? In feng shui, we try to improve the flow of “Chi”, which is basically our vital force energy.

This means that green plants represent the wood element, which is known to cultivate human hardiness, flexibility, and even healing and growth. You will benefit from all of these qualities in your life and home, not simply by adding a couple of plants, but also by bringing the element of nature into your own interior space. Find out here which plants are FENG SHUI:

Money Tree – Pachira Aquatica

“Money Trees are used as feng shui plants and are considered to bring wealth and good fortune in our lives” Bloomscape’s gardening expert, Lindsay Pangborn, declared. However, it’s not just about the financial abundance they represent, as financial wealth doesn’t automatically mean that someone is feeling abundant inside.

Even if plants don’t generally grow so fast, we can still learn something from them. They take all the time they need in order to cultivate and teach patience. So it’s not about getting rich very fast, but more about how to create a steady, and healthy flow of wealth into your own life.

With these distinctive features, the money tree is taking care of all the toxins in the air, but can also act as an impactful decor piece. It’s best to make sure you learn how to take care of this plant, in order to keep it healthy and benefit from its feng shui properties.

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White Bird of Paradise – Strelitzia Nicolai

According to Mark from “Happy Houseplants”, “any healthy indoor plant that is growing well is absolutely amazing for feng shui, as it encourages nourishing positive energy. The plants with rich foliage and lush leaves are, traditionally speaking, the best feng shui plants you could ask for, as they promote clean air and positive energy in any living space.”

The Strelitzia Nicolai, also known as White Bird of Paradise, is a very bold, elegant, and tall houseplant, that originates from South Africa. Even if it’s a tall houseplant, it doesn’t really take up that much space with its slim form. It usually likes high or afternoon sunlight, and it prefers to be kept dry, so you should water it too much.

Jade Plant or Money Plant – Crassula Ovata

The jade plant, which is also known as the money plant, is a very popular succulent house plant that has a miniature tree-like structure and very thick, fleshy, and opal-shaped leaves. According to Mark McCance, Director of Plant and pot supplier “Hortology”, “Crassula Ovata is known to attract wealth because of its coin-shaped nature of the leaves, and is also known to bring a lot of good fortune.”

The money plant is even better when we speak of office feng-shui. That’s because the southwest area of any home is known to attract wealth, prosperity, and abundance. However, you can use these plants to attract all of the above in any space.

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What’s really amazing about Photos is that any beginner can easily take care of this plant. They are known to create a certain sense of abundance and generosity, as they are extremely easy to propagate. As if you have a fruit tree on your land, it will give you more than one family can take.

House plants can also offer similar teachings about generosity and abundance. It’s not difficult to get to grips when it comes to pothos plant care, as there are so many varieties of these amazing feng shui plants to choose from, like the Marble Queen pothos, which is basically a plant with waxy green leaves streaked with white.

Snake Plant – Sansevieria

According to Rana Kashiwabara, “a snake plant, also known as sansevieria, has this peculiar sword-like leaf shape that works very well for the entryway as a feng shui plant that is offering a feeling of protection”.

If you want, you could try to put plants on either side of a front door in order to create a gateway to enhance the positive flow of “CHI” directly into your home. Sansevieria is a plant that only needs low maintenance, and it can even handle low light levels, so if you’re looking for low light plants, it’s a perfect choice.

Snake plants are also known for producing oxygen during the night, which helps clean your indoor environment. Not to mention that it will protect you from negativities that could come from the bedroom door, so having such a plant will give you peace of mind.

Philodendron Heart Leaf – Philodendron Scandens

The Philodendron Heart Leaf is an amazing air-purifying and vining plant that’s extremely easy to care for and it has a lot of fun, heart-shaped, and very glossy leaves. It’s also a low-maintenance plant with a great addition for an office desk, with vines that can trail down, which will only boost your positive energy as you work.

Philodendron Scandens is a forgiving feng shui plant that can easily tolerate all types of neglect, low light included, so it’s a perfect choice as a winter house plant, even if it has tight roots and inconsistent watering. “If you want to make it thrive, you can provide bright and indirect light.

Anthurium Clarinervium

The leaves of the Anthurium Clarinervium are extremely large, and dark green, almost black. They have a beautiful velvet texture and are the perfect heart feng shui plant shape. Its white veins are against the leaves dark green, as they form a stunning pattern.

The plant has a beautiful foliage house plant, that will look just right in any room in your home. It also loves humidity, so a shower room, bathroom, and even steamy kitchen could be perfect for it, according to Mark from Happy Houseplants.

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Rubber Plant – Ficus Elastica

One of the best air-filtering houseplants is the rubber plant. It features wide, glossy green foliage and might reach the ultimate heights of 32 feet, or 10 cm if they are properly looked after. These feng shui plants actually need their soil to be as moist as possible, so it’s better to allow the top layer of soil to dry out a bit in between waterings, and even apply a tiny dose of plant nutrition 1-2 times during the growing season.

The plant is definitely a superhero when it comes to removing toxins from your air, but it will only keep you feeling refreshed. If you want to optimize the feng shui of the plant, it would be recommended

Rattlesnake Plant – Calathea Lancifolia

Also known as the rattlesnake plant, this beautiful plant will impress you with its fresh green leaves with darker green stripes and that specific burgundy coloring on the side. It originally comes from Brazil, and it’s the perfect touch of tropical rainforest.

Its common name was given because of the markings, which look like a rattlesnake’s skin. Calathea needs bright but indirect light, so if you place it in full sun, the leaves might curl up and burn. So it’s best to keep your Calathea damp throughout the whole year, but let it dry out before watering it again, so the roots can breathe.

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